Developers in the UAE and a profitable purchase of the real estate

    Developers in the UAE and a profitable purchase of the real estate

    Developers in the UAE and a profitable purchase of the real estate

    The United Arab Emirates today has become one of the largest real estate markets – both residential and commercial. Numerous projects,from the best construction companies in Dubai attract a large number of foreign investors, especially since remote processing of transactions is well established in the UAE.

    Thanks to developers in the UAE, oasis cities have been created on the territory of the former desert: skyscrapers that go into the clouds, rich infrastructure, hi-end technology, and ideal beaches.

     UAE Government Developers

    The main share of the real estate market in the United Arab Emirates today belongs to state and semi-state developers – Nakheel, Emaar, Dubai Properties, and Meraas. Their projects are mainly located in Dubai – the main construction center in the UAE and the world stage. Developers are also active in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, and other countries within the framework of international projects.

    Emaar Properties

    Emaar Properties, founded in the UAE in 1997, has become the flagship in the construction of residential and commercial real estate in the country. Its main activity has been investing in construction projects in the Persian Gulf region, mainly in cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Initially, the company belonged exclusively to the state in the 2000s. The company went public with an IPO. In the international arena, the company became known for constructing the world’s largest shopping center Dubai Mall and the world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa. When building its original properties, Emaar Properties tries to equip the area with infrastructure as much as possible and provide buyers with maximum bonuses.

    A clear example of how the company increases the return on investment for its clients is the Emaar Beachfront project – in addition to a first-class private beach, it offers furnished apartments next to it, which the developer manages. Emaar Properties is developing Dubai Creek Harbor, an up-and-coming area with residential and commercial real estate in Dubai, a yacht club centered on The Tower (to surpass the height of Burj Khalifa), and a shopping and entertainment complex that will be larger than the Dubai Mall.

    Nakheel Properties

    Founded in 2000, real estate developer Nakheel is part of Dubai World, an investment company owned by the Government of Dubai. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, a ruling family member, is the chief executive officer. To ensure the efficient functioning of the developer’s activities, Nakheel Asset Management and Infrastructure were created – an asset management company that services any objects sold by Nakheel.

    Under the auspices of Nakheel, a whole series of legendary palm islands was created in Dubai: Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Deira, and The World’s artificial archipelago. The 52-story skyscraper The Palm Tower and the adjacent Nakheel Mall are also widely known. Beach projects The Palm Gateway and Palm West Beach are famous among investors. The residential twin towers of Dragon Towers in Dubai are part of Nakheel Properties’ ongoing expansion of the Dragon City project.

     Private Developers UAE

    In the Dubai real estate market, in addition to state-owned developers who build entire conceptual areas, there is also a place for private ones whose role in the local housing market is quite significant. Damac, Cayan, Bloom, MAG, Seven Tides, Ellington – this is a concise list of names that implement projects in the UAE.


    Damac has been shaping the luxury real estate market in the Middle East since 2002, offering iconic residential, commercial, and leisure properties across the region and beyond. The company has built over 29,000 facilities; another 35,000 are under construction. Well-known projects include Damac Hills Estates, Paramount, Cavalli, and Damac Maison.


    Cayan is a group of companies founded in 1998, which throughout this time, has proven its high competence and sustainability in the field of real estate. Cayan’s real estate development division has developed many apartments in Dubai, among which the most famous are Serenia Residence, Silverene, Infinity, Dorrabay Tower, La Residencia Del Mer, and others.

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    UAE: purchase from a developer or through an agency

    When looking for real estate in Dubai, you often face a dilemma: is it worth buying a property from a developer, or is it better to turn to independent real estate experts? In Dubai and the Emirates, 80% of the sales of leading developers are through certified real estate agencies, such as This is because the UAE is a relatively young country with a rapid pace of development. Many state, semi-state, and private developers in the country seek to convey information about their projects to the target audience using different advertising channels: banners, social networks, outdoor advertising, and establishing partnerships with certified agencies in the UAE.

    Thus, agencies with such agreements with the developer become their official distributors. The task of agents is to devote maximum time to the client, to discuss all the details related to the buying and selling process, and to help in the execution of the transaction, that is, to simplify the process of acquiring property in Dubai. And since developers in Dubai have too many applications to process them all, partner agencies implement proposals for a certain fee from developers, bringing them a steady volume of business. Therefore, customers of such companies have access to the best conditions to receive extremely advantageous offers.

    All this helps to maintain competition in the market and increase sales. Thanks to this algorithm, partner agencies do not charge a commission in the UAE. This is a direct sale, so the prices for the objects do not change, whether it is a purchase without the help of an agent or with it. When communicating with an agent, the buyer has another advantage: the realtor most often works with several developers so that he can give an objective picture of all offers. In addition, many agencies provide free after-sales services – assistance in making payments, managing, renting, etc. Therefore, the widespread opinion among buyers that if he does not use the services of an agent, then the price for the object will be lower is fundamentally wrong in the case of the UAE.