Do they speak English in Japan, Mexico, and Sweden?

Do they speak English in Japan, Mexico, and Sweden?

Do they speak English in Japan, Mexico, and Sweden?

English is a global language and proficiency varies in different countries. In Japan, around 30% of people speak English and only 10% can speak smoothie. In Sweden, English is more prevalent and about 90% of the population speak English as their native language. There are many hurdles that restrict Japanese from learning English, such as the huge gap of structure between Japanese and English languages. 

While in Mexico a minimum number of people about 10% can only speak English, of which 3%can speak excellently. This proficiency rate varies from country to country. However, now each country is making an effort to make their standards high in English proficiency because globally it is a language of communication. 

Do they speak English in Japan?

This topic is a controversial complex to discuss. Until the 19th century, Japanese people were afraid to learn English. However, Japanese has changed with changing times and now the people in Japan can speak English. According to an estimated figure, less than 30% of the Japanese population can speak English at some level. There are many hurdles that restrict Japanese from learning English, such as the huge gap of structure among Japanese and English languages. Among 10%, only 2% can speak English fluently at all levels. A visitors should not expect a high ratio of people speaking English in japan

Why were Japanese people not willing to learn English?

Until the 18-19th century, Japanese people were not in support of foreign languages. Only elite or professional people were able to speak. People shy away from speaking English unless it is very necessary to speak. The use of the English language was limited to tourism. 

The time changed, after the serious financial crisis and earthquake, the Japanese president promoted tourism and the English language in Japan. In 2019, despite the utmost efforts of the Japanese education ministry Japan attained 53rd position in global English proficiency. It was nearly equal to underdeveloped countries like Asian countries. It was a failure for the Japanese that was not good for their economic growth as well. Japanese took this failure seriously and promoted English to the next level through English Tv shows and advanced schools curriculum etc. Japanese people now realize the reality that to make a standard in a globalized world, English proficiency is compulsory. 

Is it hard for Japanese people to learn English?

Due to huge language differences between Japanese and English, it is very hard for them to learn English. This is not the only problem. The English language is also present in different accents like the British accent is different from American. Secondly, there is a huge grammatical difference between these two languages. Last but not least the pronunciation of English is very tough for Japanese as there are more native people than English speaking people. In Japanese schools, though English is a subject people learn it but do not practice it. The students learn English just for the sake of grades in exams. 

Should you learn Japanese before visiting japan?

If you are planning to visit Japan and you are an expert in English then it’s good to go for short trips. There are many professional people that can speak English and it will make your trip wonderful. One suggestion you should consider is that knowledge about the Japanese language will make it more perfect. 

What percentage of people speak English in Tokyo?

Tokyo is an English-friendly city in Japan. It sounds good for professionals, visitors and students. Tokyo is the only city in Japan in which the highest percentage of people can speak English smoothly. It’s not only limited to professionals but also the locals or other people who can speak English at any level. 

Best ways to English language education in Japan

English is a global language and all over the world communication occurs in English. But the bitter reality about Japanese society is that most people can’t speak it. However, considering the importance of the English language, Japanese are improving their education system to learn and practice English fluently.

  • English education system

Japanese people start learning English from their private schools. In most of the schools, native teachers teach English and help students to learn fast and eagerly. One disappointing fact about Japanese schools is that Japanese native teachers teach English and the students learn it as a subject course.

Most of the students who are willing to learn English at an expert level go to international schools. However, these schools are not affordable for every student. 

  • Hire an English tutor

If you are willing to learn English and want to visit any other country then you must hire an English tutor. It will cost you more but it will give you long-term benefits at a global level. The fee of the tutor depends upon the sessions. 

  • Online learning

If you are eager to learn and have the ability to learn it on your own then this is the most effective and cheap method to learn English. As hundreds of thousands of free online English courses are available.  If it burdens you and you can afford a tutor then you can also hire an online tutor. 

Do they speak English in Sweden?

Sweden is a well-known country for its high standards of living.  It is very famous for its high proficiency in English. According to the global English proficiency index, Sweden has the highest proficiency rate and is ranked number one. According to an estimation of 2012 around 86% of people are excellent in English and now, about 90% of the population can speak English very fluently.  Yes, it is a very good figure to estimate. This number has increased so much because the next generation is also learning English very fast. 

Should I learn Swedish to visit Sweden?

If the visitors want to visit Sweden surely it is good news for them that they can visit here without any language barrier as compared to other Asian countries and Japan. It is among the top-ranked countries in the world with English proficiency. Another bright side indicates that Swedes are also very accommodating and welcoming of tourists. It is not necessary for tourists to learn Swedish as many Swedes don’t even know about their own language. 

Why do Swedes speak English fluently?

  • English as a primary language 

English as a primary language in Sweden. They teach English from their primary school even the children learn to start from the age of 7. Due to this much exposure to English, it seems like their native language. 

  • English as score subject

English is not only a subject to learn but also a core subject and not an optional subject for the Sweden, the teaching system is different from other countries. They teach their students for a few hours per week that not only helps them to learn fast but also polish their skills. This is the reason that the proficiency rate in Sweden is much higher than in other countries following the old traditional methods of teaching. 

  • English tv-shows

Like other countries, Swedes don’t dub English talk shows, reality shows and cartoons to Swedes but show them in their real language. This rigorous training makes them more professional in English even at a younger age. 

Are Swedes happy to learn English?

It seems that Swedes don’t feel awkward to prefer the English language in their country. They know that English is globally important to strengthen their economy and flourish their businesses. 

How do they speak English in Mexico?

Mexico is one of the most popular destinations among tourists. Each year about 10 million people visit Mexico. Do Mexicans speak English fluently? Wee! The answer is no, about 10% of the people can speak English to any level and only 4% can speak smoothly.  90% of the population speak their native language. Spanish is the native language of Mexico and the people prefer their own language. This estimation shows that English is not a widely spoken language in Mexico. However, the people living near the US boundaries and in tourist areas can speak English to help the tourists.

Should I learn Spanish to visit Mexico?

If you want to visit Mexico for a short time it is not necessary for you to learn Spanish. English is more prevalent in the larger cities of Mexico. Each year around 10 million US tourists visit, to promote tourism these tourist areas are well-populated with English-speaking people. There is no need to worry about finding the place easily. Even if a person can not speak English then he will tell the other person who can explain to you in English.

What if you stay for a long term in Mexico?

If you want to stay in Mexico for a longer period of time then you should learn at least some basics of the Spanish language as it will make your stay more comfortable.

Reason to learn Spanish for long term stay:

if  you want to stay for a longer period of time it is essential to learn Spanish to perform the basic core

  • For a bank account:

If you want to open a bank account in Mexico there are very few chances that you can find English-speaking staff over there. To deal with the staff and to make payments easier Spanish will play an important role for you.

  • For rental home or apartment:

If you want to buy an apartment or book a home the contract will be in Spanish. If you don’t know about Spanish how can you deal with the contractor?  Otherwise, you may be scammed or charged higher by the contractor. 

  • Public transport:

On the train, you can find many people who can help you to catch a train. However, in buses the case is different. There are a huge number of people. You cannot find your destination if you don’t have a basic knowledge of Spanish.

Is it easy to learn English in Mexico?

Like other countries, Japan and Brazil, though English is a part of course work, it is not essential to learn and practice it in daily life. On the other hand, if you are from an elite family and can afford a tutor from the international school system then it’s a golden opportunity for you to learn English. 

Is English growing in Mexico?

English is a widely known language all over the world. Nearly all the business deals and communications take place in English. The Mexicans realize this reality and are now eager to learn English. According to an estimate, about 21% of the population is continuously learning the language.

Concluding remarks:

This article showed the proficiency level of different countries. Though English speaking people are present in every region though they are larger or smaller in number.  According to the Global English proficiency index, Sweden scored the highest position and ranked as number one in the past four years. They give importance to English more than their native language and they know the value of language worldwide. Japan scored the 54th position in this index case.

They give priority to their own language but after this failure, they realize the importance of English at a global level. The expertise of Mexicans to speak English is less than 10%. In spite of that in larger cities of Mexico, people can still speak English and help the tourists. English is not just a subject to study but also is an international language. The importance of English is increasing with changing times. It will ease you to get the best job opportunities, best study scholarships and also improve the quality of life.