How to Use Less Mobile Data on your Phone


    How to Use Less Mobile Data on your Phone

    When it comes to managing your phone usage, it is also essential that you keep your mobile data usage in mind as well and use as fewer data as possible. This would help you save a lot on your mobile data and also have you spend less on your mobile data plans.

    One of the ways is to make sure you invest in a good internet plan so that you have to use as less mobile data as possible, so it would be a great idea to look into Spectrum Deals so that you could get a superfast internet connection at a rate that is so low, it would astound you.

    However, there are also some other ways that you could so that you could ensure that you use as less mobile data as possible. Once you incorporate these ways into your life, you would see for yourself how less mobile data you end up using.

    Make Sure Your Apps Are Not Refreshing in the Background

    One of the most effective ways is to make sure that your applications are not refreshing in the background, especially the ones that you don’t use. Normally this happens when you turn on automatic updates and your apps are updating in the background. Otherwise, some apps need to be connected to the internet so that they could refresh themselves in the background and could send you necessary notifications.

    However, you need to make sure that you set the apps you don’t use in such a way that you don’t allow them to update in the background. This way, you would be saving up on a lot of mobile data and you will see a significant reduction in your mobile data bill.

    Make Sure That your Emails are not set to Refresh

    Usually looking at emails on your phone and fetching new ones takes a lot of mobile data. In fact, a significant amount of mobile data goes into it. One of the main reasons that you might be using a lot of your mobile data is that you must have set your emails to refresh quite often so that you could get new emails. Here, you need to make sure that your option to receive push notifications for your emails is turned off. This will make sure that you are not notified about your new emails and you can do that on a computer or a laptop instead.

    When you turn on push notifications, emails are usually pushed from the server into your phone and that uses a lot more mobile data. However, you should instead opt to go for “fetching” new emails as this only fetches new emails for you as soon as you open your emailing application.

    Download all your Media on WiFi Instead of your Mobile Data

    It is a lot easy to download your media on your mobile data because it is very easily available and it downloads things a lot faster as well. However, you should also know that it would cost you a lot more as well because mobile data plans typically cost a lot more than your WiFi plans, considering that mobile data plans can be accessed wherever you go. If you intend on downloading nearly all your media such as WhatsApp messages in the form of images and videos and if you plan on watching videos on mobile data, then you need to know that you would be spending a hefty amount of money on your mobile data.

    Therefore, you need to make sure that you are downloading all your media on your WiFi instead of your mobile data so that you wouldn’t have to spend so much on your mobile data plan and instead can download all your desired media on your WiFi plan. Media also includes downloading all your favorite music, movies, TV shows, and podcasts as well, which you can very easily download on your WiFi connection.

    Make Sure to Use Data Compression When you use Google Chrome

    Google Chrome is the browser that is installed on your Android smartphone by default. While it is known to take up a lot of space, did you know that you can set Google Chrome to consume a lot less space as well? All you need to do is to turn on data compression which makes sure that your data is run through a proxy that is owned by Google and that all your data is compressed before it makes its way into your phone. This makes sure your data usage is lowered significantly and your web pages load up a lot faster.

    To make this happen, all you need to do is to make sure you have Data Saver turned on in your Chrome Settings.

    Wrapping Up

    It is essential that you save up on your mobile data because it costs a lot more to use mobile data for your internet service rather than to use WiFi. Make sure you use all these ways to make sure you are using as less mobile data as possible.