6 Examples of Acknowledgement Receipt for Payment – Sample of Acknowledgement Receipt of Payment

6 Examples of Acknowledgement Receipt for Payment – Sample of Acknowledgement Receipt of Payment

6 Examples of Acknowledgement Receipt for Payment – Sample of Acknowledgement Receipt of Payment

Employers can use acknowledgment receipts to ensure that staff members have received handbooks, policies, and other agreements about their employment.

Example of a letter acknowledging receipt of funds from a corporation or bank in cash, a check, or both. It is a format template acknowledgment letter for payment that can be used for any professional or private purpose and may be used for submitting fees, paid checks, or cash amounts.

Parts of an employment-related acknowledgment receipt

The following should be mentioned in an acknowledgment receipt:

  • Receipt heading: “Acknowledgement Receipt” suffices in many situations.
  • The receipt date is the date of acknowledgment.
  • Name of the document and, if applicable, its version number.
  • Acknowledgement statement: An signal that the item or document has been received, usually in one or two sentences.
  • Name and signature of the recipient: An employee.

How to create an acknowledgment receipt

To write an acknowledgment receipt, follow these guidelines:

1. Write on business letterhead.

Use letterhead, whether digital or printed. In the absence of stationery with letterhead for your company, simply writing your company name at the top of the paper will do. Below it, type your company’s address, phone number, and website in a font that is readable and 2-3 points smaller than the typeface used for the business name.

2. Prepare a statement of acknowledgment.

Using the document’s name, any applicable version number, and a statement indicating the receiver has received the document are all appropriate. Some human resources (HR) departments will include declarations that the receiver has read and comprehended the document’s contents in their acknowledgments. The sentence must be precise and short.

3. Add your signature and the date.

The receipt must bear the signer’s signature, printed name, and date of signing.

4. Explain what comes next.

If extra steps are required, such as a third party’s signature, legal review, or any other items you consider necessary, include instructions.

5. Provide your contact details.

Include a way to contact you in case of inquiries or problems.

Examples of Acknowledgement Receipt for PaymentPexels Andrea Piacquadio 3771097

Sample 1

Dear, Ma’am

We acknowledge and value all the hard work you have done for this NGO. Because of people like you, who know the importance of giving back to society, this platform can operate. We recognize receiving a donation invoice for 23769 Rupees for our non-profit. A document of the payment receipt is linked. We always ensure that the most worthy and needy receive the money you moral and upright people deliver. We appreciate your commitment and your willingness to donate and help save lives. We are highly appreciative of this kindness. Kindly confirm the receipt in the name of the undersigned.

Sincere regards,


Sample 2

 Mr. Umar Bilal Qurashi.

 Mr. Umar Bilal Qurashi. CEO

 Feb Dot International,

Subject: Scholarships awarded to Sanjan Bhavan School

Hello, Sir

This acknowledges that we received Rs 10,00000/- Ten lac Rupees in cash as a student scholarship from FebCot International.

A letter of appreciation and the SNPET donation/scholarship receipt will be mailed out soon.

Thank you again for your support and dedication to Sanjan Bhavan Public Education Trust’s worthwhile mission. Contact us at any moment if you have any questions.

Finance Manager Arshad Bilal

Sample 3





Subject: Receipt of Cheque Acknowledgement

On behalf of our online RAMSA Store, I now acknowledge receipt of Rs 100,000 from the Customer Name, Address, Product Name, Size, and Code.

Your side has paid us Rs 100,000 with check number 0014456. We are incredibly appreciative that you let us shop at the Ramsa store. Quality work is our driving force, and client pleasure is our ultimate goal. If there is a problem with the pricing or the item’s quality, feel free to talk to us. The products will be delivered to your residential address after being shipped by the due date. You can review your order before sending us a check or cash for payment.

Wishing to assist you.


Sample 4

Cookbook PVT Limited

46, Industrial Area,

California, United States of America

Date: August 18, 2021

Haywire Dam LLC

89, Up Town Colony,

Subject: Letter acknowledging payment received

Greetings, Sir/Madam

Today, the $50,000 payment made by the Haywire LLC account was properly received and posted to the account. All of the credit card’s spending rights have been reinstated and are fully operational.

If you have any queries, call us at +1 (123) 259876, a toll-free number. We are available to all of our clients.


The Director

Cookbook, Inc.

Sample 5

We have your payment from last month, which was due. We appreciate you sending this payment to us.

We recognize receiving the complete payment of our account with ABC Corporation Ltd. of Rs. 8, 14,155/- (Rupees eight lakhs fourteen thousand one hundred fifty-five only) via ABC Corporation Ltd.’s check No. 0000000 dated February 17, 2014, drawn on SBI.

But starting now, kindly pay off your credit card debt the first week of each month. Customers who fail to do so will be fined and charged an additional 3% of the total bill.

Your account’s restrictions have all been lifted, so you can once again conduct transactions. To prevent paying penalties, kindly abide by your contract’s terms and conditions. If the customer’s payment deadline were exceeded, we would have to block their accounts.

We value our business relationship with you. Please get in touch with us at 000000014 if you have any other questions or issues. We would be more than happy to take care of your needs.

We are eager to assist you once more in the future. Have a great day, and thanks again.

Sample 6

Sent by: Your Name

Your Business Name (if applicable)

Name and Address

To: Name of Recipient, Name of Recipient Company, Address of Recipient

Greetings, [Mr. Johnson]

This is to confirm that on [June 26, 2019], you sent us [$5000] (Five Thousand US Dollars) via your bank account number [123456] at the [Allied Bank], which you then deposited into our account [954785] at the [The National Bank] as a deposit for shipment number [412565433] that you ordered on [May 1, 2019], which is referenced by transaction number [3658749].

Best wishes