The Best Inventions of 2022 for Students

The Best Inventions of 2022 for Students

The Best Inventions of 2022 for Students

Even though the pandemic and financial trouble worldwide have somewhat slowed the production of certain things we have been waiting for, in terms of innovations and technology, it did not stop creativity. The challenges have pushed engineers and scientists even further as they focused on the areas of life and applicability of things that have not even been considered. From the AI-based helpers in education that seem to be everywhere to innovative ways to study (think about virtual classrooms), we have many inspiring things that help students learn and approach challenges much more easily. Considering all the changes and unexpected solutions we have seen lately, it’s safe to say that 2022 has brought great inventions for students! 

The Best Inventions of 2022 For Students

Digital Braille or Polly Aid

It has been a true breakthrough of 2022 for visually-impaired school and college learners as they have finally received a digital solution. It was created by the American Printing House. Also known as Polly, this device works via Wi-Fi and can help students wherever they are by offering audio feedback and special signals if a mistake is made. It also tracks students’ progress and helps them to improve all the time. Yet, if you are a special education teacher or a parent needing even more writing or editing help, consider getting in touch with GrabMyEssay, and an expert will help you achieve success. This way, you can take things even further and keep things creative for the young learners. 

Happy Boost Glasses

A fascinating invention worth mentioning is the one developed by the Spy Optic company. The solution is called Happy Boost and represents specialist glasses that can boost your mood by adding more color to what a person sees. It can help students as they learn or when they ride a bike. It’s like a special filter that can make you feel happier by making the dull day seem brighter! 

Swimming Cool Cap

Another exciting invention worth mentioning is the special swimming cap that is meant to help students with thicker or curly hair. Since no one would wish to damage his or her haircut, many students with braids or dreadlocks skip swimming lessons. To remedy the situation, designers and professional swimmers devised a unique Soul Cap that can help students cover their hair differently and let it remain undamaged as they swim. The famous fashion brand Adidas asked the people behind the invention for a partnership!


Speaking of the various inventions that will make you smile, some of them are truly special as they are aimed at students of all ages. Some of these inventions are designed either by students or with the learners in mind. Hugimals company came up with an idea for toys that can give students the sense of being hugged. It also became a great help for learners who need comfort during online sessions or exams. It may be a little thing, yet it helps youngsters to overcome big challenges and feel the love in the air. 

Wireless Remote Phone Chargers

First developed by Xiaomi and known as the Air Remote, it’s a technology that makes it possible to charge your phone without plugging it in. It can even charge more than one device. You only have to be within a certain radius to connect it without all the cable clutter we all have to go through. It’s significant for college students, which is why many educational institutions even think about setting up such charging stations so students can always stay in touch, thus increasing one’s safety on campus and beyond. 

Airbag Helmet by Airoh

College students often prefer riding a motorbike to get to college faster and save money usually spent on renting or purchasing a car. Safety matters have always been there, so dealing with a helmet is one of the first things that a person should consider. Some people just like to ride fast, and one can’t help but worry! The Italians and Swedes came up with the first-world airbag helmet that protects you like the airbag keeps you safe while driving a car. It’s also stylish and comfortable! 

Esper Hand Robotic

Unfortunately, many young and older students have to go through the woes of armed conflicts and end up with physical disabilities. The innovators and healthcare specialists developed a robotic prosthetic hand that is AI-powered and has up to 24 sensors that track your body’s impulses. Moreover, it constantly gets updated, so once an improvement occurs, it just updates the system. Based on brain impulses and sensors, it is the future of education for all! 

It’s Not All About Education or Why You Should Stay Hydrated!

While you might be thinking about inventions that help students learn, many innovative solutions are aimed at students of all ages. One such invention is the smart water bottle by the famous Apple Inc. Yes, they have always been after innovations, so their smart offering is quite different if you compare it to similar offerings in the market! Now, you might not even imagine how much your smart water bottle could do as it tracks your water intake and sends helpful alerts when you are most likely to need a drink to keep yourself hydrated. 

Suppose you have Apple Watch or the handy Apple Health in your possession. In that case, you can “connect” your bottle to these and calculate your health needs, the heart rate, your pulse, mood changes, the distance you have walked, or the temperature of drinks that can be either cooled down or warmed up, depending on the situation. If one takes a deeper look at this technology, this Pro Water Bottle by Apple is one of the most important things when you are a student, a college athlete, or someone who constantly forgets about staying hydrated. It’s a matter of survival, after all and a great invention of 2022 for students that you should not miss! 


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