Accept What is Let Go of What Was and Have Faith in What Will Be

Accept What is Let Go of What Was and Have Faith in What Will Be

Accept What is Let Go of What Was and Have Faith in What Will Be

Being conscious means forgiving the unseen and accepting what is. When we do this, we are on the path of bliss. We can also choose to accept those who have hurt us or offended us. In accepting what is, we make peace with our shortcomings and forgive the offending parties.

Sometimes all change is hard. We’re in a constant state of change and growth, however there’s always an element of discomfort that comes with it. For all the excitement and wonder, there’s a lot of uncertainty too.

Change can be a major catalyst for growth, but it doesn’t always have to be. Some changes are just as easy to resist and refuse as others are. When we resist the changes that come with life, though, in the long run we’re essentially resisting life itself.

The uncertainty of change is what makes it hard to accept sometimes. But when we accept our feelings of resistance, then the uncertainty starts to make sense and things start to change for the better.

Accepting also involves letting go of what was and having faith in what will be. It’s letting go of pain and expectation in order to see what is possible now, rather than focusing on just how things were or how they should have been before. We have to let go of the pain that may come from resistance. We have to let it go because it’s not serving us well. It’s just holding us back.

It’s important to remember that we can’t control what happens, but we can control our choices in response and how we deal with the outcomes. By learning how to accept what is, we’re able to make better decisions in life. And when we’re more accepting of things as they are, we’re taking action rather than just reacting out of fear or feeling anxious and anxious about being anxious. We’re learning how to respond well in a healthy way, even if things don’t go our way exactly as desired or planned.

Forgive the unseen

Many scriptures speak about forgiveness and the dynamics of relationships. Jesus modeled forgiveness throughout his life, including his death. Unforgiveness is destructive and never heals anyone. Jesus’ message was to forgive others and ourselves, no matter how they treat us. Gift a wave ring to your beloved forgetting and forgiving the past.

Accept Those who are Gone

We grow in our faith as we study scripture and experience time. We also grow in our understanding of the scriptures. In time, we come to appreciate the truth and wisdom of Scripture. We gain more knowledge about the meaning of life and God. Ultimately, we grow in our faith and trust in what will happen.

Make Peace with those Who have Offended You

The biblical command to make peace with those who have offended you is clear: you must seek forgiveness from the person who has offended you. While this is often difficult, not doing so will hinder your relationship with God. If the offender has no negative feelings toward you, it can be helpful to make peace with them. We may not even realize how we have offended them, but bringing the offense to light will help you and them to work out a resolution.