10 best and worst sounding languages in World survey

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10 best and worst sounding languages in World survey | Facts you should know

Amigos, Hola, Salam, Hello, Si, Namaste, you’ve heard all these greetings at any time in your life. But, according to a world survey, whether you have experienced it personally or heard it in a movie, you might have wondered what the best and worst sounding languages are. So, let’s find it out in this article!

Best Sounding Language

Here we have listed the best languages rated by world surveys. These languages will be beneficial as they will open more opportunities for you in terms of career and exposure. 


Italian is the world’s most beautiful and easy language to learn. It has a lot of sound and changes with the times. If you enjoy poetry, it will intoxicate your emotions. Those who think this most attractive and appealing of Romance languages is substandard have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s the language of passion and love.

Even for non-native speakers, words like bellissima, piacere, and palazzo appear to flow off the tongue. “Can you tell me where the bathroom is?” “Dov’è il bagno?” – “Dov’è il bagno?” – “Dov’è il bagno?” – “Dov’ Isn’t that good?

That’s not to mention Italy’s unique hand gestures, as well as its incredible food, wine, and culture. So yes, there are many reasons to study Italian, including the language’s beauty.


Arabic has to be in the most beautiful language list when it comes to the most beautiful written language. The elegant cursive has a natural artistic quality to it. In addition, the language’s long poetic tradition only increases Arabic writing’s beauty.

Arabic is a very expressive, strong, versatile, and concise language. It is expressive because you can tell whether a word has a good or terrible meaning a solid or weak meaning just by listening to it. So, for example, if you heard a couple in Arabic loving each other, your ears would be delighted. For English speakers, however, Arabic is considered one of the most complex languages to learn.


Post-Brexit, the French language is expected to rise. It is an important language to learn because it is spoken worldwide, especially in emerging economies. When it comes to romantic languages, many people think of French. From Tokyo to Tampa, Paris and its landmarks are practically international icons of romance.

And learning the French language does not disappoint, infusing even the most mundane objects with romance and class, such as a twig (brindille), a slipper (pantoufle), or an anthology (florilège). In addition, French terms indicate a condition of love that does not translate into any other language. As an example. Retrouvailles is the sensation of seeing someone after a long physical separation.


Portuguese is the world’s sixth most frequently spoken language and Latin America’s second most widely spoken language. After English, Portuguese is the fastest-growing European language. Portuguese is far ahead of German, French, and Italian, and it is the official language of eight countries in terms of popularity. 

The need for the Portuguese language is increasing tremendously as the relationship between India and Brazil strengthens. Technology, technical support, finance, exports, tourism, and education are growing in demand.


Those familiar with Africa’s many beautiful languages will undoubtedly choose Lingala as one of the most beautiful and melodic. Lingala has a beautiful flow and rhythm and is a very romantic language. 

It also has simple, straightforward grammar, making learning relatively simple. Listen to Congolese musicians to get a sense of the beauty of Lingala.

Ugliest Sounding Language in the world

By ratings and reviews of users and world surveys, we have listed some of the ugliest languages spoken worldwide.


With over 54,678 unique characters, Mandarin is the most difficult language to learn. The language is built on a completely different grammatical and sentence structure than English to make matters even more complicated. It is spoken in four tones. It is regarded as one of the world’s ugliest and most complex languages.


Spoken in North and South Korea, Korean is also considered one of the two official languages in China.

When you speak or listen to someone in Korean, it sounds too harsh, masculine, and unfriendly. However, it does not mean the same for the people’s behavior. On the contrary, people in South Korea are very hospitable. 


Although Chinese is a beautiful language, some people believe it is incredibly complex and too hard to learn, just like Mandarin. Others believe that the drama’s portrayal of language makes it appear too mechanical. However, this is not the case, as language is known for its beauty in its complexity.

Thousands of people speak Chinese, and many more are learning the language. It seems harsh and cold to judge a language based on its representations. Labeling a language as the ugliest in the world, on the other hand, is not something any language should do.


Depending on who is listening, German sounds harsh to some people. This is because German has a harsher tone than a ‘musical tone’ language like Italian. Still, Italian is ranked first on our list of the most beautiful languages globally.

Some bilingual people (English/German) believe that the way many Germans pronounce the beginning and end of many German words gives the language its ‘ugly’ reputation. According to those familiar with the language but are not native speakers, such as German English translators, many German speakers tend to emphasize the ends of their words in spoken language. 

Words that begin with a vowel in German sound like mini-explosions. Most native German speakers are probably unaware of this because they have been brought up with it.


In this article, we discussed some of the best and worst languages spoken worldwide. The languages are ranked as best or worst by their feedback from worldwide. However, every language has its advantages and disadvantages in its perspective. 

It is always challenging and full of exploration to learn a new language. Yet, every language has its advantages, as said before. For more updates, make sure to sign-up to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with information around the world.