Apps To Help You Learn English

Apps To Help You Learn English
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Apps To Help You Learn English

Struggling to learn English? Well, we got you!

Smartphones allow us to carry a portable English dictionary in our pockets wherever we go. Streaming music, playing games, using social media, and learning languages using apps give us instant access to new vocabulary.

There has been a wave of new smartphone apps dedicated to helping students learn more structured and comprehensively outside of the classroom. With these 7 apps, you’ll be able to improve your English in no time!

The only thing to keep in mind while using these apps is that you will make sure the internet connection is reliable and steady. You do not want interruptions when taking classes so go with some reliable ISP like Spectrum that offers unlimited data at affordable rates.

Rosetta Stone

There was a time when Rosetta Stone was king before there were apps. Among the many ways to learn languages at home, this is the most popular. Many other courses teach similarly to this one. Your mother tongue usually appears in the English app along with some descriptions of the styles. Unlike Rosetta Stone, Rosetta Stone teaches English through English.

Before you begin learning phrases and sentences, the exercises are designed to guide you through the process of learning the basic words. In addition, you will gain a better understanding of the phrase due to the visual elements. You will be able to learn English words without translating from your native language by using Rosetta Stone.

 LinkedIn Learning

A major effort has been made by this professional network to educate its members. As part of LinkedIn Learning, they promote positive career growth and learning.

Despite being owned by Microsoft, LinkedIn Learning differs from Lynda in key ways. With LinkedIn Premium, LinkedIn Learning is bundled with your subscription to LinkedIn.

It is especially beneficial to those who hold a monthly Premium membership and are serious about developing their online careers. A wide range of business and creative skills are available in the library here.


Especially for beginners who wish to learn English quickly, this app is the best English learning app. With this app, you will never be bored because the lessons are designed to keep you engaged. By using this English learning app, you will be able to learn the language practically. You will always be motivated by them so that you will be able to learn English quickly.

There are more than two dozen languages you can learn with Duolingo, including English. The reason why Duolingo is so popular is that the app provides learners with fun and game-like lessons. This English learning app is also a good option if you want to learn the language more easily. Moreover, you can learn English by using your mother tongue, as you can practice both languages together.

The British Council 

For those who struggle with grammar, this is a great resource. There are many lessons and games available on the Learn English British Council app. From beginning Imperatives, Questions, Simple Present and Gerunds to advanced Modal Verbs of Obligation and Necessity, there’s something for every skill level. Click ‘test’ when you’re finished to see how much progress you’ve made.


It’s a good app for learning English. There are a large number of English courses and lessons available for you to choose from when it comes to learning English. This app may be especially useful to learners who wish to generate new vocabulary.

Furthermore, Memrise offers game-like lessons that make learning English fun. This English learning app allows you to communicate with people all over the world. Afterward, Memrise can teach you almost a nineteenth language. As a Memrise member, you can learn languages with over 35 million people from around the world. Let Memrise help you learn a new language.


You can improve your writing with many apps available. You can even talk to a native speaker with some of them, such as HelloTalk. However, if you want instant corrections, Grammarly is the way to go! This tool not only checks for mistakes but also explains to them so you won’t repeat them. You can check your spelling wherever you go by downloading the keyboard to your phone. Looking for a more formal tone? Besides checking your tone, Grammarly also checks your spelling!


Would you like to join but not every month? You may find this learning app useful. With Udemy, you can take courses on demand starting at $10.99. You don’t have to worry about recurring payments, so you can take your time with a course you purchase.

The reality is that most career-driven individuals spend most of their working hours improving their skills and habits. Using this app, you can learn at your own pace and at any pace you want.


Your English can be improved using apps irrespective of the device you are using. Using the comment section, tell us which of the above apps you liked the best after installing them.