10 Things To Ask Siri To Make Her Mad, Angry And Scary

10 Things To Ask Siri To Make Her Mad, Angry And Scary

10 Things To Ask Siri To Make Her Mad, Angry And Scary

If you want to make Siri crazy and angry, you can ask her the following questions. If you’re going to scare Siri, you can try asking her a few funny questions. The AI-powered personal assistant will likely answer the first question. Those questions will make her angry. The following suggestions will make Siri angry. It may even get her to tell a story you’ll never forget. You never know. You can even turn her off by using an unusual sentence.

If you want to make Siri angry, here are some tips: Ask her personal questions, like “What is your favorite color?” Or “How old are you?” She might get angry if you ask her about your religion. But you can also make her laugh by asking funny questions. If you don’t know how to get Siri to respond kindly, try this: Tell her about your favorite cartoon character.

Things to ask Siri to make her mad, angry, and scary

If you want her to be mad, you can ask her how many stars she has in the sky or how long it takes a rocket to fly. Then she’ll absurdly answer your question. If you want to scare her, you can ask her how many red pills she has in her vault.

If you want to scare Siri, you can use your iPhone and ask her about something scary. You can tell her about the loud sound you just heard or make up a long story about the lawnmower that just cut your grass. You can tell her about Bloody Mary, an infamous girl, if you want to scare her. She can even warn you that someone is behind you.

You can ask her to tell you a frightening story to scare Siri. You can tell her to tell you about a horror movie or a frightening story. For example, ask her to explain a terrifying event in your neighborhood. Ask Siri to tell a scary story about the Bloody Mary for extra fun. The famous teen can tell you that the girl is behind you.

Some Reddit users even confessed that Siri makes them swear. They typed “Mu-ther-fi-ker” or “Meh-ther-fi-ker.” Another user, Dizzy Slip, shared that Siri is prudent but still said the words. Then, one user wrote that “Siri has an excellent sense of humor,” adding that she was able to answer their queries quickly and accurately.

There are many ways to get Siri to utter words that make her angry and scary. You can also use funny phrases when talking to Siri to make her grumpy and scary. But, you need to know that it’s a bit hard to swear to Siri! And the truth is that Siri doesn’t have a good sense of humor. You can use a dictionary instead!

Another trick to make Siri angry and scary is to ask her to say the F word. You can also ask Siri to tell you how many married people you know, but don’t tell them the truth. It’s not that hard to get the F word out of your iPhone! You can even ask Siri to slap you if you’re scared of her.

If you want to make Siri angry and scary, you can ask her these questions. Besides making Siri cuss, you can even ask her to beatbox and say funny one-liners. If you’ve ever wanted to scare Siri, you can ask her these questions and get funny answers. If you can’t find any good ones, try using your imagination and try some other tricks.

Siri can scare you by telling you stories. You can ask her to tell you a long story about a loud sound and later find out it was a lawnmower. You can also ask her to tell you scary stories. For example, you can ask Siri to tell you a scary story about Bloody Mary, a famous girl. If you’re afraid of the Bloody Mary, you can ask Siri to play the role of a ghost.

Jokes to make Siri mad

One of the best ways to make Siri mad is to insult her. Please don’t call her anything else that will make her feel uncomfortable. This will only cause her to respond with weird questions and make you look stupid. Instead of teasing her, use a clever joke. Despite her cute personality, Siri’s main function is to help people. Hence, making her angry with you is an excellent way to test her wits.

There are many fun tricks that Siri can pull. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can ask Siri funny questions to test her intelligence. While she can’t answer your questions, she can play with your emotions and respond with witty responses. 

Using a funny nickname is a great way to make Siri laugh. Just remember to use the correct voice assistant name, and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll get. You can try saying “rap Siri” to elicit the desired response. As you can see, Siri will respond with some very strange rhymes and rhythms. You’ll be the talk of the town. These jokes will get your iPhone, iPad or Apple-enabled gadget giggling.

How to make Siri mad in 2022

To get the most banter from Siri, try to use insults or curse words. Siri might likely get a bit annoyed, so it may be worth trying something different to get her to back off. Hopefully, this trick will help you drive her crazy in 2022! Just remember, you can’t make Siri mad without causing damage to your phone, so be considerate of how you approach her.

Final Words

To make Siri angry, try using the insults you want to utter and don’t be rude or mean. Your words should be in a way that makes her feel bad. Don’t curse her. Instead, give her a pitying look. It’s unlikely that she will ever be upset with you – and if she does, you can blame her for not listening to you.