15+ Best Thesis Examples as a Sample for Writing your Thesis

15+ Best Thesis Examples as a Sample for Writing your Thesis

15+ Best Thesis Examples as a Sample for Writing your Thesis

A thesis statement is a statement that explains the main idea of ​​a research paper or essay. An explanatory or argumentative essay. Make assertions and answer questions directly.

Papers can be found in various places, including debate speeches, lawyers’ closing statements, and even advertisements. But the most common place for dissertation writing (and probably why you’re reading this article) is an essay.

Whether you’re writing an argumentative paper, an informative essay, or a comparative/contrastive statement, you need a thesis. Without the paper, your argument won’t work, and your information doesn’t hit the mark. Your thesis is critical, so I encourage you to review our tips for writing a solid thesis.

 A Thesis should be peculiar, made in research, and summarize the points supported by specific evidence. Generally, the thesis can be the last line of the first paragraph of a research paper or essay. A good thesis statement is made from the reader’s 

Some points to be considered while writing a thesis

 A thesis paper can be thought of as a student’s legacy rather than just an essay. A student’s analysis, interpretation, and communication of information are defined by their thesis, which shapes their future successes. The importance of thesis papers goes beyond the realm of formal education because they can be frequently used in cover letters, resumes, and as examples of writing for potential employers.

Here are a few brief suggestions to help you with your thesis.

  • Choose a topic that interests you.
  • Create your thesis statement around a main idea.
  • Sequence your ideas logically.
  • Ace all three tests: How? Why? So what?
  • Check your work for errors again and again.

Thesis Examples

Pexels Tamas Meszaros 12064 Scaled

1; University: University of Edinburgh

Faculty: Informatics

Author: Christopher Sipola

Award: 2018 Social Responsibility & Sustainability Dissertation Prize

Title: Summarizing power utilization with a neural network

Link: https://project-archive.inf.ed.ac.uk/msc/20172438/msc_proj.pdf

2: University: University of Ottawa

Faculty: Education

Author: Matthew Brillinger

Award: 2017 Commission on Graduate Studies withinside the great Humanities Prize

Title: Educational Park and Planning in Berkeley, California, 1965-1968

Link: https://ruor.uottawa.ca/handle/10393/35312

3: University: University of Ottawa

Faculty: Social Sciences

Author: Heather Martin

Award: 2016 Joseph De Koninck Prize

Title: An Analysis of Sexual Assault Support Services for Women who are suffering from a Developmental Disability

Link: https://www.academia.edu/15260394/An_Analysis_of_Sexual_Assault_Support_Services_for_Women_who_have_a_Developmental_Disability

4: University: University of Ottawa

Faculty: Physics

Author: Guillaume Thekkadath

Award: 2017 Commission on Graduate Studies withinside the Sciences Prize

Title: Joint measurements of complementary residences of quantum systems

Link: https://ruor.uottawa.ca/bitstream/10393/36669/3/Thekkadath_Guillaume_2017_thesis.pdf

5: University Of Gavle

Faculty: Faculty of Education and Economic Studies 

Author: Sara Qadeer

Award: 2014 Winner of the Prize for Best Overall Performance

Title: Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction A case study in Banking Sector

Link: https://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:706160/FULLTEXT02.pd

6: University: Columbia University

Faculty: social sciences and History

Author: Julien Saint Reimage

Award: 2018 Charles brad A. Beard Senior Thesis Prize

Title: “A Starving Man who’s Helping Another Starving Man”: UNRRA, India, and the Genesis of Global Relief of the country, 1943-1947

Link: https://history.columbia.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/20/2016/06/Reiman-Julien-Thesis.pdf

7: University: University College of London

Faculty: social studies and Geography

Author: Annal Knowles-Smith

Award: 2018 Royal Geographical Society Undergraduate Dissertation Prize

Title: The Refugees and theater: an exploration of the premise of self-representation

Link: https://scgrg.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Knowles-Smith-University-College-London.pdf

8: University: University of Washington

Faculty: Computer Science & Engineering

Author: Nick J. Martindell

Award: 2014 Best Senior Thesis Award

Title: CDN: Distributed content material shipping for the present-day web

Link: https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/DCDN-%3A-Distributed-content-delivery-for-the-modern-Martindell/871c6a5f9d4790220dbb5eda7b66846a4581546e

9: Master’s Thesis Example 8 – Computer Science

University: Iowa State University

Topic: Evaluating the Role of Critical Nodes in Diffusion Interruption in Independent Cascading Diffusion Models

Author: Raj Gaurav Ballabh Kumar

Target: Master of Science

Major: Computer Science


10: Master’s Thesis Example 3 – Master of Education

University: University of Ottawa

Thesis Topic: Plans for an Educational Park in Berkeley, California, 1965-1968

Author: Matthew Brillinger

Target: Master of Education

Year: 2016

Link: https://ruor.uottawa.ca/handle/10393/35312

11: University: Stanford University

Faculty: English

Author: Nathan Wainstein

Award: 2021 Alden Prize

Title: “Unformed Art: Bad Writing withinside the Modernist Novel”

Link: https://dl.acm.org/doi/abs/10.5555/AAI28103891


12; University: the University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Faculty: Cellular and Molecular Biology

Author: Nils Pilotte

Award: 2020 Byron Prize for Best Ph.D. Dissertation

Title: “Improved Molecular Diagnostics for Soil-Transmitted Molecular Diagnostics and Soil-Transmitted Helminths”

13;University: Utrecht University

Faculty: Linguistics

Author: Hans Rutger Bosker

Award: 2014 AVT/Anéla Dissertation Prize

Title: The processing and assessment of fluency in local and non-local speech

Link: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/301296350_Fluency_in_second_language_assessment

14: University: California Institute for Technology

Faculty: Physics and molecular biology

Author: Michael P. Mendienhall

Award: 2014 Dissertation Award in Nuclear Physics

Title: Measurements of the neutron beta decay asymmetry the usage of ultracold neutrons

15; University: the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Faculty: Computer Science

Author: John Criswell

Award: 2014 Doctoral Dissertation Award

Title: Secure Virtual Architecture: Security for Commodity Software Systems

Link: https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/29152919.pdf

16; University: Stanford University

Faculty: Management Science and Engineering

Author: Shayan O. Gharan

Award: Doctoral Dissertation Award 2013

Title: New Rounding Techniques for the Analysis and Design of Approximation Algorithms

Link: https://homes.cs.washington.edu/~shayan/thesis.pdf

17; University: University of Minnesota

Faculty: Chemical Engineering

Author: Eric A. Vandre

Award: 2014 Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award in Fluid Dynamics

Title: Onset of Dynamics Wetting Failure: The Mechanics of High-velocity Fluid Displacement

Link: https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/76345485.pdf

18; University: Erasmus University Rotterdam

Faculty: Marketing

Author: Ezgi Akpinar

Award: McKinsey Marketing Dissertation Award 2014

Title: Consumer Information Sharing: Understanding Psychological Drivers of Social Transmission

19; University: University of Washington

Faculty: Computer Science & Engineering

Author: Keith N. Snavely

Award: 2009 Doctoral Dissertation Award

Title: Scene visualization and reconstruction from Internet Photo Collections

Link: https://www.cs.cornell.edu/~snavely/publications/thesis/thesis.pdf

20; University: University of Ottawa

Faculty: Social Work

Author: J. Cohen

Award: 2018 Joseph De Koninck Prize

Title: Human Population: The Next Half Century

Link: https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Human-Population%3A-The-Next-Half-Century-Cohen/86146d0b583b6c0219914e4e566125f55c498397



What is a good thesis example?

A convincing thesis typically includes an opinion as well as the justification for that opinion. The finest sandwiches are peanut butter and jelly ones since they are tasty, adaptable, and simple to create.

A good thesis statement will usually include the following four attributes:
  • choose a topic where logical people could differ.
  • deal with a topic that can be handled properly in light of the assignment’s requirements.
  • justify a single primary idea.
  • Declare the conclusions you have on a topic.

What is the best title of thesis?

Without being colloquial or charming, the thesis title should be succinct, interesting, descriptive, and explicative. The use of excessive jargon, acronyms, initials, and repetitive phrases should be avoided unless otherwise required. All required words, including all nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs, should be capitalised.

What is an example of thesis in a story?

Paul displays suicidal tendencies in Willa Cather’s short story “Paul’s Case,” which a loving adult could have identified and addressed if they had the current state of scientific understanding. According to this thesis, the essay will describe the traits of suicide that Paul demonstrates in the narrative.