10 Best Free Translation Websites And Apps To Follow During International Travel

10 Best Free Translation Websites And Apps To Follow During International Travel

10 Best Free Translation Websites And Apps To Follow During International Travel

You may need to translate several languages, but you might not speak the language. For this reason, it’s essential to have a free translation app with you at all times. Google Translate is an excellent example of an app with a simple and intuitive interface. You can translate anything, from simple signs and menus to pictures and package labels. It is also free, so it’s worth trying out before booking your next vacation.

While traveling abroad, you can use many apps, and some apps are free to use. These translation apps are free to use and offer various valuable features. In addition, these are free to download and offer offline functionality. In addition to providing basic text translation, TripLingo includes a phrasebook and a conversation translator. The latter also features a currency converter and tip calculator. It also provides a cultural crash course for people unfamiliar with the local way of life.

Ten best free translation websites and apps 

  • Speak & Translate 
  • iTranslate Translator 
  • iTranslate Converse (Voice) 
  •  Naver Papago
  • Microsoft Translator
  • Google Translator
  • Photo Translator
  •  TripLingo
  • Sayhi
  • WayGo

iTranslate Translator 

It is most popular translator apps on the iPhone. This  appshave many benefits, but iTranslate Voice has more features for business travelers. They have over 30 corporate clients. They have a large user base with millions of users, which is impressive. They both have voice-to-voice functionality and have phrasebooks for over 100 languages.

Speak & Translate

The most popular translator apps on the iPhone include Speak & Translate .They offer voice-to-voice translations for nine languages and text-only translations for the rest. Both apps are a good choice for travelers. However, Speak & Trans is not free. Speak and translate app  costs $2.99 and is not available for Android.

It also provides text-to-speech translations in 54 languages and integrates with Apple Watch. While Speak & Translate supports text translations, iTranslate has an offline mode. iTranslate Voice is another popular translator app. It uses speech recognition to translate, an excellent feature for travelers.

It supports voice-to-voice conversations in 115 languages and supports both text and voice translations. It also offers an offline mode to use when roaming overseas without worrying about roaming charges. Speak ‘n’ Translate also offers transliteration and translation history. The free version  of this application is a good choice for travelers, but consider paying $1.99 for a premium version if you plan to use it offline. This version also includes an offline mode.


The full version of every TripLingo Language pack comes priced-locked with the purchase of a premium subscription. After purchasing, starting at just $20 for a month, users will have access to 2,000 phrases in each language and full access to audio lessons and live translation services.

Photo Translator

With this app, you can turn your phone camera into a translator. You need to take the photo, and you will get the translation. You can translate English,  german, and french.

Naver Papago

You can use Naver Papago for voice translation. iTranslate is an English-to-Chinese translator that uses the same technology. While Naver Papago is limited in its features, it does offer Chinese to English translation. The “Converse” feature can detect the language you speak and transcribe it. The best part is that it’s free.


Voice app  suitable for translating spoken words. They have a straightforward interface and can be used offline. But, iTranslate has a paid version with more features. The paid version of Naver Papago includes a phrase guide and audio pronunciation. The user can use iTranslate or Voice by typing, speaking, or pointing the phone at the content. With Converse, you can hold the phone upside down like a microphone and press the screen to talk about the word.

Microsoft Translator

It is another excellent option. It has over sixty languages available and can translate anything from audio to voice. It is compatible with iOS and Android and can even be used with Google Glass. It only supports a few languages, such as English, but you can download the language you’re interested in offline for future use. While this may not be ideal, you’ll be glad you downloaded it in advance.

Google Translator

It has a similar feature set but is more comprehensive and offers translation in more than 60 languages. Word Lens is also free and works offline. It can translate text, Voice, and conversations. You can also translate camera shots and screenshots. The app works offline, so you don’t need to have an internet connection to use it. It’s a great option if you’re traveling abroad.

The features of these two abroad translator apps are very similar and can easily be used simultaneously. Both offer phrasebooks in 13 languages and professionally recorded translation audios. Both come with an offline dictionary and language learning tools, such as flashcards and quizzes. Each app also offers a currency converter and tip calculator. You can also use it to call US-based phone numbers and use the cultural crash course to learn local customs.


SayHi Translate allows you to engage in an exchange of words in two different languages and be able to communicate with one another. You just need to tap a button and begin talking.


It  is the award-winning pioneer of visual translation, your offline travel translator, as well as a dictionary application to Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Final Words 

All these apps have an extensive database of phrases, and the free edition of TripLingo includes audio pronunciations for a few of the most popular languages. However, you’ll need to pay for the premium version to access audio pronunciations for some countries. Although there are limitations when using the free app, the premium features of these apps are well worth the cost. These apps are great for travelers who plan to spend time abroad.