Best Educational Apps For Adults Online in 2023

Best Educational Apps For Adults Online in 2023

Best Educational Apps For Adults Online in 2023

Educational apps are interactive and enjoyable for all ages. Learning app development has several advantages, including knowledge enhancement, personalized learning experiences, improved interaction, access to online study material, ease of communication, and, most importantly, remote access.

You can find the best educational apps for adults online through this article. In addition to this list, you can also find several useful apps in your local app store. Here are some of my favorites. Hopefully, one of them will work for you! You can download one of these apps to start learning if you have a tablet or smartphone.


The ease with which Newsela makes learning to read so accessible means that you won’t even notice that you’re working on something new. Its articles are strategically crafted to feature vocabulary words embedded in context. Power Words are embedded at the appropriate reading level and provide definitions for each word. Newsela’s articles encourage students to develop literacy skills by building on their knowledge of the world around them.

While the accessible version of Newsela is an excellent resource for reading news stories, its PRO account provides the most learning value. The app’s annotation tools help teachers improve student interaction, and its dashboard reveals assessment data. Newsela articles are sourced from reliable news sources and tailored to various reading levels. While this may seem like a simple tool, it makes reading news stories a more engaging experience.

When it comes to educational apps for adults online, Newsela is one of the best options. Its unique blend of informative content, integrated assessments and insights create a platform that inspires students to read more, learn more, and understand complex issues better. The free version has basic features, like writing prompts and reading comprehension quizzes. While it’s no substitute for a teacher-led curriculum, it will most likely be a worthwhile supplement to your current learning plan.

If you’re looking for a high-quality app for adult learning, Newsela is an excellent choice. Not only does the free app allow you to take notes, but it also syncs and lets you share notes with friends and colleagues. In addition to providing a simple interface, Newsela also includes editing tools and a microphone. This feature makes it easy to share notes with others and keeps students focused on the lesson.


Despite being free, Duolingo lacks some essential features. Discussion threads and video lessons aren’t available. Additionally, the app uses too much gamification. You get penalized if you answer a question wrong, which deters many people from learning the language. However, you can quickly regain lost progress with a few more practice sessions. Duolingo isn’t the only educational app for adults that lacks these features.

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The app helps you learn a new language by breaking it into bite-sized skills and rewarding your progress. The app’s curriculum is tailored to your learning strengths and weaknesses. You can learn a new language in as little as an hour each day with Duolingo. You can also practice with friends by unlocking advanced lessons and earning virtual coins for correct answers. It’s easy to get frustrated with an app that doesn’t offer a gamification element. Still, Duolingo’s daily goals and streaks are one of the most significant features.

Duolingo combines various teaching methods and a user-friendly interface. Those interested in becoming fluent in a language should try it. It’s free and provides all instructional materials. The premium version includes an ad-free experience, offline study, and gamification. If you’re looking for an educational app for adults, Duolingo is a great choice.

In a recent study, RQ3 surveyed over 600 Duolingo learners and found that those who took the course were more likely to improve their listening and reading skills. In addition, they spent a more significant percentage of time studying and leveling up. So it’s not surprising that the results are similar. The study also found that the learning style was important to their proficiency level, but the study found that Duolingo helped people learn faster than other educational apps for adults.


Memrise offers free and paid subscription options. While it offers free learning tools, you can also get access to premium courses through a Memrise Pro subscription, which costs less than $5 per month or $100 a year. If you’re a lifelong learner, you can pay for a lifetime membership if you want to enjoy all the premium features. However, it is important to remember that Memrise does require a subscription.

Memrise is a vocabulary learning app that works much like classical flash cards. The cards have the target language on one side and a translation on the other. Though primarily designed for language learning, Memrise also has a browser version. The company says that Memrise has 40 million users across 189 countries. These numbers include both all-time registered users and monthly active users. To find a course, you need to first sign up with Memrise.

In addition to presenting basic phrases, Memrise also teaches slang. Its video lessons help you learn the language quickly. The videos are also an excellent way to practice speaking skills. Memrise offers lessons for 21 popular languages. The website also offers seven online courses in the most common languages. In addition to these courses, you can also find instruction sheets in various languages. However, the best part of Memrise is its free trial.

Despite Memrise’s free subscription, the app does have its downsides. It may not be enough to propel you to near-native proficiency. Memrise is also free to download and sign up, but the price of a pro version varies, with a few dollars to more than $100. Compared to many of the other online top educational apps for adults, Memrise is still free to use. Still, you may have to pay a few dollars to get the premium features.


Suppose you’re an adult looking to learn a new skill or improve your current skills. In that case, you might find Skillshare among the best educational apps for Android and iOS devices. This online education community offers courses in various subjects, from professional skills to creative hobbies. Courses can range from a few minutes to several hours and are taught by renowned teachers. While this app is not as versatile as its competitors, it has the advantages of a traditional classroom in the convenience of your mobile device.

If you’re looking for a free online class, Skillshare is the perfect solution. Its free classes let you try them out for a whole month to see which one works best for you. Unfortunately, Skillshare has thousands of classes on different topics, so it isn’t easy to choose which one to take. In addition, some classes won’t be worth your time, so taking a few classes is essential before deciding on one.

Skillshare may be a great option if you’re looking for free educational apps for Android. It offers video-based lessons and class projects that teach you new skills. You can also download courses for offline viewing. Of course, you’ll also be able to view them offline if you wish. Premium subscribers also receive discounts on other services. For example, a month’s worth of courses can cost around $150.

Another option for learning a new language is Skillshare. If you don’t speak English, you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of lessons on American sign language.


Parents looking for educational apps for kids should look into YouTube Kids. The YouTube app features tools for filtering content and monitoring screen time. But the website itself is primarily designed for older children and teens. While the website is generally safe, the content can be inappropriate, especially for young children. Therefore, YouTube Kids is best for kids aged four and up. Whether or not this app is suitable for your kids depends on your family’s age and your child’s maturity.

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For a safe and supervised experience, set the content restriction to “kids.” Some YouTube educational apps have content that is not appropriate for young children but can be appropriate for older children. Parents looking for content for their children should choose the appropriate settings. This way, there are fewer inappropriate videos and better filtering. YouTube also offers an advanced search feature that allows you to choose specific categories based on age.

Using human monitors, YouTube is working to make its app safer for children. But for now, if you’re a parent who’s concerned about your child’s safety, you can still use the app. The new version of YouTube features a feature that engages human monitors and offers verified videos. Parents can block specific videos from being played on their kids. It can also warn parents if a video is inappropriate and allows them to block it.

YouTube provides useful videos for students of all ages. Before allowing students to use YouTube in class, be sure to screen the content and determine whether it is appropriate for the age range of students. If the students are under 13, they can also download the YouTube Kids app. Ultimately, the choice will depend on your personal preferences. The videos are not a replacement for the magic of the classroom. Instead, they are meant to supplement instruction.