How to create a great design for a fintech app?

    How to create a great design for a fintech app?

    How to create a great design for a fintech app?

    The financial services industry is undergoing tremendous transformations at the present. Others describe them as revolutionary. Financial technology, or fintech, is driving the industry’s growth. The entire industry has evolved significantly, and financial services are now more accessible. Orders can be placed at any time of day or night. Businesses compete intensely against one another, competing for the same client. Excellent ui design may be an excellent marketing tool for such businesses.

    And now, to be in trend, you need the right UI for your app. While creating financial apps, UI/UX should be as clear and straightforward as feasible. Certainly, the financial world will never be this simple, therefore your duty is to simplify whatever you can. So, what exactly is fintech app ui design, and what are the pitfalls?

    Where to begin

    Consider yourself a user of the app. Recall your personal experience interacting with financial institution staff, and go over it in your mind. You must identify yourself and ask for the service you desire. Mental immersion will point you in the proper way and provide you with project development ideas.

    Personalization matters

    Companies are trying to be closer to customers: they switch to more personal communication, communicate in a simple and understandable language, are interested in their preferences, and emojis are more common in chats. All this morally brings the company and the user closer. Banks are moving away from standard surveys to more informal methods: “Hi! How are you? Further questions are asked in a conversational form: “Can you please select the type of your government ID Card?”.

    Don’t forget the Functionality

    It is not enough to develop a beautiful design. The functionality of the app should be the highest priority. Don’t forget to test the app before launch. The design should be cross-platform and adaptive so that it looks great both on the screen of a stationary PC and on a mobile device: phone, or tablet with any screen resolution.

    The user needs information, not a quest!

    User experience directly depends on the quality of navigation. It should be light and comfortable. This is one of the key aspects of usability. By presenting users with an app with unorganized navigation, you are suggesting that they get to their destination through foggy terrain without any signs. This is not an easy road, and “travelers” might easily become lost along the way. You must deliver information to users rather than a “how to acquire the appropriate data” quest. As a result, the customer simply switches to a rival.

    So that you can simply discover anything you need, navigation should be as straightforward as possible. For navigation, use simple and concise category names. Customers value quick service in this day and age of high-speed technology. So give it to your clients! Furthermore, an app with well-organized navigation appears neater, more attractive, and more professional.

    Fintech app design contributes to brand building

    The work of a designer helps a company increase brand awareness. When developing a design, a logo, corporate colors, and special fonts are used as elements of the company’s corporate identity. Companies make great efforts to make the brand memorable. Professional designers are able to create a product that is consistent with the style of the company, which will ultimately increase the level of brand identity.

    Great design creates the right mood

    A well-designed design creates the right mood for the client. The app has the potential to convey positive emotions to visitors, improving the quality of user experience. If you can handle this challenge, you can create a great fintech design.

    How to fit everything on a small screen?

    Packing many bank alternatives into a single app is one of the most difficult tasks when designing an app. While designing a control panel, both quality design and utility are equally crucial. A control panel is an excellent approach to gathering all the information you want on a single screen. Registration on the resource is required to have access, and then everyone may log into their account to have all the essential data at their fingertips: recent transactions, statistics, and more.

    It is not simple to create a control panel that is user-friendly for mobile users. Filters can be added to make it easier to sort information.

    For easy perception, all means are good

    Companies are now doing everything to provide information for users in the most convenient way. They are ready to “chew” any information for them if they want to convey it to the end consumer. For this purpose, graphics are actively used in apps: charts, pictures, infographics, and other types of visualization.

    The goal is not only to attract potential customers but also in a convenient format for outreach, especially when a startup brings a new product to the market that the public is not yet familiar with.

    Fintech project must inspire confidence

    When you create an app for a fintech project that does not have a physical representation, you need to provide as much useful information as possible so that users understand what it is about without contacting support or the help section. The description should proceed from the principle of maximum transparency in order to inspire confidence in the user.

    Minimalism is the last word in design

    Simplicity has become one of the latest design trends. Apps remove all unnecessary from their pages so that customers are not distracted by unnecessary details. Users like apps that emphasize space. This option is also good because it is convenient when creating an adaptive environment. A simple design also improves page loading speed.

    There are other details worth noting:

    • Unique typography is part of brand identification. Beautiful typography refreshes the app page. This eye-catching detail invites the visitor to explore the content.
    • Icons, specially designed for the app, significantly improve the appearance of the resource and give the app an advantage over other apps.

    When designing, pay attention to all these tips. They will help you create a great design for a fintech project.