27 Excellent Thesis Statement Examples on Multiple Disciplines to Get You Started


27 Excellent Thesis Statement Examples on Multiple Disciplines to Get You Started

A thesis statement is a brief paragraph summarizing your essay‘s main idea or article. Normally, it comes toward the end of your introduction.

According to the kind of essay you’re writing, your thesis will take on a slightly different appearance. But the essential point you wish to make should always be stated in the thesis statement. Then, the rest of your essay should build off of this concept.

What is a thesis statement?

Your essay’s thesis statement summarizes its key ideas. In addition, it serves as a guide for the reader, indicating what the essay will argue and why.

A thesis statement summarizes your perspective on a particular subject or issue in academic or professional writing. It’s a crucial component of a paper or document that conveys and explains the remainder of your essay or document.

Why Include a Thesis Statement in Your Essay?

  • Put your ideas to the test by summarizing them into one or two sentences.
  • To develop and structure your case more effectively.
  • Act as a “guide” for your reader as they consider your argument.

If you consider your thesis statement to be the response to the subject your paper addresses, it will generally achieve these objectives.

How to write a good thesis statement?

Be precise.

Avoid generalizations in your thesis statement and offer specific information regarding the claim you want to make. It should explain how or why something occurs and state it does.

Be clear.

Your thesis statement cannot contain any space for interpretation. It must be simple and understandable.

Specify where you stand.

Can anyone refute or argue against your thesis? If the response is “no,” you have just reported the subject’s facts and have not intended to present an argument for or against the subject.

Align with the rest of your paper

What readers can expect from the rest of your paper should be revealed in your thesis statement. Therefore, once you’ve finished writing, you should read it through to check if anything deviates from your thesis statement.

Thesis Statement Examples on Multiple Disciplines27 Excellent Thesis Statement Examples on Multiple Disciplines to Get You Started

These are only examples to help you understand how a thesis statement may appear and how you might incorporate your thoughts into one you come up with on your own.

  1. We must mandate that all healthy and capable children receive vaccinations to achieve herd immunity because many youngsters cannot do so due to illness.
  2. To ensure low-income pupils remember what they have learned over the school year, schools should offer educational materials to them over the summer.
  3. Although purchasing school uniforms may be an initial financial burden for some families, they eliminate the obvious income gaps between kids and foster a more equitable environment at school.
  4. Increased globalization, the loss of manufacturing jobs, and the election of Donald Trump in 2016 all contributed to the rise of populism on the political scene.
  5. Community Libraries Local governments should invest more money in libraries since they are vital community resources.
  6. Alcohol abuse can negatively impact one’s health, including weight gain, liver problems, and heart disease.
  7. Millions of brick-and-mortar stores could be permanently closed due to the widespread adoption of digitization in reaction to the quarantines and mobility restrictions brought on by COVID-19 and the ongoing expansion of online purchasing in the wake of the pandemic.
  8. For office workers to have a better work-life balance and be more productive, businesses should offer more work-from-home alternatives and six-hour workdays.
  9. Although voluntary sex would likely be discussed in sex education, parents must teach their children the notion of consent from a young age with developmentally appropriate lessons.
  10. Studying abroad is one of the most useful cultural experiences you can have in college. It is the only way to fully immerse yourself in a foreign language and see how other cultures and nations differ from your own.
  11. Without Barack Obama’s steady hand and decisive actions, America would never have emerged from its hole in the early 2000s.
  12. Before enrolling in graduate school, college graduates should work for a year to hone their communication skills, broaden their perspective on the world, and get industry expertise.
  13. Although magazines have made great strides in the previous five years to cover a more diverse range of models, much can still be done to advance a positive body image for women as a culture.
  14. Shakespeare’s flawless command of the English language is demonstrated through the linguistic study of the multiple metaphors, similes, and epithets utilized in Sonnet 5.
  15. A helpful method of helping youngsters understand how the actual world functions are rewarding them when they perform academically to encourage them to work hard and get good outcomes.
  16. The US spends more on its military budget than all other developed countries.
  17. Exercise should be incorporated into a person’s daily routine since it lowers the risk of high blood pressure and maintains a healthy weight.
  18. In her best-selling book Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg makes a lot of thought-provoking points, yet she only speaks to the relatively wealthy working woman and ignores others in lower-skilled, lower-paying positions.
  19. Doctors should be able to ensure that their patients receive the end-of-life care they desire, and assisted suicide should be legalized.
  20. Taylor Swift should be more politically engaged and vocal to use her power position for society’s benefit, even though her lyrics show a feminist stance.
  21. Undoubtedly, the fashion business has changed significantly from the industry obsessed with weight and shape and promoting thinness as the ideal body type.
  22. A diverse workforce fosters creative thinking, teamwork, and empathy among individuals from various backgrounds or skin tones.
  23. University athletes should be compensated for their contributions to the school. Many student-athletes come from lower-income homes and rely on scholarships to pay their tuition.
  24. The poorest individuals, who will be forced to pay higher costs for their cigarettes, will effectively be taxed if tobacco firms are subject to higher taxes. However, it won’t prevent them from purchasing and consuming cigarettes very much.
  25. Fairy tales harm children’s psychology, as well as tell bad storylines.
  26. You must gather the materials, locate a knife, and spread the dressing to assemble a jelly and peanut butter sandwich.
  27. In the United States and other countries, street cameras and street-view maps have completely lost privacy.


Your paper will start well if it has a strong thesis statement. It will not only assist you in improving the content of your essay, but it will also make it easier for readers to understand the main idea of your work and persuade them to keep reading.

These thesis statements should help you develop your thesis statement’s description to express the idea you wish to convey fully.