Best Educational Apps For High School Students Online in 2023

Best Educational Apps For High School Students Online in 2023

Best Educational Apps For High School Students Online in 2023

According to new research, educational apps are associated with significant increases in student achievement. The average app-based curriculum examined in this paper boosts student achievement by 165 percent of expected student growth.

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High school can be an incredibly challenging time for students. Not only are new teachers and classes a new level of challenge, but students also have to learn to cope with more demanding classes. Technology has come a long way since then, so there is no need to struggle when you can turn to digital help. Math, motivation, and writing problems can all be solved using educational apps. These apps not only make studying more fun but can also help students become more productive.

Book Creator

Book Creator is a creative writing app that helps students create comic books, science journals, and other types of digital content. Its cross-curricular nature makes it an excellent option for classrooms and teachers alike. Because the tool is so flexible, students can use it to create whatever they want. This helps students express their creativity while meeting academic standards and learning objectives. And because it’s open-ended, students can use it to create their comic books, STEM journals, and digital portfolios.

Students can use Book Creator to create their iBooks using templates, videos, and pictures. Once they are finished, they can share the finished products with their parents. Another app, Tales2go, helps students improve their language fluency and comprehension skills. The app lets students bookmark favorite stories and find other similar works read by professional narrators. While these apps may not be the best educational apps for high school students online, they are an excellent resource for teaching your students to express themselves.

Creating assignments and quizzes using this educational app is simple and quick. Grades are stored automatically, and students can add voice notes to their work. It’s easy to create multiple classes with multiple teachers. Each class can have a different set of assignments. Teachers can set due dates and times for their students to complete their work. Students can also participate in class sessions and take quizzes and tests.

Another great app for making digital materials is Buncee, a creation tool for educators and students alike. With over 10k student-friendly graphics, this creation app can help teachers teach the four Cs of learning. Students can also record audio directly into the tool. Additionally, the application has built-in integration with YouTube and Pixabay images. There’s something for every student to use in the classroom.


Quizlet is an online study app that works in both traditional schooling and online learning services. Students can create and share sets to review key concepts. Advanced features are available through a subscription, though the free version lacks some useful features. Users can also upgrade to a Quizlet Plus membership. This will unlock additional features. Unfortunately, the free Quizlet does not allow users to create and share their own sets.

The website offers study sets that help students review essential concepts and test their knowledge. Users can choose true or false questions or multiple-choice questions. The quizzes increase in difficulty as you progress through the levels. Quizlet benefits foreign language study and has more than 500 million study sets. The website also allows students to search for materials related to a particular teacher’s subject.

Another great feature of Quizlet is its ability to handle images, diagrams, and various languages. Unlike some flashcard apps, Quizlet is capable of handling multimedia content. You can even upload audio files and add them to your study sets. In addition, Quizlet offers more than 150 million study tests. If you’re looking for a more interactive flashcard app, try Exam Vocabulary Builder, which shows word definitions and example usage.


If you want to learn a new language, Duolingo is a great app to use. This app lets you learn 36 different languages. Students can choose from various language levels, from beginner to advanced. The app is interactive, meaning students can practice by creating an avatar character and play games and earn rewards as they learn. The app offers numerous features, including an avatar that changes color, voice, and other cosmetic upgrades.

For starters, this app is easy to use. Children can choose to practice their Spanish, French, or Italian. The app can be downloaded for free and requires no installation. Parents can sign up for family sharing, but each child must have their device. Additionally, children must use their e-mail addresses to sign in and out of the app. Finally, parents should be aware of recent concerns over data safety.

Another great feature of Duolingo is its integration with other language curricula. The app is thematically structured so students can use it alongside other language classes. For example, a student could use it to learn about body parts. Duolingo only provides content at the appropriate level, making it easy to use alongside other learning materials. Duolingo is available for free on the Apple App Store. You can purchase the app’s premium upgrade if you want to remove the ads.

One of the most significant drawbacks of Duolingo is that it does not allow for self-correction for some activities. As a result, language learners make mistakes and need to correct these mistakes before they can develop the correct patterns. Duolingo is great for beginners, but you may have to spend some money to improve your Spanish skills for intermediate learners. However, Duolingo is a free app, so it’s worth checking out for your student’s learning.

Calm Schools Initiative

The Calm Schools Initiative offers free access to the mindfulness app Calm. It is a popular resource for mindfulness instruction and provides educators with tools to make teaching mindfulness more engaging. The Calm Schools Initiative also offers Calm Kids programs designed for children ranging from preschool through high school. These apps help students learn to meditate and are beneficial for personal meditation, too. Teachers should consider signing up for a free membership if they want to implement mindfulness in their classroom.

Teachers who want to use Calm Kids can get a free subscription by filling out a short application on the Calm website. Teachers who are approved can get unlimited access to guided meditations and mindfulness tips. In addition, teachers can also access Calm Kids to give their students meditations tailored to their age groups. This way, teachers can use these apps with students at any age level. While Calm Kids is aimed at high school students, it is also useful for teachers in other settings.