How Does a Cartoon Video Maker Help Improve Students’ Motivation During Online Classes? 


    How Does a Cartoon Video Maker Help Improve Students’ Motivation During Online Classes?

    If you just listen to something, there are high chances that you are likely to forget. The information will stick in your mind if you see a demonstration or vivid video. That is why a cartoon video maker is increasingly incorporated into today’s education. 

    Animated videos are becoming the norm, especially in e-learning. Are they helping students in any way? Well, they are becoming more motivated to learn than ever. In this article, we will reflect on how a cartoon video maker helps improve students’ motivation with an example of one of the greatest cartoon video makers—Doratoon. We will also highlight tips on how to use animation to keep up with the inspiration.

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    Doratoon— A Useful Tool for e-Learning Video Making

    Doratoon is a free online cartoon video maker that can help you easily create short animated videos for education. Accessing such a platform is easy since it’s web-based and all the tools are embedded. All you need is an account to get started. It has three main features, especially for educators in making e-Learning videos: 

    Easy Creation of Short Videos 

    In such a platform, you get numerous educational templates that will help you learn and get started. Therefore, using such a platform will help you create a video even when you are short of ideas. 

    More to that includes free images, animated characters, and various ways to add texts and subtitles to your video. You can also convert text into speech, and everything else you would like to include in the scenes is a matter of dragging and dropping. 

    So, creating a 5-10 minute video explaining a concept will not be hard for the teacher or the students involved in the creation process. 

    Ability to Add Class Materials 

    The animated videos can have more materials from the class. That will help the students associate the video content with what is in the notes and other illustrations. If you have photos, video clips, or PPT files that you would like to include, that is possible. 

    Doratoon will help you quickly since it accepts files in multiple formats and has ample cloud-based storage. Integrating class material and the cartoon video is a great way to help students understand, visualize and apply. 

    Ability to Share Easily 

    Students can access cartoon videos on their designated online learning platform. If getting there is impossible due to school regulations and protocols, sharing the cartoon video using other channels is easier. 

    With Doratoon, for example, you can share the video on Facebook or Twitter directly. You can also send a link to the students or download and upload it on a preferred platform. Students accessing such learning material via their favorite channels don’t need to struggle much to get the same content elsewhere. 

    The motivation here is that the students can learn more by getting the cartoon video content on platforms at their fingertips. 

    How a Cartoon Video Maker like Doratoon Improves Students’ How Does a Cartoon Video Maker Help Improve Students’ Motivation During Online Classes? 

    Motivation in Online Classes 

    Cartoon videos will directly affect how students absorb information. Reading long texts is boring after a few minutes. So, integrating it with cartoon video content can help understand the details better. 

    If you use a cartoon creator to create a video for teaching, here is how it will help the students as they undertake online lessons. 

    Cartoon Videos Explain It Better 

    As a teacher, explaining something to students for hours is quite annoying, and they still don’t get it. So, it’s much better if they get a visual of what’s happening. A 10-minute video, at such a point, will be much better than the ten pages of content you are trying to explain. 

    When students try to imagine based on the words, it’s hard to understand, and every brain will have its way of digesting the information. If you have a video guideline, the message is more likely to spread the same way and be understood using a similar conceptualization. 

    Boosting the Concentration 

    The millennial generation contains brains with concentration barely below what a goldfish can keep. They say that a goldfish has a 9-second memory span, and those in the current age can only concentrate for eight seconds. 

    That goes to the books and written material, though. When it comes to the videos, these young ones will stick to them like glue and tell you about it once it’s over. There is still more in the books, but better learning can be done using that cartoon video maker. 

    Animations are fun to watch; more people can relate to them as they see what’s in there. So, instead of preparing long PPT slides for better understanding, you can convert them to cartoon videos or create the videos from scratch using solutions like Doratoon. 

    Tips For Making Cartoon Videos that Motivate Students 

    You now know how a cartoon video maker will improve the learning experience. Here are a few tips to ensure that the cartoon video delivers the message in the best way possible. 

    Create Great Video Designs 

    As you create the videos, be as creative as possible where necessary. Simple lines with no coloring will make it look dull too. So, make something captivating to ensure the interest sticks to the end. 

    In complex matters, though, you can choose to keep it simple. A few colors will help distinguish points, but don’t overdo it if it’s a natural event under explanation or something in that category. 

    Avoid too Much Writing 

    This is why there are voiceovers. You can include better audio and subtitles to help explain the information. However, stick to the drawings and cartoons when creating the video. 

    We suggested earlier that concentration span is reducing, so why should you include too much text in a 10-minute video? The text is much better when animated and appears in a few video sections. 

    Make it Fun If Need Be 

    We understand that students are learning, and they need to be in serious mode. On the other hand, a little humor will spice things up to avoid being dull all through. If you are teaching young students, this is a crucial point that will help them grasp the concept. 

    You should, however, avoid fun when creating videos related to things like harassment, types of illnesses, and other topics that make people emotional.

    Final Thoughts 

    Since a cartoon video maker can motivate students as they learn online, using one in school is recommendable. If you are also an educator who would like to use videos online, that is also possible. 

    With such reasons to motivate the learners, why not use a solution like Doratoon to make quick videos? It’s web-based, which means easy access and allows you to share easily with other online class platforms. Have a try on it, and let it spice up your class!