6 Examples of Acknowledgement for Case Studies

6 Examples of Acknowledgement for Case Studies

6 Examples of Acknowledgement for Case Studies

Acknowledgment is merely recognizing and thanking someone or something for their actions. The character of being identified or acknowledged is known as acknowledgment.

What is the importance of the acknowledgement section?

Acknowledgments in any research proposal or paper tell you who helped contribute or did work on that venture and who assisted in its completion. We write an acknowledgment early in a book or report to thank people or other resources who assisted the writer.


Acknowledgement Section in a Project gives you a portion in your document where you can mention and thank everybody who contributed to completing the research or thesis. It’s the sole section where you can be a little more casual, express yourself, and mention anyone you want. First, however, take this opportunity to thank your instructor or supervisor who has directly assisted you in the project before moving on to the other people.

Who should be acknowledged in a case study?

As with most acknowledgments, you must thank everyone who assisted you in

completing the Case study. In addition, you must express gratitude to everyone who

assisted you in completing the case study. You could also include teachers, classmates,

friends, family, and possibly your research assistants if you have received assistance

from him.


You only need a handful of sentences to compose a brief acknowledgment section. You

can appreciate your teacher, supervisor (if there is one), and your

school/college/university for Research opportunities.


However, it is ideal to include your  principal, friends, family, or anyone else

who you believe has assisted you with this project.


You can use the acknowledgments below as a model or encouragement to write your


Writing Guidelines for acknowledgmentMike Tinnion 3ym6i13Y9LU Unsplash 1 Scaled

A section of acknowledgments is typically included at the commencement of a Completion Of This project, immediately following the Table of Contents.


Acknowledgments allow you to thank everyone who assisted with the research. However, careful consideration must be given to who needs to be appraised and in which order. The general rule is to express your gratitude succinctly and to prevent unnecessary loaded solid language.


Personal pronouns, including ‘I, my, me…’ are nearly always used in the acknowledgments, whereas they are generally avoided in the rest of the project.

Acknowledgement samples of case studies

Check out this post if you need help deciding what phrases to use or how to write an

official acknowledgment.


Refrain from copying these examples exactly word for word, but try to create your version. Also, remember to thank everyone who assisted you with this project. Here are some examples for you to get started.


Sample # 1 of Case Study Acknowledgement

This project was only possible with the contributions and guidance of many people whose names cannot be listed. However, their contributions are greatly appreciated and acknowledged.


However, the group would like to express their heartfelt gratitude and indebtedness to the following individuals: Ms. ABC, DEF, GHI; Mr. PQR, STU; and Mr. JKL, XYZ, MNO for their unending support, kindness, and understanding during our case presentation.


Thank you to all relatives, friends, and others who provided moral, financial, and physical support in some way.


Above all, thanks to the Great Allah Almighty, the source of all wisdom and information, for his unending love. We appreciate it.


Sample # 2 of Case Study Acknowledgement

To complete my case study, I needed to rely on the assistance and advice of some respected individuals to whom I am eternally grateful. This assignment has given me a lot of pleasure. First and foremost, I thank Mr. ABC, Component 4 Lecturer, IPM, for providing us with a good assignment guideline throughout numerous consultations.


Second, thank my parents for their incredible patience while I worked on this. I also want to thank them for their unwavering support and for facilitating me with everything I ask—finally, Well done, PQR, for his assistance and motivation throughout the process.


I also like to express my gratitude to everybody who helped me write this case study, directly and indirectly. In addition, many people, particularly my classmates, provided helpful feedback and ideas on this case study, which inspired me to improve it. Finally, Thank everyone who helped me, directly and indirectly, finish my Component 4 case study.


Sample # 3 of Case Study Acknowledgement

We want to show our heartiest gratitude to the dedicated team of academics, content area professionals, technicians, specialists, and support personnel who made this case study attainable.


Thank you for your understanding and careful consideration of our composing and layout of the material in this book, ABC, and your crew at the LM campus. We appreciate your effort and assistance in developing these case studies.


Thank you to the BCIT academic staff and other experts who brainstormed, created, and wrote these case studies:


We’d also like to thank DEF, GHI, and MNO for lending their insight and expert knowledge to these case studies.


We are grateful to PQR for his vision and encouragement in getting us started on these case studies and for her eagerness, vitality, and competence in supporting and advising us through our initial case study agility session.


Thank you, in particular, to JKL, STU, and VWX for their assistance, governance, and reassurance in developing these case studies.


Finally, we’d like to thank our families for their encouragement and patience as we worked through the process of creating this resource, as well as the unexpected extra hours of work.


Sample # 4 of Case Study Acknowledgement

To complete our assignment, we needed the assistance and guidance of someone who deserves our deepest gratitude.


The accomplishment of this case study brings us great joy. We want to express our appreciation to Sir PQR of the University of XYZ in ABC for granting us this assignment to broaden our knowledge and provide us with some practical experience.


Sample # 5 of Case Study Acknowledgement

I want to thank Professor ABC and Professor DEF, my case study managers, for their guidance, patience, enthusiastic encouragement, and constructive critiques of this research work.


I’d also like to thank Dr. JKL for her advice and help in keeping my progress on track. My thanks also go to Mr. MNO for his assistance with the climatological data analysis, Ms. PQR, who helped me calculate the air pressure coefficient, and Ms. STU and Mr. XYZ for their assistance with the site measurement.


I’d also like to thank the GHI laboratory technicians for providing the resources I needed to run the program.


Finally, I want to thank my mother for her encouragement and support throughout my studies.


Sample # 6 of Case Study Acknowledgement

I express my wholehearted gratitude to God the Creator for enabling us to complete this Case Study. Then I’d like to thank Dr. PQR, our respectable supervisor and lecturer at the College of ABC Institute, who has regularly encouraged us to complete this case study on time with great accuracy, and friends who have provided me with vital information to achieve this milestone.


The acknowledgment section lists everyone who played a significant role. It would help if you expressed your gratitude to those who helped with this case study in the first person. Next, you must demonstrate the specific role that each individual and party played in completing this case study. This acknowledgment should begin with the individuals who contributed the most and end with those who contributed the least.