Does Italy speak Spanish and English?

Does Italy speak Spanish and English?

Does Italy speak Spanish and English? | Which language is spoken in Italy

Italy happens to be more foreign language-friendly than America. English speakers are present in Italy but a low percentage.

However, people in Italy don’t speak Spanish mostly. Some people speak Spanish, either being dual citizens or learning it in school. If you’re the one thinking, “Does Italy speak Spanish and English,” the answer is yes. Still, Spanish is not practiced in Italy as English.

Percentage of English speakers in Italy: More than 33% of the population speaks English in Italy.

Percentage of Spanish speakers in Italy: More than 11% OF the population speaks Spanish in Italy.

English and Spanish speaking in Italy

Different languages are spoken around all over the world. Moreover, people are speaking different languages in the same country also. I will discuss how many people speak English and Spanish in Italy.

How widely is English spoken in Italy?

English is not practiced in Italy on a large scale. However, there is a decent percentage of English speakers in big cities like Milan, Florence, and Rome. In addition, I will not advise you to visit Italy without learning some basic Italian phrases at least.

Moreover, you cannot expect every person you meet to be an English speaker. Recent studies suggest that more than 33% can speak English in Italy. However, many of this one-third population are only Basic English speakers.

Moreover, the percentage of truly fluent English speakers is quite rare. That is why; I suggest you learn some basic Italian phrases before you visit Italy.

People don’t speak English except for the major cities that have a lot of travelers like Florence, Milan, and Rome. These are the major cities with good English speakers. You can find English speakers in such cities and can work with them. Moreover, the Italians are very friendly.

They will try to work with you, even in small cities where English speakers are rare. As a whole, only the big restaurants and high-end stores have English workers. People traveling a lot for work will probably speak it better, but don’t expect everyone to speak English while visiting the county.

Now, I will discuss the major cities of Italy with good English speakers.


This city has a higher level of English proficiency. one of the highest in the country. There are a lot of English-speaking tourists and students. You can easily communicate in English in this city.


People in Rome also speak English very well, especially the staff in restaurants, hotels, and tourist shops. However, waiters may speak only Basic English to take orders but not much more.


Like Florence, Milan also has a good number of English speakers. Moreover, it is an international business hub having educated people with good English skills.


The youth in Verona speaks English quite well and deals with touristy things such as cafes, hotels, and restaurants.


This city gets millions of English-speaking tourists each year. So, the English proficiency is good enough here. The hotel, restaurants, and museums staff can understand and speak English nicely. However, it would be best if you did not go deep into the conversations in English.


 Here the English proficiency is very low. You can speak English in a more prominent restaurant and hotel but not outside of this. Some menus may be in English. It would be best to learn some basic Italian when visiting Naples, because you may find it challenging to communicate in English there. Moreover, you have to speak Italian to deal with government paperwork, hospitals, police, and stations.

How widely is Spanish spoken in Italy?

Italians don’t speak Spanish. Only a low percentage of people in Italy speak basic Spanish. People who may talk to Spanish people are generally either travelers or dual citizens.

Percentage of Spanish speakers                   

 Studies have shown that only 11% of the population can speak Spanish in Italy.

Do Italians speak Spanish?

Many people believe that the Italians speak Spanish, but it is not a fact. Spanish speaking is rare in Italy. Children can learn Spanish in schools like German. Spanish speaking is very weak in Italy. However, there are similarities between the languages, yet they are not the same languages.

Also, the Italian language is easier than the Spanish language is. The Italians do not speak Spanish. You can commonly find people speaking English and German but not in Spanish. However, children can learn Spanish in schools. French and English are compulsory, and then you can choose Spanish, German, Russian, and Arabic.

Also, the Italians can understand the Spanish language because both the Italian and Spanish came from the same origin. Also, some Italians can speak Spanish. The Italian people are amiable, and they help the tourists. Italians love Spanish people and their accents. They also understand the Spanish language, and some can speak Spanish. Italians can speak Spanish, but they prefer speaking Italian over Spanish.

Similarities between Italian and Spanish language

Both languages are similar in many ways. They both came from Vulgar Latin. That is why both languages have so much in common Spanish and Italian share 81% similarities. For example, the word “Jardin” in Spanish and the word “Giardino” in Italian both mean “place.”

There are many similarities in both languages. But it doesn’t mean that the Italians will mix both languages. Instead, they speak Italian but can understand Spanish very well. I advise you to learn Italian before visiting Italy if you are Spanish. You can find people speaking English in Italy, but Spanish speaking is not common. Italians can understand Spanish if they speak slowly.

Can you speak Spanish in Italy?

Suppose you are planning to visit Italy, being Spanish. You may have trouble communicating with others. Moreover, only a few people speak Spanish in Italy. However, Italians understand Spanish because both are Latin languages. I advise you to learn some basic phrases of the Italian language to avoid any trouble.

Every 1 in 20 persons can speak Spanish. So, you have to learn Italian before going to Italy. A survey shows that people in Italy speak Italian, some can speak English, and very few can speak Spanish. In addition, the Italian and Spanish languages are pretty close.

Since both Spanish and Italian came from Latin, the vocabulary in both languages has the same roots.

Do Italians understand Spanish?

Yes, Italians can understand Spanish but not too quickly. One has to speak Spanish slowly in front of an Italian. Italian and Spanish are very close to each other in grammar and vocabulary.

Both languages have very much in common. Also, they share a lot of punctuation-wise, but Spanish is “monotone” while Spanish is “melodic .” Both languages have very much in common. For example, in Italian, a street is called “via,” while it’s “called” in Spanish. However, “via” exists in Spanish also but is less common.

Words that are the same but aren’t

Italian and Spanish sound and look similar, but if you plan to go to Italy by speaking Spanish, you will find out that certain words don’t have the same meaning. For example, words like “False Friends” exist in both languages but have different meanings. So, using them carelessly can create misunderstandings. Moreover, in Italian, “burro” means “butter” but “donkey” in Spanish.

In Spanish, “salir” means “to leave,” whereas this means “go up” in Italian. In addition, the two languages have major differences, yet the Italians can understand the Spanish language with little effort.

Many Spanish speakers who have traveled to Italy have spoken English with the Italians. But Italians can make conversations in Spanish to some extent. You should learn some basic phrases of the Italian language before visiting Italy if you are a Spanish speaker. Also, Spanish speakers can survive in Italy by speaking Spanish.

Is Italy a language-friendly country?

It seems that Italy is undoubtedly more foreign language-friendly than America. Moreover, Italian is the native language of Italy. Still, 33% of the population is English speaking. Spanish speakers are also there but are less than English speakers.

Is it good to speak English or Spanish in Italy?

Citizens in Italy are pretty familiar with English, which is the major foreign language in the country. Also, Italians can understand Spanish.

Is it fine to speak Spanish in Italy?

People who speak French or Spanish are considered the second language since they have Latin’s same grammar and structures. The Italians understand some basic words in Spanish.

Is English well-spoken in Italy?

Italians speak and understand English; around 33% of the Italian population speak English. However, in big cities like Florence, Rome, and Milan, there is good proof that many people speak English fluently.

Should you speak English or Spanish in Italy?

Many Italians have been studying English in universities. Also, it is one of the best languages in Italy. You can speak English in large cities like Rome, Florence, and Milan. However, Italians can also understand the Spanish language, but English is more common than Spanish.

If you are a Spanish speaker, I must say that you should learn Italian basic rules and phrases to avoid miscommunication. Also, if you are an English speaker, you should learn basic Italian phrases. However, you can speak English in large cities like Florence and Rome. Italians are very supportive people and friendly also. They will help you even if they cannot understand you.

Is Spanish common in Italy?

Spanish is less common in Italy as compared to English. Only 11% of the population speaks the basic Spanish language. On the other hand, around 33% of the population speaks English. English is very common in big cities in Italy. The restaurants, hotels, and hospitals staff can communicate in English but not in Spanish.

Do they speak Spanish in Rome?

Rome speaks Italian as an official language, and the locals speak English. Especially in restaurants, hotels, and other tourism-oriented places. They won’t speak the Spanish language until you make them do so. Italians can understand Spanish but don’t speak it mostly.

Do Italy and Spain speak the same language?

Both languages have come from the “Vulgar Latin” style, and they have much in common with some differences. The study shows an 82% similarity between Spanish and Italian. That’s why the Italians understand Spanish, but they don’t practice it.

Where can you find English speakers in Italy?

There are many English speakers living in Northern Italy. Moreover, it hosts more than a million foreigners every year. It is the only Italian region hosting foreigners on its own. Milan is one of the popular cities with many English speakers. Moreover, you can find English speakers in Florence and Rome also.

Can you learn Italian being Spanish?

Yes, you can add Italian to your French or Spanish background quickly. Because the Italian and Spanish cultures are pretty similar, anybody with little or no Spanish proficiency can learn and pronounce Italian easily.

Can you learn Italian being an English speaker?

Italian requires more time and effort to learn and is close to English. Off-course you can learn Italian even if you are an English speaker.

Is it good to speak English or Spanish in Italy?

Italy welcomes millions of foreigners every year. Most of the foreigners are English speakers. And some speak Spanish too. If you are an English speaker, you should visit Italy’s big cities such as Rome, Florence, and Milan because many English speakers are in these cities. However, you can also speak Spanish but not speak English.


Whether you are an English speaker or Spanish, you must learn Italian either way before visiting Italy. Northern Italian cities have the most English speakers. But speaking Spanish in Italy is rare. Although Italians can understand Spanish, they prefer Italian over the Spanish language. I advise you to learn basic Italian phrases before visiting Italy.