10 Best Going Away Gift For Friend Moving Overseas

    10 Best Going Away Gift For Friend Moving Overseas

    10 Best Going Away Gift For Friend Moving Overseas

    You’ve got to be thinking about the best going away gifts for friends moving abroad. The best ones can be something as small as a wine tumbler engraved with the phrase, “You’re my effing person.” Whether you want to make the recipient laugh with a sentimental gift or give an on-brand gift, there are many ways to show your support.


    When buying a gift for a friend moving overseas, buy something from the country they’re traveling to. Not only will this avoid international shipping, but you’ll also avoid the hassle of VAT. Moreover, buying locally also means that you’ll know the store’s reputation, and you can pick up a more fashionable item. Also, buy your friend a clutch that she can easily toss into her tote. This way, she won’t need a separate pocket or bag for her passport and other important documents.

    Luggage forward

    If your friend is moving overseas, there are many different things to consider when purchasing a gift. Depending on the recipient’s location, they may need special items to settle in. Luggage forwarding services can help with this. These companies can even forward luggage for a lower price than sending it by air. If your friend lives in a different country, you should consider sending gifts via luggage forwarding services.

    Travel speaker

    A travel speaker is a great practical gift for your friend. The recipient can listen to their favorite music or podcast shows while traveling. The speakers are portable and lightweight and can also provide hands-free entertainment in their hotel room. A pair of Amazon travel speakers can provide great sound for any situation, and they’re compact enough to fit in the palm of a hand. Consider giving them one of these useful gadgets when your friend is moving overseas.

    Mini cufflinks

    If you’re planning a gift for a friend moving abroad, consider giving cufflinks. These are a classic statement accessory, so blue MINI cufflinks are guaranteed to become the talk of the office. Flag-themed cufflinks are also an excellent choice for a friend moving overseas. Remember that jewelry can damage a box for overseas shipment, so it’s best to choose something lightweight and practical.

    When buying a cufflink, include a personal message with your choice. A thoughtful gift card can add personal touches, such as a picture. Mini cufflinks can also accompany a box containing the recipient’s favorite picture. If you can’t decide between two items, try giving each of them in separate boxes.


    Whether your friend is traveling abroad for work or fun, it’s a great idea to give them a travel adapter, which is necessary for all electrical devices. Adapters are handy for overseas trips and will make life easier if your friend lives out of a suitcase. There are plenty of travel adapters on the market, so it’s a good idea to pick one up before your friend departs.

    If your friend is moving overseas for work or studies, a portable charger and adapter will prove invaluable when trying to find a place to charge their laptop. This item will make life easier for your friend while they’re abroad. If your friend isn’t a techy person, consider buying him a travel speaker. These portable devices have wireless streaming capabilities and are also noise-canceling. They can keep your friend company during their journey by playing her favorite tunes.


    When looking for a going away gift for your friend moving overseas, a scarf is a classic choice. While not necessarily the most fun gift, a scarf is a practical necessity when traveling through international airports. In addition, it’s easy to wrap up in a scarf, so your friend will surely appreciate it when they arrive. 

    Personalized laptop case

    If your friend is going overseas, don’t forget about the technology they’ll need. Consider a personalized laptop case. Personalize them with their new state and country, and get matching accessories for extra sentimental value. If your friend loves to wear jewelry, you can also consider giving them a necklace or bracelet with a design that commemorates their new home. You can also give them a personalized home state blanket.

    Fresh flowers

    If you want to give your friend a gift that will brighten up their new home, consider sending fresh flowers. Not only will these flowers brighten their new place, but they’ll also show that you care about them. Other thoughtful gifts include travel goodies. A friend moving overseas will love the thought that goes into these gifts. You may be surprised that your friend isn’t moving to your hometown!

    You can also send your friend a personalized wind chime or stepping stone that depicts their favorite verse or quote. Personalized gifts such as these you can place in their garden. If your friend leaves soon, you can prepare a special meal with some of their favorite local foods. If your friend is going soon, you should plan and buy the tickets several months before departure to ensure you can visit.

    Personalized wind chimes

    Personalized wind chimes make the perfect gift for a friend headed overseas for a new adventure. They will treasure this simple gift for years to come. Personalized wind chimes are high-quality wood. Personalized wind chimes are available in various colors and many designs. Choosing the right wind chimes will let your friend know how much you care.

    Personalized watercolor house picture

    Consider a personalized watercolor house picture when you’re looking for a great gift for a friend who is moving overseas. A unique gift that any recipient will appreciate, a personalized painting can capture the essence of a home. It can bring peace and vibrant energy to a new home and carry a sense of history. It is also a wonderful way to honor your friend’s past and help them remember their new home.

    Final words

    If you have a friend who is moving overseas, you might be wondering what the best gift to give them is. You can give them many things to make the transition easier, from personalized wind chimes to a watercolor house picture. Here we have given you some suggestions for the more special items. No matter your choice, make sure you get your friend something they’ll use.