How to Write a Dedication for a Thesis or Dissertation


How to Write a Dedication for a Thesis or Dissertation

Most thesis papers and book manuscripts call for a section where you dedicate your writing to a particular person. Therefore, you should write a dedication part for that paper, regardless of whether you are composing a book, a thesis, a dissertation, a research paper, or just a project report.

The dedication part is when the author acknowledges or expresses their gratitude to individuals who have inspired them or helped them while they were writing their book, research paper, or report. Usually, it can be found at the start of a book or report.

What Does the Dedication Actually Accomplish and What Does It Mean?

The dedication page of most works and books includes a quote from another work or a personal note to someone who has or has played a significant role in the author’s life. The same idea also holds for academic writing. You can see from various dissertation dedication examples that students often acknowledge or credit someone who has encouraged them or helped them at some time in their lives.

Whom to dedicate in the Dedication Section?

You are free to pick anybody you wish to dedicate to your work. Typically, a dedication portion is brief and focuses on just one individual (or specific group of people). A dedication section is typically more of a personal choice than a professional one.

  • You can mention the following in your thesis or writing:
  • Family Members of Yours (spouse, children, siblings, parents).
  • Your Friends.
  • People who are mentioned in or have been influenced by the book.
  • People in your life that have inspired or supported you that you want to highlight in some way.

Tips For Writing an exemplary Dedication for Thesis or Dissertation

You must make the difficult choice of dedicating the result of all your work when you have finally finished the challenging but lovely process of producing a book, short story, dissertation, etc. Here are some valuable tips to help you write a dedication page and ease nervousness.

Selecting someone.

The hardest part of creating your front matter is deciding to who you want to dedicate it. It might be the phase of the process that is the most challenging for some writers. Consider the process you went through and the people who helped you get through it when deciding to dedicate your essay.

Naming names.

You must choose how you will name the person(s) for whom you will write your dedication after deciding to whom you will dedicate it. You will decide how to proceed based on your preferences and what is suitable given your relationship with that person. The identification can be formal or informal.

Addressing the dedication.

Your dedication can be addressed in a variety of ways. For example, you could begin your dedication by stating, “I dedicate this book to…”, “This thesis work is dedicated to…”, “To:…”, “For:…”, or start writing without using a formal greeting. Even though there is no formal address, it should be on its page so that everyone would understand that it is a dedication page. 

The address will be appropriate if you take into account the person you have decided to dedicate your work to, your character, and the formality of your relationship.

Make it crisp.

The majority of dedications made by students for their thesis or dissertation are only four to five lines long. A dissertation’s dedication is always short and direct. Only give a small list of people who helped you with the writing. The reason for this is that you have the opportunity to discuss their contribution to your thesis paper in the acknowledgments section.

Dedication Examples for Thesis or DissertationHow to Write a Dedication for a Thesis or Dissertation

Dedication Example 1

I dedicate this work to God Almighty, my creator, constant supporter, and wellspring of understanding, understanding, and wisdom. Throughout this program, He has been my source of strength, and I have only been able to fly on His wings. 

I also dedicate this thesis to my husband, Owen Juha, who has supported me every step of the way and whose support has ensured that I put forth all of my effort to complete what I have started. To my kids Charisa, Joel, and Sophia (Babe), who have all been affected by my journey in various ways. I’m grateful. There is no way to put a number on my affection for you. God be with you.

Dedication Example 2

I dedicate this dissertation as a tribute to my numerous friends and family. I am incredibly grateful to my loving parents, Robert and Louise Johnson, whose inspiration and drive for persistence continue reverberating in my ears. My sisters Katie, Linda, and Rhonda are treasured and have never left my side. I also dedicate this dissertation to my close friends and church family for their help and encouragement during the writing process.

I dedicate this work to my best friend, Nelson L. Fennings, and my beautiful daughter, Cimone, for supporting me throughout my entire doctoral degree. I express my sincere gratitude to them both. You two have been my most incredible supporters.

Dedication Example 3

This thesis is dedicated to my dear people who have meant and still mean the world to me. Even though they are no longer among us, I still live by their memories of them. To my paternal grandpa Kayode Seydou, who taught me the value of hard work and whose love for me knew no bounds. I appreciate that, paa, and I won’t ever forget you. The following person is my maternal grandmother Diariyatou “Mary” Hamady, who raised me, loved me, and helped me learn how to speak my native Pulaar. Unfortunately, I could never fulfill my vow to send her on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Dedication Example 4

My work is entirely dedicated to my devoted parents and much-loved wife, whose unwavering support made this thesis paper feasible. They always inspire me. In addition, I want to thank my thoughtful siblings, whose guidance was beneficial for my thesis.


A book, thesis, or dissertation dedication is typically a sentence at the start of the document expressing gratitude to someone for their inspiration or assistance. It’s a brief but very personal message.