How To Write Enclosed In A Letter?

How To Write Enclosed In A Letter?

How To Write Enclosed In A Letter?

“Enclosure” refers to any other documents or items attached to a letter. Here’s how to indicate the enclosures of your letters:

  1. Include the attachments: Begin your letter noting that you’ve attached attachments or enclosures. For instance: “Please find enclosed my resume and cover letter for the position of Marketing Manager.”
  2. Include the enclosures: After mentioning them, write them on a separate line. For example: “Enclosures: Resume, Cover Letter.”
  3. The enclosures should be placed in the right place: Be sure to put the enclosures behind the letter inside the envelope so that the recipient will quickly locate the enclosures.
  4. Make use of “cc” for copies: If you’re mailing copies of your letters and the enclosures to others, then utilize “cc” (carbon copy) to signify that. For instance: “cc: John Smith, Jane Doe.”

What Is A Cover Letter?

An enclosure for a cover letter is a form of document that you attach to a physical cover letter, for example, an application form or a Letter of Recommendation. Suppose you attach an enclosure in the cover letter. In that case, it is important to prove that there is an enclosure by adding the word “enclosure” after your signature so that the recipient is aware of the other information you have included. If you use a digital format, for example, faxes or emails, it is referred to as an “attachment” instead of an enclosure, even though you’re attaching the same document.

What Are The Reasons Why Cover Letter Enclosures Are Crucial?Annie Spratt 4Ujhq5 FJik Unsplash 1

An enclosure for your cover letter is typically the reason why you’re writing the cover letter. The cover letter is typically intended to lure prospective employers into reading through your resume and offering the opportunity to interview. The cover letter doesn’t give an employer the required information if you don’t include a resume or any other materials requested. Your cover letter must make the reader want to examine the enclosures, and the enclosed documents should convince them to give you an interview.

How To Write An Enclosure?

An enclosure that includes the cover letter is simple. The steps to write an enclosure include the following:

  1. Make sure you have all the documents included in the cover letter.
  2. Write down the contents of each document (ex: resume, references, etc. ).
  3. Write your cover letter.
  4. Your name is at the close of the letter; move two lines.
  5. The third column should type “Enclosure:” or “Enclosures:” in the event of several documents.
  6. You can skip a line immediately after “Enclosures:” and start with your enclosure list.
  7. Place each title for the document in its separate line.
  8. Sort your documents by order in the same order as they are listed in the letter of cover.
  9. Place the documents in order, with the cover letter at the top.
  10. Hand or mail the documents.

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Although most people are sending their cover letters online nowadays, there are some instances when you may need to mail or deliver a duplicate of the cover letter and the accompanying documents. If you are planning to mail an actual duplicate of the cover letter along with its attachments, Here are some suggestions:

  • Limit enclosures to the absolute minimum to ensure you don’t overwhelm your audience.
  • Don’t use the abbreviation “Enclosures” in your cover letter.
  • Your cover letter should be on one sheet and the list of attachments.
  • If you have a lot of enclosures, you should utilize a larger envelope that doesn’t require folding documents.
  • If you only use one enclosure but don’t wish to publish it, you can add “Enclosure” under the signature area but without the colon.
  • If you send documents electronically, you can use “attachment” instead of “enclosure.”


Here are some examples of what you can put in enclosures to your cover letter:

One Enclosure

Jasmine Cohen


498 S. Marsh Rd.

Jacobsville, MI 48964

January 18, 2021

Hammer Distillery4927 Badger St.

Linehan, MI 48756

Dear Hiring Manager:

I am keen on being offered the post of administrative assistant in the Hammer Distillery. I am efficient, organized, and committed to supporting my colleagues in whatever way possible. I’ve worked with calendars, answering phones, scheduling meetings, managing correspondence, and filing. I would like to work with the activities of Hammer Distillery, as I am awed by your company and the products you offer.

In my previous role as an assistant to the administrative department at Urban Brewing, I assisted managers and owners in various everyday tasks. I answered calls and relayed messages when required; I organized mail to ensure that it reached the right person; I also helped run reports on production and sales figures; I scheduled tours and set up meetings for the management. In addition, I created a new filing system for electronic documents so that anyone using a computer could access data whenever needed.

My previous work experience working as an assistant to the president within the liquor and beverage industry could be very beneficial for you if you choose me to fill the administrative assistant position. I am well-versed in the industry and will do everything possible to help the process run smoothly for all involved. I know that you require someone who can multitask and be flexible with various tasks. These are the skills I’ve acquired in previous jobs.

I look forward to speaking with you regarding this job and finding out more details concerning Hammer Distillery. I appreciate your attention and time. Feel free to reach me at my number or via email if you’d like to talk about setting up an interview. Again, I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Jasmine Cohen


Multiple Enclosures

Rich Thornhill


727 Marcus Ln.

Bly, NJ 35882

February 24, 2021

Hill Academy

2865 Hamilton Rd.

Fisher, NJ 36872

To whom it might be addressed:

I’d like to consider the job as an English educator at the school of Hill Academy. I believe that Hill Academy would be an ideal fit for my abilities, and I believe that I can positively influence the students at Hill Academy. In addition, I hold a bachelor’s qualification from the department of English Language and Literature and an MFA in Creative Writing, which gives me the experience needed to instruct students about literature.

In the past, I was a High school English teacher at Secaucus Public Schools, where I was awarded The Teacher of the Year award in the year 2019. I taught classes in grades 10-12 in which I instructed students about the English language and a wide range of literary writers and classics, such as Shakespeare, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Harper Lee, George Orwell, Jane Austen, Ray Bradbury, and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. In addition, I collaborated with the administration to discover different ways to teach students and to plan our school’s program of study. I also supervised all aspects of the School’s Yearbook and Newspaper Club.

My previous experiences with Secaucus Public Schools and the numerous ways I taught and mentored the students I taught are qualities I’d like to apply to Hill Academy. I love being an active and meticulous teacher while ensuring I meet the demands of Hill Academy’s administration. I utilize technology in various ways in my class to benefit Hill Academy. The job posting stated they needed an enthusiastic and passionate teacher to inspire students, which is my forte.

I look forward to talking with you regarding this opportunity since I think I’m a good candidate for Hill Academy. I invite you to contact me anytime to schedule an interview. I value your time and consideration and am looking to hearing from you.


Rich Thornhill




Letter of recommendation


What does the word “contained” in a letter mean?

When anything is “enclosed,” it is being sent together with the letter. This could be anything the sender wants the receiver to have, such a paper or photo, or something else.

Where in my letter should I make reference to the enclosure?

After you’ve finished writing the letter’s main body of material, you should mention the enclosure. You may say, “I have sent a copy of my résumé for your inspection,” for instance.

How should the enclosure notation be formatted?

Normally, the enclosed notation follows the closing and signature at the bottom of the letter. If there are multiple items, you can put “Enclosure” or “Enclosures” after a colon.

I have a letter contained; do I need to include a cover page?

Although it is not required, some people like to include a cover page with an enclosed letter for clarity. The goods that are provided with the letter can just be listed on the cover page.

Should I put a title or description on the enclosure’s label?

To make it clear to the receiver what they are looking at, it can be useful to identify the enclosure with a succinct title or description. For instance, you might write “Contract for Services” or “Sales Agreement” if a contract is enclosed.

Is a separate envelope required for the enclosure?

You can just place the enclosure into the envelope if it can all fit inside the same one as the letter. You can enclose the enclosure in a different envelope or package if it is larger or if you wish to keep it separate for any other reason.