What is the Answer to Baldi’s Impossible Question?

    What is the Answer to Baldi's Impossible Question?

    What is the Answer to Baldi’s Impossible Question?

    You can access the “This Is Where It All Began” secret, which teleports you to the test room used to create the game by keying in the number “31718.”

    Whenever I see someone asking the question, what is the answer to Baldi’s impossible question, I always think of the classic cartoon Cloudy Copter. It is such an iconic and unforgettable show. I can’t help but smile and laugh when I see it on TV. I also love that they had a new version of the show called Classic Remastered. I would watch it again.

    Cloudy Copter

    Probably the most notable item in Baldi’s Basics is the Cloudy Copter, a low-flying, white cloud-like entity that appears in one of the demo levels. In addition to being a source of pixie dust, it also provides the player with the coveted golden nugget in the form of a shiny new quarter. In addition, it is a fun and easy way to pass the time while scavenging notebooks. Unfortunately, the Copter is a bit of a pain to keep track of in the crowded school hallways.

    The Cloudy Copter can be found in the camping field trip demo. It is a little baffling why it only appears in one demo level. This is especially true since it’s one of the only occasions you can snag a Golden Quarter without scorching the halls for it. Thankfully, the Copter isn’t exactly the worst offender in the halls of Baldi’s Basics. After all, you don’t want to be the one to break the coop. Unfortunately, it’s also the most elusive item in the game due to its lack of visibility.

    The Copter also has the enviable distinction of being the first Demo Level item that is not a joke. In addition, it is a bit of a pity that the Copter isn’t found in the other demo levels. It is also the only Demo Level item that isn’t available in all versions. Finally, the Copter is one of the only non-expandable items to appear in Baldi’s Basics. So, if you want the elusive golden quarter, you’d better start hoarding those coveted notebooks! Hopefully, Baldi’s Basics will be a game you’ll want to play in earnest!

    You Can Think Pad

    Originally, You Can Think Pad was a concept introduced in a Kickstarter Exclusive Demo. The concept was that the answer to a mathematical question was impossible, but by doing the right things, you could find the answer. You would be awarded Your Thought Points (YTP) for answering the question. Besides, the correct answer would grant you a shiny quarter. However, the correct answer wasn’t always a certainty.

    The correct answer for the YCTP was a bit more obscure. It was a clump of numbers that required a lot of patience to solve.

    The YCTP was not the only one; there are other ways to collect ETPs. For example, you can also earn them through characters in the game. These characters may be the answer to the puzzles of the game. Similarly, you can collect a shiny new Boda.

    There are many other ways to collect YTPs, including field trips and character bonuses. You can also earn them by doing the right things. For example, if you get the correct answer to a math question, you might be able to earn a shiny new Boda.

    The YCTP also has a plethora of other features. For example, the game uses a new database to store and display player information. The game also has a pause menu and a pause-scroller that appears in the background. You can also purchase Energy Flavored Zesty Bars to replenish your stamina. You can also attend a Baldi funeral. This is a class in memory of a math teacher who died because of YCTP.

    Despite the fact that it may not be the answer to Baldi’s impossible question, the You Can Think Pad is still a very cool game. If you haven’t played the game, you might want to consider downloading it to see the hidden surprises. The game has been adapted to mobile devices. In fact, it has millions of downloads. You might be surprised to find that the Baldi-Esque clones are actually made up of corrupted Baldi faces.

    The YCTP has been around for a while, but the most recent version is more of a reimagining of the original. It also has improved lip sync and an antenna on the top right corner of the screen.

    Birthday BashCapturesadwdawdaw 1024x558

    Originally created by an independent game developer, Baldi’s Basics is a schooling game that pokes fun at school edutainment games. Its gameplay revolves around answering simple math questions to gain a permanent boost. Unfortunately, it also takes time to answer the questions, and players can intentionally fail the questions. The goal is to collect all the notebooks, but the game’s developers don’t want players to answer the third question.

    The game’s basic concept is to avoid entities, such as Baldi while answering simple math problems. As a result, there are a few different versions of the game.

    The first is the classic version, which has a green tablet on a black background with a purple ellipsoid in the top left corner. The game teaches one-digit addition and subtraction.

    The second is the plus version, which has a green map tablet. The game has multiple levels, incorporating procedural generation. The plus version also features Blackout Basement, a new feature. The plus version also has a new character, a floating Baldi head. This character also makes a creepy laugh-like sound.

    The third is the party mode, which is a celebration of the math teacher’s birthday. This model is a kind of escape game. The player must answer math questions correctly to avoid Baldi and other entities. Once all the questions have been answered, the player is awarded a shiny quarter. They can then buy BSoda, which will save them from Baldi.

    Baldi’s Basics Plus is planned for a June 12, 2020 release. The game’s prototype was funded on Kickstarter, and the full game is currently in development.

    Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered is a modified version that uses a better lip sync. It also features a null/glitch style with no math questions. Its character design is also different from the plus version. Baldi is a girl in the classic version, while in the plus version, she is a boy.

    Baldi’s birthday party is also an addition to the game. The game features a birthday present for the player. This present contains items such as balloons. Baldi also has a party hat.

    Classic Remastered

    Despite its cheesy 90’s edutainment, Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered is a survival horror stealth game. It’s a weird game. You’re the head teacher of Here School, and Baldi is your main antagonist. The game’s premise is to find all the notebooks, but Baldi is constantly chasing you. You have to answer math questions correctly to beat the game, but the questions are simple.

    In Classic Remastered, Baldi gets faster with each wrong answer. He has a ruler and chases after you. If you’re angry, he slaps you. He can also cause death. He has red eyes, but they appear after he dies. His clones corrupted Baldi’s face. He spawns behind the middle yellow door from the beginning of the schoolhouse.

    In Classic Remastered, there are three different styles. The null/glitch style involves FileName2/NULL relentlessly chasing you throughout the schoolhouse. Each time he hits you, he becomes faster. He also opens doors and blocks hallways. Finally, he forces you to engage in a surprise Boss Battle. You can’t leave the fourth exit until he’s defeated.

    The null/glitch style also uses a red Balloon. This red Balloon will also appear in Baldi’s Basics Plus version. In addition, in Hard Mode, Baldi’s Basics Plus will re-adopt the no looking-in lockers mechanic from the Baldi’s Basics game. This mechanic forces you to jump ten times instead of 5.

    Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered also features a sunset skybox. It’s also got a “Hang” track. This track plays during the Birthday Bash and Classic modes. It’s a looping two-second track. The Hong Kong Dub intentionally uses bad lip sync.

    Classic Remastered also has a “Debug Mode” that is impossible to reach. It’s also broken in v1.3. There’s also a secret ending. However, the credits for the Brutal Bonus Level theme are scrambled.

    In the full version, you’ll see an intro that says “Science Fair Project.” The intro also drops the hide-and-seek pretense. The game starts as a normal edutainment game for kids. However, once Baldi gets involved, things turn out to be rather scary.

    Classic Remastered uses better lip sync than the previous versions. It also features a sunset skybox, a hang track, and a map system. These features make navigating the schoolhouse much easier.



    What is the impossible code for Baldi’s basics?

    Baldi’s Basics’ secret code is “53045009,” which is the word “GOOSHOES” turned upside down.

    What is Baldi’s third impossible question?

    If you play regularly, there is no solution; nevertheless, by typing 31718, a secret area is unlocked. You can also enter 530 450 09 as one number to access a different room. The final question is impossible to answer if you play through the game normally.

    How do you get God mode in Baldi?

    SINCE WHEN DID YOU BECOME A GOD? will appear on the You Can Think Pad if the player enters the code “7154131545”. God Mode will turn on as a result of this. The player gains infinite stamina, gets a few extra keystrokes, and has the option to decide whether a character can communicate with them.

    What happens when you type 31718 in Baldi?

    You can access the “This Is Where It All Began” secret, which teleports you to the test room used to create the game, by keying in the number “31718.” However, there isn’t a way out of that chamber, therefore you can’t carry on with your current game.

    Why does Baldi get angry?

    Baldi initially presents himself as the player’s sympathetic and helpful teacher. He was always joyful up until the player got a math problem wrong, even if it was deemed impossible to solve. When the player makes the error, Baldi’s joyful expression changes to one of rage.