5 Examples of Acknowledgement for Field Report

5 Examples of Acknowledgement for Field Report

5 Examples of Acknowledgement for Field Report 

The purpose of field reports in the social sciences is to describe observations of people, places, and events and to analyze the observational data to identify and classify common themes related to the underlying research question of the study. Is. A field report is a document of observation and analysis of a particular phenomenon, behavior, process, etc. It uses researcher theory and analysis to identify solutions for specific projects or case studies. 

How to write an adequate acknowledgment for a field report 

 Field reports focus on the factual details of the project case. It should cover situations and factors that will help you understand how theory can be applied to real-life scenarios. Below are the key steps to effectively writing an acknowledgment for a field report.

Defining field report goals

Clearly state the purpose of your field report to set the focus and provide the correct information your organization needs. Field reports should also define the type of tissue, the scope of observation, and the data collection method. Create a theoretical framework

Developing a theoretical framework is as essential as factual knowledge when writing a field report. We gather information based on statistics, news, and research to understand the topic better. A theoretical framework guides the researcher in identifying the data that must be measured and set as a basis for comparison to obtaining the desired information. 

Establish a detailed plan of how to achieve the goals set by the organization. Assess the timeframes required to complete observations, report findings, and document potential milestones, risks, and hazards. Conducting field observations

Sample of Acknowledgement for Field Report

1: Example of Acknowledgment for a field report

Research/fieldwork is not just the researcher’s job. I deeply sympathize with the pioneering management philosopher who first identified his primary problem and developed his concepts, techniques, and practices. Special thanks to my colleague for helping me. 

 Thank you to Mr. DhanRaj Chalise (Supervisor who filed his report) for his constant and invaluable time, advice and support. Special thanks to Mr. Amit Sharma, Head of Human Resources, Lakshmi Bank. I want to express my gratitude to his college family, and his BBA faculty in Kantipur City and much credit for this report goes to the staff of Lakshmi Bank. Furthermore, we express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Hattiza Ktm of the Lakshmi Bank Family for permitting us to produce this report. Finally, we want to thank all employees of Laxmi Bank Limited for their support and for providing all the information we needed.

I am happy to have completed the fieldwork successfully and on time. This report reflects my efforts to cover all the necessary, relevant, and essential information about the organization. In addition, I have tried my best to minimize errors.

Despite my dedication, this field and report still need to be completed and satisfactory. It may have various limitations and flaws, but I tried to do it well. I hope my hard work pays off. 

2:  Example of Acknowledgment for a field report

I want to present my sincere and heartiest gratitude to all those who allowed me to complete this report. The input of my project manager [Ms./Mr./Dr.] over the past year has helped me complete my project, especially in writing this report, by providing inspiring suggestions and encouragement.

Additionally, [Ms./Mr./Dr. Surname who has been permitted to use all equipment and materials necessary to complete the “SPECIFY NAME”]. Teammate [Ms/Mr/Dr. Last Name] helped assemble the pieces and provided suggestions for the SPECIFY NAMES task. Last but not least, the project leader [Ms/Mr/Dr. Especially in project presentations, I have to thank other supervisors and panels for their guidance. Thanks to your comments and advice, her presentation skills have improved.

3: Example of Acknowledgment for a field report

No field work is the work only of its researcher. I owe so much to the pioneers and the leaders of Management philosophers who first identified its significant issues and developed its technique, concept, and practice. My special gratitude to my colleagues and friends who help & appreciate me and my idea.

I owe a great word of thanks to Mr. DhanRaj Chalice (supervisor, Field Report) for his constant & invaluable time, advice, and assistance. I also want to express my deep gratitude to Mr. Amit Sharma (HR Manager, Laxmi Bank.) I feel indebted to the Kantipur City College family and BBA faculty members, 

I express my sincere gratitude and heartiest thanks to Laxmi Bank Family, Hattisaar Ktm, for authorizing me to prepare this report. Furthermore, I am grateful to all the concerned staff of the Bank for their assistance and for providing all the necessary information.

It is gratifying to me that I complete fieldwork. My endeavor to cover all the relevant, meaningful, and essential information about the organization has been written in this report. In addition, I have tried my best to minimize errors in my work.

Despite all my devotion, this field and field report could be better and more satisfactory. It may not be the perfect one, but I tried my best and hope it goes well

4: Example of Acknowledgment for a field reportPexels Lukas 296085

My sincere gratitude to my supervisor Watuleke Mr. Joseph, for his guidance, academic support and advice, encouragement, and supervision that allowed me to reach the pinnacle of this internship.

Special thanks to the entire Amnesty Commission community for their support and advice. I thank my family members and friends for their financial support and encouragement. Finally, I salute the Almighty for watching me to the end and empowering me to complete this internship successfully. He is glorious

5: Example of Acknowledgment for a field report



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Chapter One

Provide organizational background or describe the organization (i.e.

organization overview, mission, vision, functions, location, etc.). Chapter II

Obligations and Responsibilities – indicate what your specific obligations were,

Responsibilities indicate what you have done in this organization (obligations and

responsibilities) and are explained in detail. 

Chapter 3

Lessons Learned – Describe what you learned in practice. what specifically

Did you acquire knowledge through your internship?

 Chapter 4

Challenges and mitigation strategies

Identify challenges encountered during fieldwork and how

I have managed to overcome them. 

Conclusions and recommendations

I, the undersigned, confirm that I have read and, at this moment

JKUAT Arusha Examiners board the Field Attachment Report produced in.

Organization) to meet the award requirements. (insert student’s Name).

Name of supervisor —


How do you write a good Acknowledgement for a field report?

The basic recommendation is to be succinct when expressing your gratitude and to refrain from using highly emotive language. It should be noted that while personal pronouns like “I,” “my,” and “me” are typically avoided in the rest of the project, they are almost always used in the acknowledgements.

What is Acknowledgement in Report example?

You have the chance to express your gratitude to those who have supported you both personally and professionally throughout the writing of your thesis or dissertation in the acknowledgements section. The acknowledgements section of your thesis or dissertation, which appears between your title page and abstract, shouldn’t be more than one page long.