10 Best Language Learning Software To Learn Japanese

10 Best Language Learning Software To Learn Japanese

10 Best Language Learning Software To Learn Japanese

A handful of software on the market will help you learn Japanese. But how can you pick the best ones? This article will look at the most popular options and the pros and cons. Read on the post to find out more about each one. First, we’ll talk about the most helpful software, the primary language learner tools. It will help you learn to speak Japanese.

You can find the best software for Japanese language learning on your computer or mobile device. Many software programs are available on the market, but you should choose one that best suits your needs. Some of the free options are listed below. 

Using an app for learning the Japanese language is a great way to learn the basics. There are many apps on the market. One of the most popular is Imiwa, which is a downloadable application. You can use it even if you’re running Ubuntu without any emulation. 


A great way to practice writing the Japanese language is with the Fluentu app. Fluentu is a popular tool for practice and contains native videos, flashcards, captions, and games. It’s an effective way to improve listening and vocabulary skills. However, Fluentu is not structured enough to be a stand-alone course and is best used as a supplement to a formal course. As a bonus, it is fun and engaging for those learning the Japanese tongue.


Preply is an online tutor directory that allows you to connect with a native speaker. It uses spaced repetition to reinforce words, which makes learning Japanese easier. Additionally, it has a lot of potential for customizability. You can customize your lessons with images and audio and create your decks for Japanese. Many people use Memrise to practice their language, so you’ll likely be happy with the result.


It is a free app that allows you to create a personalized dictionary. You can add a dictionary of your choice or choose the pre-loaded one. iWiN – This program will teach you to write in the Japanese language. It includes many helpful tools and features, including a flashcard system and the ability to learn new words. There are many other great apps for learning Japanese.

It has an extensive kanji database and is updated with free dictionary updates. The program has a powerful search system to look up vocabulary and vocab. You can also search by JLPT levels, making it easy to choose the right level. iWiN – This app is lightweight and requires no installation. In addition, the software is free, so there’s no reason not to try it!


Another free option is HiNative. This app lets you ask questions to native Japanese speakers and adds romaji and furigana to the words. It also makes flashcard sets based on your previous searches and clippings. This tool is a hit among beginners, and it is free. Its other benefits include interactive, audio-visual tools and interactive games. It’s possible to learn Japanese with these programs.


It is an app that lets you take a picture of a kanji, and it’s automatically translated into English. The app also has live translation capabilities and works offline. It can also translate Chinese, Mandarin, and Cantonese. The free version of Waygo allows you to do ten translations a day. Among the top-rated software for learning Japanese is Japanese by Renzo. With more than a million words, it is the perfect choice for beginners and advanced learners. 


It is another free option for learning Japanese. It’s similar to other popular language learning software, such as Duolingo, but lacks depth and structure. It offers a free version, but you need to subscribe for a minimum of three months to use the full version. After a month, you’ll have access to more features, including audio, quizzes, and guided lessons.


The Imiwa mobile app offers daily updates and features a search system that allows you to learn new words in context. Using this tool, you can find kanji, vocabulary, radicals, and JLPT levels. The lightweight app is easy to use and does not take up much space. If you’re a beginner, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you can learn with it.


People who want to learn the Japanese language try using Duolingo. This app makes learning Japanese fun with its game-like interface and life. It introduces you to the basic vocabulary and kanji while offering little explanation of the grammar. You can also download the accessible version of Duolingo and use it on your desktop or smartphone. If you’d like to unlock premium features, you can pay 9.95/month.


Another popular app to learn Japanese is Memrise. It supports dozens of languages, including English, and teaches through conversational language. While this app uses the same basic teaching approach as Memrise, it focuses on listening and reading instead of listening to a spoken-language trainer. Memrise provides you with access to official Memrise courses for free and includes audio pronunciations and native speaker audio. It is an excellent choice for serious learners who want to make progress in a shorter time.

Rocket Japanese

If you want to learn Japanese fast, you should consider Rocket’s program. Its comprehensive learning system is divided into different lesson types, including grammar and listening skills. The app also features audio and video lessons and has an in-site flashcard system. You can customize your Rocket Japanese experience by choosing the type of lessons you need and your learning style. For example, you can toggle between Katakana and Hiragana, depending on your preference. And if you prefer to learn Japanese without hearing it, the app allows you to download mp3 files of the lessons.

Final Words

If you want an online course, Preply is an excellent choice. You can hire a tutor for your trial lessons, and the site has an enormous database of Japanese teachers. However, it’s important to note that the site doesn’t pay its teachers very well. You’ll have to pay $8 per month to use the service. There’s a free version available, but the paid version has a large community and offers plenty of extra features.