Choosing Between Shopify and Shopify Plus: Which is Right for You?

    Choosing Between Shopify and Shopify Plus: Which is Right for You?

    Choosing Between Shopify and Shopify Plus: Which is Right for You?

    If you’re creating an online business or already have one and want to utilize the Shopify eCommerce platform, you may be confused about the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus.

    The two systems’ primary distinction is that Shopify is designed for start-up and expanding enterprises, while Shopify Plus is tailored to fulfill the demands of enterprise-level organizations. The enhanced version of the main Shopify product is called Shopify Plus.

    To assist you in choosing which product is best for you, we’ll look more closely at the essential features and distinctions between the two in this post. We’ll also advise you when switching from the standard Shopify plans to Shopify Plus would be best.

    What exactly is Shopify?

    eCommerce platform Shopify enables users to:

    • Create and launch a consumer “purchasing portal” or online shop.
    • Utilize special features for eCommerce, including personalized website designs, excellent plugins, round-the-clock customer assistance, and more.
    • Sell their wares online, on social media, in-person, or on other online markets like Amazon, eBay, etc.

    One of Shopify’s distinctive features is the availability of premium themes, domain names, branding, and blogging. Additionally, you get access to store administration, Shopify plus experts, and shopping cart features.

    Smaller and medium-sized enterprises and individuals that want to sell products online would benefit most from Shopify’s fundamental functions. After all, launching an eCommerce company may be difficult. Shopify is an excellent option to launch your eCommerce company with the best possible foundation.

    Which is better for you, Shopify or Shopify Plus?


    Launchpad is a powerful automation tool that eliminates the burden of event planning by enabling you to plan activities like a product launch, sales campaign, or flash sale from beginning to end. You can automate various event tasks with Launchpad, which is only accessible to Shopify Plus merchants. These tasks include increasing inventory at the beginning of an event, changing pricing at the beginning and end, and scheduling shipping scripts to cause discounts at the checkout. Additionally, you can use the app’s analytical dashboard to monitor stats in real-time while the event occurs.

    Additional Theme Personalization

    You need a qualified Shopify theme tailored to your business to attract more clients, boost brand trust, and provide a better, more seamless experience. Regardless of subscription, all Shopify merchants have access to the Theme Marketplace, but only Shopify Plus subscribers can access Liquid.

    The Shopify platform’s templating language is called liquid. You may use this to get access to the back-end code for your shop and further modify the theme to suit your requirements.

    Unlimited Employee Accounts

    Staff accounts are another factor to take into mind. Only a few restricted staff accounts are permitted under the free Shopify plan.

    While Shopify Plus enables extra authorization options and lets you create an infinite number of staff accounts.

    Any team member may be granted access to your online shop, and your store admin gives you additional control over employee behavior.

    Segmenting Customers

    You get access to an extra feature called Advanced Segments with Shopify Plus. These enable you to create shopper groups that are easily customizable and are based on a variety of triggers, including purchases and cart contents. Additionally, you may add rules to a segment so that they get a particular message or with each interaction to create individualized experiences, promo codes, and advertising campaigns.

    Reporting and Analytics

    Using Shopify Plus’s comprehensive analytics and reporting features, you can measure important data like sales, traffic, and conversion rates. Additionally, it offers real-time data and insights that may be utilized to improve your shop’s efficiency.

    When does Switching from Shopify to Shopify Plus Make Sense?

    The size of your company, the operational areas where you should concentrate, and if it offers value for your customers will all influence the platform you choose. If your small to medium-sized company generates less than $800.000 annually in sales, you could still choose Shopify Advanced or one of the other less expensive choices.

    You might be better off selecting Shopify Plus with additional functionality if you are an enterprise-level company with more than $1 million in annual sales. This will ensure that you can scale effectively and promote growth.

    Even though the cost of Shopify Plus might be very costly, it is worthwhile if your business is bigger and needs the additional help that this enterprise plan can provide.