Acknowledgment for College/School Assignment [7 Examples]

Acknowledgment for College/School Assignment [7 Examples]

Acknowledgment for College/School Assignment [7 Examples]

Acknowledgment is merely recognizing and thanking someone or something for their actions. The character of being identified or acknowledged is known as acknowledgment.

Importance of an acknowledgment section

Acknowledgments in any research proposal or paper tell you who helped contribute or did work on that venture and who assisted in its completion. We write an acknowledgment early in a book or report to thank people or other resources who assisted the writer.


Acknowledgement Section in a Project gives you a portion in your document where you can mention and thank everybody who contributed to completing the research or thesis. It’s the sole section where you can be a little more casual, express yourself, and mention anyone you want. First, however, take this opportunity to thank your instructor or supervisor who has directly assisted you in the project before moving on to the other people.

Who should be acknowledged in a school/college assignment?

As with most acknowledgments, you must thank everyone who assisted you in

completing the Case study. In addition, you must express gratitude to everyone who

assisted you in completing the case study. You could also include teachers, classmates,

friends, family, and possibly your research assistants if you have received assistance

from him.


You only need a handful of sentences to compose a brief acknowledgment section. You

can appreciate your teacher, supervisor (if there is one), and your

school/college/university for Research opportunities.


However, it is ideal to include your  principal, friends, family, or anyone else

who you believe has assisted you with this project.


You can use the acknowledgments below as a model or encouragement to write your


Writing guidelines for acknowledgement 

A section of acknowledgments is typically included at the commencement of a Completion Of This project, immediately following the Table of Contents.


Acknowledgments allow you to thank everyone who assisted with the research. However, careful consideration must be given to who needs to be appraised and in which order. The general rule is to express your gratitude succinctly and to prevent unnecessary loaded solid language.


Personal pronouns, including ‘I, my, me…’ are nearly always used in the acknowledgments, whereas they are generally avoided in the rest of the project.

Acknowledgment samples of school/college assignmentPexels Andrea Piacquadio 3807755

A couple of sentences are needed to create a concise acknowledgment section. Below given sample acknowledgments are suitable for classes 8, 9, or 10. Regardless of whether you are in the 11th class or 12, you can utilize the same framework as most acknowledgments, irrespective of class, implement the same template.

You can use the acknowledgments below as a model or inspiration for your version. Refrain from copying these examples exactly word for word, but try to create your version. Also, remember to thank everyone who assisted you with this project. Here are some examples for you to get started.

Sample # 1 

I want to show my heartfelt gratitude to my teacher Ms. XYZ and our principal Mrs. PQR for providing me with the golden chance to complete this unique project on the subject “DEF,” which also assisted me in conducting extensive research and learning about many new things.

Second, I’d like to express my appreciation to my family for their assistance completing this task within the deadline constraints.


Sample # 2 

I want to thank my mentor, Mr./Ms. _____________(name of the professor), for his/her significant contribution to the success of the assignment.


Numerous helpful guidelines and insight guided me throughout the task’s completion.


I’d also like to appreciate my colleagues for their participation and support; this assignment would not have been possible without them.


Finally, I’d like to acknowledge my parents for their kindness and gratefulness.


Sample # 3 

First and foremost, we need to thank God for finally allowing us to complete the assignment allotted to us by the statistics lecturer. Despite a few minor issues while working on this assignment, group members completed it with all affordance. Fortunately, all the concerns have been resolved, and we have adjusted appropriately and wisely.


A special thanks also go to our mentor, Mrs. ABC, because our assignment could not have been appropriately completed without her guidance. She is always there to help and advise us on how to complete our assignments to achieve a satisfactory results from the study that has been done. Our group has chosen to investigate the understanding of road signs among first-year FSKB students at UKM, KL.


Other biostatistics lecturers, such as Prof. Dr. DEF, Prof. GHI, Dr. JKL, and Dr. MNO, always instruct and guide us to understand what we should know while studying biostatistics and producing good project work, deserve special thanks as well.


Finally, we’d like to thank our dear friends for always sticking together and working hard to deliver an excellent assignment with all accessibility and involvement. All of the funds will benefit us and our project report. We also want to thank all our classmates for their assistance in our group project. They constantly provide us with suggestions and feedback on our projects to enhance them.


Sample # 4 

Many people assisted me in smoothly completing this assignment. I want to thank everyone who helped with this project.


First and foremost, I will thank God for allowing me to complete this project successfully. Then I’ll thank my Headteacher (name of principal) and (subject) professor, who taught me a lot about this project. His ideas and suggestions aided in the achievement of this goal.


Eventually, I desire to thank my parents and friends for their helpful advice and assistance throughout the project’s various stages of completion.


Sample # 5 

I want to show my heartfelt gratitude to my instructor (Name of the teacher) and our head of school for providing me with the beautiful opportunity to work on this project (Write the topic name). It enabled me to conduct extensive research, and I learned much about this subject.


Finally, I’d like to thank my family and friends for their assistance in completing this project within the time constraints.


Sample # 6 

I want to thank my lecturer (name of teacher) for allowing me to work on this assignment. This project taught me a great deal regarding (what you learned from the project). I want to thank our principal as well (name of principal).


Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to my parents, without whom this venture could not have been possible. Finally, thank my beloved friends who have always been there for me.


Sample # 7 

To complete my assignment successfully, I needed the assistance and guidance of some well-known individuals. First and foremost, I thank Allah for providing me with mentally competent and sound well-being to complete my assignment. The accomplishment of the document gives me great satisfaction. However, this is not to my credit in this research project. I want to express my gratitude to Mr./Ms. PQR, Course Instructor, University Name, and Country name for providing me with a decent assignment recommendation over the phone.


Thank the School of XYZ at University Name for updating ABC’s education system. Finally, I express my heartfelt gratitude to all MBA, 12th Batch students at University Name for their warm hospitality. I could only have completed a difficult task with such assistance. So I wish everyone who assisted and collaborated with me during my assignment research a hard life and good health.



The acknowledgment section lists everyone who played a significant role. It would help if you expressed your gratitude to those who helped with this case study in the first person. Next, you must demonstrate the specific role that each individual and party played in completing this case study. This acknowledgment should begin with the individuals who contributed the most and end with those who contributed the least.