Best Learning Apps & Tools For High School Students in 2023

Best Learning Apps & Tools For High School Students in 2023

Best Learning Apps & Tools For High School Students in 2023

There are many great educational apps available for iPhones and iPad. Still, this article will focus on four apps that are especially useful for students in high school. These include IXL, MathTango, SimpleMind, and Newsela.

Quizlet is an excellent tool for memorization and revision. It allows you to create sets in any subject and uses these to generate flashcards, practise tests, matching games, quizzes, and auditory tools. It also includes a number of games to help make your learning more enjoyable and prepare you for your exams.

These apps will not only help students improve their grades but will also give them valuable practice in a variety of subjects. If you’re looking for a good app for younger students, Freckle is an excellent choice.


IXL has improved considerably since it first hit the market three years ago. It offers more than just math – it also covers social studies, Spanish, and science. Students can solve complex math questions by writing on the screen with their fingers. IXL analytics provide deeper insight into a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Teachers can even use this learning app as a teaching tool, providing feedback on lessons and activities.

IXL’s ‘SmartScore’ system uses several measures to determine if a student has mastered a maths skill. Those who answer wrongly will receive a lower score than those who do correctly. Correct answers receive points that reflect the skills used. As students progress through the levels, their scores will increase. As they gain confidence, they will find the app helpful in homework-based schooling and remote learning.

Teachers can also use IXL as a learning app in conjunction with various other classroom tools. Its diagnostics can help teachers see where students need extra work and help them improve in certain areas. IXL can also be used in conjunction with manipulatives and group whiteboard practice. In addition, teachers can use this app to identify problem areas and reward students for progress. IXL also has handwriting recognition and audio support.


If you’re looking for an app to help your child learn math, MathTango is worth checking out. This app uses gaming and world-building to encourage kids to practice basic math facts. In addition, they can use the tropical island as a practice area to improve their problem-solving skills. Other features include puzzles and word problems that give multiple practice rounds and a dance party where students can socialize and have fun. Best of all, MathTango is available offline, so your student won’t have to rely on school Wi-Fi to use it.

This app is 100% free of advertisements. It was created by five parents who are also parents of high school students. MathTango works by subscription. You can pay monthly or yearly to access all content. Once you’ve tried it, you can buy a subscription for unlimited access to all its content. The subscription will renew automatically after a seven-day free trial, but you can cancel at any time without charge.


Students of all ages can benefit from mind mapping to organize their ideas. Mind maps are a great way to facilitate meaningful learning and improve memory, and SimpleMind is one such app. It supports multiple devices and provides pre-built templates for users to build their mind maps. This app can help students with problem-solving, knowledge building, and fun activities like creating mind maps for crafting ideas.

There are a wide variety of free apps for students to help them manage time. Time management is a significant issue in high school when students must fit in-class time, extracurricular activities, and homework. On top of this, students also have to squeeze in time for food, homework, and part-time jobs. Several excellent time management apps for high school students, including SimpleMind, will make your life easier.

Another popular learning app for high school students is SimpleMind. This free learning app helps students improve their focus and memory while studying. The app has over 2 billion users worldwide, which is a testament to its effectiveness. It also has a range of educational functions, including flashcards. Students can also weed out answers by using this app. There are thousands of educational apps available on the App Store. The trick is to know which ones are useful to you. We’ve compiled a list of five high-quality apps for students.


If you’re looking for a high-quality learning app for high school students, look no further than Newsela. This multimedia platform lets you read news articles and historical documents at various reading levels and earn badges. In addition, the platform is intuitively organized and easy to use, making it a popular choice among educators and students. The platform’s unique features include classroom management and assessment features and an extensive library of articles spanning five academic standards. You can also differentiate instruction through quizzes, writing responses, and other assignments.

Newsela offers a library of articles for students in grades K-12. It also includes primary-source documents, such as documents from King Tutankhamun’s tomb, biographies, and famous speeches from history. Moreover, students can test their knowledge of current events through quizzes that probe four areas of text: word meaning, text structure, point of view, and arguments. Finally, students can choose articles based on these four categories.


Initially glanced at as a practice tool, Freckle offers a variety of inquiry-based learning and differentiation opportunities. Its dashboard contains a wide array of videos and lessons on various subjects. Students can earn coins by completing teacher-assigned activities. Teachers can also customize printable worksheets for students to use at home. Students can complete all their assignments in Freckle’s safe, secure environment.

Teachers and students can use Freckle to reinforce concepts and learn new ones. Its curriculum aligns with Common Core State Standards. It offers additional resources to supplement existing lessons and introduce new areas of study. Students can also use Freckle to complete independent work. For example, freckle allows students to earn coins and spend them in their piggy store. Freckle also features a wide range of printable worksheets, which makes it a good option for younger students.

Google Docs

Digital tools help students organize and review their work. They can also help them remediate any shortcomings. Many students find that studying is easier with the help of apps, such as Google Docs. Developed by Google, this tool allows students to collaborate across platforms and is required in many classrooms. It is even nearly mandatory for group projects and essays. But why is Google Docs better than other learning apps?

While many teens use Google Docs to discuss their homework, some students use it as a way to chat. Live-chat functionality is built into the program, but many teachers don’t know it exists. Students highlight words and phrases and can leave comments in the document. Then, they clone and share the shared document. And teachers can monitor their students’ phone usage by creating a Google Form and sending it to them.

Besides storing files in the cloud, Google Drive is also an effective way to collaborate. It allows students to work together on the same document in real-time. For group projects, it’s much easier to collaborate since everyone can edit the same document simultaneously. Group projects can be more efficient, and students can quickly email collaborators with one click. This app is excellent for students who like to work in groups.


There are many advantages to Quizlet. For one, it allows you to study when you want to and how you learn best. However, one of its downsides is the ads. While they may seem hidden, they serve to distract students from studying. To compensate for this, Quizlet provides a feature where you can suggest changes to a flashcard or other content on the website.

The startup also has a bold goal: to grow to one billion users. Facebook took four years to reach 100 million users and 8.7 years to reach one billion users. However, Quizlet has already raised $12 million in venture funding, a round led by Union Square Ventures. The same company also backed Twilo and Zynga. So how does Quizlet look for growth?

The app lets users make their own study sets or upload their own. The user can save these study sets into folders. Another feature of Quizlet is allowing users to edit them without losing them. If they don’t want to share their study sets, they can make a copy and keep it private. These two features are essential in any learning app, but Quizlet is handy for high school students.

Google Keep

One of the greatest features of the Google Keep learning app for high school students is its ability to help students organize their work. Unlike paper, which tends to accumulate too much clutter, Keep allows students to create notes and share them with other collaborators. Once a note is created, it can be shared with others, and the others can edit it. This feature can make it easy for students to stay on task without keeping track of several lists.

A student can use the Keep learning app to take notes while in class. These notes can be synced across devices and shared with classmates. This app also enables students to take pictures of notes and write their thoughts on them. This feature is beneficial for those who learn remotely. For example, if a teacher allows students to share their notes, they can view them at any time.