7+ Acknowledgement Example for Academic Research Paper

7+ Acknowledgement Example for Academic Research Paper

7+ Acknowledgement Example for Academic Research Paper

A research paper acknowledgment is a segment in a research paper in which you praise everyone who assisted you all through your research. Your supervisors and teachers, in particular, assisted you with your research paper.

Who should be acknowledged in an Academic Research Paper?

As with most acknowledgments, you must thank everyone who assisted you in completing the research paper. In addition, you must express gratitude to everyone who

assisted you in completing this paper. You could also include teachers, classmates, friends, family, and possibly your research assistants if you have received assistance from him.

You only need a handful of sentences to compose a brief acknowledgment section. You can appreciate your teacher, supervisor (if there is one), and your school/college/university for Research opportunities.

However, it is ideal to include your  principal, friends, family, or anyone else who you believe has assisted you with this project. You can use the acknowledgments below as a model or encouragement to write your


Acknowledgment Samples for your Research PaperPexels Mohammad Danish 891059 1

Check out this post if you need help deciding what phrases to use or how to write an

official acknowledgment.


Refrain from copying these examples exactly word for word, but try to create your version. Also,

remember to thank everyone who assisted you with this project. Here are some

examples for you to get started.

Sample 1

First and foremost, we thank our Almighty God for providing us with the determination to finish this project and enhance ourselves in a predicament that we never imagined the developer could surpass. The courage to complete this work with the proponents’ strength, time, and effort.


Second, we’d like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Ms. ABC, the supervisor of EFG Institute. Mr. XYZ and all company employees mentioned above for providing sufficient information.


In this regard, we would want to thank Prof. PQR, thesis adviser, for his ongoing support, patience, and motivation, as well as for building effective sharing of his expertise from the beginning to the end of this academic endeavor, as well as the panelists for their encouragement, valuable suggestions, and academic guidance.


To all of my friends, especially our section BSCS 4B, for never giving up hope and offering us perseverance and encouragement.


With all of the proponents’ efforts, time, and knowledge, this proves that “Everything is possible.” Believe.” All Glory to God!

Sample 2 

This paper and its research were only possible with the exceptional assistance of my mentor, LMN. From my initial encounter with the journal entries of British Naval Ships to the draft version of this paper, his enthusiasm, knowledge, and uncompromising focus on every detail have been an inspiration and managed to keep my work on track.


My colleagues at XYZ University, ABC, and DEF have also reviewed my transcriptions and patiently answered various questions about the pronunciation and hands of British Naval Ships MS VII.2.77. PQR, head librarian of the Special Collections and Microfilms Department at the Southern Region Central Collegiate Library, where British Naval Ships MS VII.2.77 is currently housed, provided color images of the manuscript not only overnight but also surprisingly discussed the vital information on the memoir that she has been gathering for nearly twenty years.


I’m also grateful for the insightful comments from Books & Texts’ anonymous panel members. The kindness and expertise of all have improved this study in countless ways and saved me from many mistakes; those that undoubtedly remain are entirely my fault.

Sample 3

I want to thank Professor ABC and Professor DEF, my research managers, for their guidance, patience, enthusiastic encouragement, and constructive critiques of this research work.

I’d also like to thank Dr. JKL for her advice and help keeping my progress on track. My thanks also go to Mr. MNO for his assistance with the climatological data analysis, Ms. PQR, who helped me calculate the air pressure coefficient, and Ms. STU and Mr. XYZ for their assistance with the site measurement.

I’d also like to thank the GHI laboratory technicians for providing the resources I needed to run the program.

Finally, I want to thank my mother for her encouragement and support throughout my studies.

Sample 4

I want to thank my research supervisors, Professors XYZ and ABC, for their patient guidance, genuine support, and insightful comments on this study effort.


I’d also like to thank Dr. PQR for her advice and assistance keeping my advancement on track. My heartfelt thanks also go to Mr. MNO for his help with the hydrological data gathering, Ms. DEF, who helped me calculate the static wind pressure, and Ms. GHI and Mr. JKL for their help with the site measurement.


I’d also like to applaud the technicians at the department’s laboratory for obtaining the reserves I needed to run the program.

Sample 5

This proposal would not have been possible without the guidance of my scholar, Dr. MNO, who has accompanied me through every step of the process. I appreciate the chance he has given me.


I’d also like to thank a member of the University of ABC’s social sciences department, whose beneficial knowledge and competence helped me deal with a complex topic like “Feminism and its Modern Dilemmas.”


I’d also like to thank my classmates for sharing their knowledge and assisting me in developing my research topics. Finally, I want to thank the XYZ publishing company for contemplating my doctoral dissertation to be meaningful.


Furthermore, I’d like to credit the DEF institution for sponsoring my research project; without it, I wouldn’t have gotten this far.

Your company provided me with the most valuable asset I’ve ever had.

Lastly, thank you for constantly being my spiritual rock and teaching me to face every challenging problem with intellectual capacity and confidence.

Sample 6

I want to show my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. for his insightful and constructive suggestions throughout the planning and execution of this research project. In addition, his generosity in donating his time has been greatly appreciated.


I’d likewise like to thank all the members of the following sources for allowing me to examine their daily operations in their offices:

1st Organization

2nd Organization

Sample 7

This study was made possible by [Name of Foundation, Grantmaker, Donor]. Although they might not agree with all of the interpretations/conclusions in this paper, we acknowledge our colleagues from [NameName of the supporting institution] for providing insight and expertise that greatly aided the research.


We gratefully acknowledge [Name Surname, title] for assistance with [specific technique, methodology], as well as [Name Surname, position, institution name] for comments that significantly improved the manuscript.


We would also like to thank the (Name, Surname, title, institution) for spreading their insight with us while conducting this research and the three reviewers for their contributions.


We are also highly thankful to (List names and positions) for their feedback on an initial version of the manuscript. However, any errors are our own and should not reflect negatively on the reputations of these distinguished individuals.

Sample 8

I want to acknowledge and express my heartfelt gratitude to my supervisor (NameName), who helped make this project possible. Their direction and advice saw me through all stages of writing my project. I’d also like to credit my committee members for making my defense an enjoyable experience and for your splendid comments and suggestions.

I’d also like to thank my wife/husband (NameName) and my entire family for their unceasing support and understanding while conducting research and completing my project. Your prayers for me have kept me going this far.

Finally, I’d like to thank God for allowing me to go through this. Day by day, I’ve felt your guidance. You are the one who helped me finish my degree. I will continue to put my faith in you for my future.


Besides those who met the criteria for authorship, the appreciation for the thesis section lists everyone who played a major part in the final paper’s creation. It would help if you show your appreciation to those who helped with the project in the first person. You should also show the specific role that each person and party played in the research study. 

The thesis acknowledgment should begin with the people who contributed the most to this research and end with those who contributed the least. The thesis acknowledgment is placed after the list of contents in your research paper.


How do you write an acknowledgement in academic writing?

You should begin by thanking anybody who has assisted you academically or professionally in the acknowledgements of your thesis or dissertation, including your supervisor, funders, and other academics. Then you can express your gratitude to close friends, relatives, or anybody else who helped you during the procedure.

Where do you put the acknowledgement in a research paper?

Typically, the acknowledgement comes after the references and before the conclusion. The other person or people’s contribution to the paper or your effort should be acknowledged in a sentence.

How do you start an acknowledgement in research?

With the help of acknowledgements, you can express your gratitude to everyone who contributed to the research. It is important to carefully consider who should be thanked for their assistance and in what sequence. The basic recommendation is to be succinct when expressing your gratitude and to refrain from using highly emotive language.