6+ Example of Resignation Acknowledgement Letter

6+ Example of Resignation Acknowledgement Letter

6+ Example of Resignation Acknowledgement Letter

When an employee submits a letter of resignation, you can acknowledge receipt of the letter and confirm the employee’s last day of employment in writing by responding to them with a formal written resignation acceptance letter. It may be simpler to produce your own resignation acceptance letter if you are aware of the essential components that you need to include.

What is a resignation acknowledgement letter?

The individual who has provided their resignation letter receives a resignation approval email from the organization. The resignation acknowledgment letter is a formal confirmation that the company received the resignation letter and that it is being reviewed or has been verified by management.


The company sends a resignation acknowledgment letter to an individual who has submitted their resignation letter. This is a formal confirmation that the company has received the resignation letter, which is currently being reviewed or checked by management.

Importance of Resignation Acceptance Letter

The resignation acceptance letter recognises the employee’s expertise and services to the company. The administration sends him its best wishes for his further undertakings. This letter serves as a formal manner to accept the employee’s resignation and terminate his or her employment with the company.

Samples of resignation acknowledgement letter

If you are considering resigning from your current job or position, look across our resignation acknowledgement letter formats, so you know what to expect in terms of content if you receive one after submitting your resignation letter. 

Sample # 1 of Resignation Acknowledgement Letter

Dear XYZ,


Our company’s management has accepted your resignation letter dated May 22, 2019. Accordingly, you will be relaxed in your duties as ABC with impact from the end of business on May 29, 2019.


We also recognize that you will be unable to fulfill the notice period required by the company. However, because of your dedication and commitment to your work over the last two years with our company, leading management has decided to dismiss the notice period as a particular case for you.


We sincerely pray to the Creator of the universe that you will be relieved of your problems and able to resume your everyday life as soon as possible.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance with your ill mother at the treatment center. It’s been a fantastic experience with you, and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.


It was a pleasure to work with you, and I wish you the best of luck in the future. Please do not bother to contact me if you require a reference.


Yours sincerely,



Sample # 2 of Resignation Acknowledgement Letter

Hello, ABC.


Your resignation from your role has been acknowledged, effective September 9, 2014. I am confident you will maintain your regular good standards during your spare time with the company.


Your achievements in product development, notably the GHI, were outstanding. Wish you good luck in your new position. Please stay in contact.


Thank you very much.


Sample # 3 of Resignation Acknowledgement LetterPexels Monstera 6373862

Mr. PQR,


I was taken aback when I learned you were leaving. The creative team will be different without you. I acknowledge your resignation with mixed feelings.


Talented workers are hard to come by, so carry us in your head if your new job goes differently than planned.


Thank you for devoting your precious time to our organization. We wish you good luck in the future.


Thank you once more.




Sample # 4 of Resignation Acknowledgement Letter

Dear Mr. ABC


I received your letter of resignation from the position of the software developer. I want to inform you that we recognize your resignation, and we wish you good luck in your new roles and responsibilities.


You’ve been with us long, and your authenticity has astounded us. We’ve seen you progress from intern to senior software developer. Because you have successfully managed many projects, we would like to present you with an excellence award upon your resignation.


We also request that you share information with whoever will be substituting for you in the days ahead to protect the projects when you leave. This communication process will also be recorded for future reference, and if you have any questions, please contact us.


I wish you continued success and growth.



Senior Human Resource.


Sample # 5 of Resignation Acknowledgement Letter

Hello, Firstname


Your resignation devastated me this morning because we don’t want to lose an employee like you, despite management accepting your resignation.


It’s been a pleasure working with you, and we appreciate everything you’ve done. You have demonstrated a high degree of dedication and commitment, and the response from your managers has been outstanding. But, unfortunately, because you are a person of words, we will have difficulty finding a replacement for you.


We wish you luck and remind you that you can contact us anytime.



Sample # 6 of Resignation Acknowledgement Letter

Dear MNO,


I apologize for taking this long to respond because I needed to ensure that our senior management acknowledged 

your resignation.

After much deliberation, you will be relieved that your resignation has been approved. Still, we would like you to do us the massive favor of extending the notice period, which will be paid in addition to your salary, because we would need a little time to find a replacement and you are currently a part of a large project we cannot risk.


I’d like to express how valuable you are to the company and how thankful you have been a part of it for the time being.


Your team will miss you, and replacing you won’t be easy. However, we want to inform you that we will always be open to absorbing employees like you, and if you change your decision, we will be delighted to have you back.



Human Resources Manager


Sample # 7 of Resignation Acknowledgement Letter

Dear Mr. XYZ,


This is to confirm receipt of your resignation letter, which will take effect.


Your last day at work is today.


You can obtain information about any perks options available by contacting the Workforce Service Center (WSC) or HR Benefits Administration.


You must submit the attached Property Clearance form if you still need to. This form requires you to return keys and all Institute sensitive and proprietary documentation, including trainee and patient data, that you do not have published permission to keep. Please get in touch if you request assistance with any of these actions.


Please complete the given form and return it, along with all Institute property and documents, to this office as soon as possible.


Please fill out the form and return it to this office, along with all University-owned property and documents, as soon as possible so that we can inform the Human Resources Office that you have fulfilled all termination obligations. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact Human Resources. Thank you for being dedicated to the University of Oklahoma’s students, faculty, and staff.






It is unsettling to see employees leave, but this is a necessary part of the job. People tend to get positive responses to their resignations for various reasons. It should always mention that they are an essential part of an organization and ask whether there is anything the company can do for them. It should also cover the formalities that must be completed when leaving the organization. HR is usually aware of his abilities, so they write responses before staff leaves to help them grow as professionals.