How To Write An Alt-J Song?

How To Write An Alt-J Song?

How To Write An Alt-J Song?

Alt-J is a band famous for its distinctive style and sound, mixing elements of folk, indie rock, and electronic to produce music that is distinct in its appeal to the broad spectrum of listeners. In this article, I’ll take you through the essential elements of AltJ’s style and offer suggestions for writing your AltJ-inspired track.

Before we begin, we must remember that there’s no standard method to write the perfect Alt-J track. The band’s style is distinguished by its unpredictability and experimental style. Therefore, you can employ various methods when creating your song. But, some fundamental elements often be found in Alt-J music and can be a good reference when you start writing your track.

  • Begin with a catchy tune.

One of the most distinctive features of Alt-J’s music is its use of complex and unusual melodies. They frequently employ unusual chord progressions and astonishing harmonies to create a captivating and emotionally powerful sound. If you’re trying to write an Alt-J-influenced song, begin by playing with various melody and chord progressions until you come up with something distinctive and captivating.

Remember that Alt-J typically employs asymmetrical timing signatures in their music, like 5/4 or 7/8. These can cause a feeling of uncertainty and tension. So if you’re comfortable using the time signatures mentioned above, consider using them in your music to give it a distinct and unique feeling.

  • Play around with various instruments and sounds.

Alt-J is well-known because of its vast array of instruments and different textures throughout its compositions. They usually incorporate elements from folk music, like banjo and acoustic guitar, and electronic effects and textures. If you’re planning to write an Alt-J-inspired track, do not hesitate to try different instruments and sounds to create a unique soundscape.

One technique Alt-J typically employs is to layer different sounds and textures over each creating a thick and intricate sound. Try layering various sounds and effects within your track for a full and rich sound that draws listeners into it.

  • Make lyrics with poetic appeal and inspiration.

Alt-J’s lyrics are renowned for their poetic, evocative quality, often drawing upon images and literary references to convey depth and significance. So if you’re trying to compose lyrics inspired by Alt-J, concentrate on creating significant and poetic lyrics.

One method that Alt-J frequently employs is using repeated imagery and repetition to generate an emotional resonance. You can experiment with different types of imagery and repetition for your song lyrics to give your lyrics a sense of profundity and meaning.

  • Make use of dynamic forces to create tension, and let go

The music of Alt-J often has dramatic shifts in the volume and intensity of the music. It creates a sense of tension and release that keeps the listener on edge. If you plan to compose an alt-J-inspired track, consider using dynamic shifts in your song to generate excitement and drama.

One technique Alt-J typically employs is abrupt changes in intensity and volume, like switching from a calm, contemplative section to a loud, explosive chorus. You can experiment with various dynamic shifts in your music to build a feeling of stress and release.

  • Do not be scared to risk it and try new things.

The most significant aspect of the music of Alt-J is the willingness of their band to try new things and try out various styles and sounds. So if you plan to compose an alt-J-inspired track, do not be afraid to challenge the boundaries and experiment with something different.


The British indie-rock group Alt-J has established an impression through its unique and innovative music. The band’s sound blends elements from hip-hop, folk electronic indie dub, and an experimental choral style.

After releasing the album, they first released in the group received numerous awards, including their first Mercury Prize. Their sophomore album, It Is All Yours, was released in September and climbed to the top of the UK album charts.

Their songs cross the lines between adolescent sadness and romantic love. In addition, they tend to be post-modern in their references to historical events and pop-culture topics. One of the band’s most famous tracks is ‘Taro,’ which recounts the death of photographer Robert Capa. The track includes a female vocalist and a dedication to Gerda Taro, Capa’s beloved name.

They’ve been compared with groups such as Radiohead and Grizzly Bear, but their songs are distinct. They’re more intricate and complex than their peers.

This is all due to their unique approach to composing their songs that blend traditional indie-rock and experiment. They use a wide range and variety of electronic instruments, like synths and synthesizers. This aids them in creating an intriguing and captivating sound.

The Alt-J’s members Alt-J comprise Joe Newman (guitar/vocals), Thom Sonny Green (drums), Gus Uger-Hamilton (keyboards/vocals), and, before that, Gwil Sainsbury (guitar/bass). They met while at Leeds University and started playing music with each other.

In the year of their debut album, 2012, they received the Mercury Prize and became one of the most well-known and influential bands around the globe. With their follow-up album entitled The Album That Is All Yours, they have further established their reputation as a top indie rock group.


The "how to write an alt-J song" guys… from AltJ

Writing a song is arduous and can be intimidating for many novices. However, with the proper guidance, it’s possible to begin with, your own. In this course, we’ll review some of the fundamentals of guitar songwriting, beginning with a basic chord progression and then learning to use your voice to bring it to life.

Before you can compose any type of song on guitar, you must clearly understand the message you wish to convey. The best method to accomplish this is to get yourself with the paper blank, writing two to three paragraphs. After that, you can choose an easy chord progression compatible with your written words.

It is also possible to experiment with various combinations of chords you’ve learned in the first step. This will enable you to control how your song develops to ensure that you have more fun with it.

Another approach to thinking about when you write an original song is to choose an idea you like and make it into a song. This is a fantastic option to make a memorable tune and is more enjoyable than trying to think of an original idea.

If you’re looking to make more fun of your music, you can try using a capo when playing the guitar. This will let you add additional textures and sounds.

To achieve the best sound, you’ll require an effective recording system. This is particularly important for acoustic guitars and vocals. In addition, choosing the perfect mix of microphones and instruments is essential to ensure the final track is well-received by those who listen to it.


The bass plays an essential part in the musicality of an alt-tune. It assists in building an effective rhythmic feeling and creates a solid foundation for the keys and drums. With a range of techniques, it is possible to create an original bass line that blends well with the other band members.

There are various ways to play bass lines, and one of the most crucial things you can do is listen to the beat that the drummer is doing. This will allow you to understand how to keep the beat and help you get your bass to sound natural and smooth.

Additionally, you can use a technique known as rimshot to add more quality and depth to your bass. It is a technique that involves simultaneously hitting the head and rim of the drum. The shaft’s tip hits the head while the shaft strikes the rim. This produces an extremely loud and loud sound.

Another method of adding an extra dimension to your bass is to include offbeats in your pattern. This may be a bit more complicated, but it could enhance the bass’s sound.

In addition, you can use sidechain compression to give some space to your bass. This is an excellent option for your bass to have a new dimension and increase its power without overwhelming the kick drum.

The bass is often ignored in contemporary music. However, it can have a huge influence on the way your music is heard. If you’re creative and have some practice, it is possible to create your unique bass line, which will be perfect for your music. It’s a great and rewarding experience, but do not be afraid to try different ideas to ensure you’re constantly making your bass sound your highest quality!

DrumsPexels Josh Sorenson 995301

If you listen to the drums of a drummer, it’s easy to become enthusiastic about what they’re doing. Drums make a loud sound, and you can do a lot using drums.

It’s recommended to begin by listening to various drumming styles. Each has distinct rhythms and patterns. In addition, Reggae, rock, funk, and various other genres have distinct rhythms vital for the musical.

Listening to the different kinds of cymbals and snares is also important. They are essential because they can assist in creating distinctive sounds on your drums.

If you’re new to the game, practice the below songs and then practice for a few minutes every day. Soon, you’ll be able to master what it takes to play tunes by yourself and will figure out which cymbal or snare is the most suitable for you!

Alt-J is a group that has made lots of noise in the past couple of years. They’ve released several albums and also received an award called the Mercury Prize award.

The trio has been mixing folktronica with an electronic edge since their debut album in 2012, “An Awesome Wave.” With their most recent album, “The Dream,” they’ve sought to balance their extremes and explore new directions without changing their trademark sound.

In the lead single, ‘U&ME”, for instance, you’ll hear traditional altj-style sounds like singing and percussion, enhanced by sfx. However, the edges are softened as opposed to the normal.

In the same way, you should look into “Drum of Orfeo,” an album that’s not just a fantastic drum track but also a great lesson on how to incorporate percussion into the context of composing music. It’s an amazing piece that helps you move from one percussion group to another. In addition, it is a great method to find inspiration to improve your snare playing.


Alt-J is an English alt-J indie group from England that has an original way of making music. It’s a bizarre mix of absurdly bizarre and deeply satisfying. This is why they’ve become well-known, and their critics hate them.

Suppose you’ve ever listened to them or witnessed them live. In that case, you’ll be aware that their songs are brimming with many pop culture references and bizarre musical oddities. This is exactly what distinguishes them from other indie bands, connecting the indie past with the future.

In their latest album, The Dream, they reduced some of their musical quirkiness but brought a new richness to their songs. They take on COVID, cryptocurrency, and cocaine – and some murders with a unique style that is more inclined to stay with their songwriting concepts as it was previously.

On the album, they experiment with more distinct genres like folk and blues but sound like a band that isn’t just themselves. In the end, the songs are more encompassing and enjoyable than ever.

They’re not the arrogance of a one-man band; however, they’re aware of their philosophy and ensure that they are doing everything themselves. This is why the debut of their band, An Awesome Wave, is an incredible example of what it takes to create music by yourself.

It’s the reason why the band’s fourth album, The Dream, is an incredibly groundbreaking record for among the decade’s most bizarre successes. It’s more patient than their previous records but offers the same kind of strangeness and richness.


What are the key elements of an Alt-J song?

Alt-J songs typically feature intricate arrangements, unique vocal harmonies, and a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments. Lyrics often reference literature, mythology, and other esoteric topics.

How do you come up with ideas for an Alt-J song?

Alt-J’s music is known for its eclectic mix of influences and sources of inspiration. Songwriters can draw inspiration from literature, mythology, personal experiences, and other forms of art to create something truly unique.

How do you write lyrics for an Alt-J song?

Alt-J’s lyrics often feature complex wordplay and allusions to literature and mythology. Songwriters can start by researching these topics and drawing inspiration from their own experiences and emotions.

How do you incorporate electronic and acoustic elements into an Alt-J song?

Alt-J’s music often features a mix of electronic and acoustic instruments, creating a unique blend of sounds. Songwriters can experiment with different combinations of instruments and effects to create a distinctive sound.

How do you create the vocal harmonies in an Alt-J song?

Alt-J’s vocal harmonies are an important part of their sound. Songwriters can experiment with different vocal melodies and harmonies to create a rich and layered sound.

What are some tips for producing an Alt-J song?

Alt-J songs are known for their intricate arrangements and unique sound. Producers can experiment with different textures, effects, and production techniques to create a distinctive and immersive listening experience. Collaboration with other musicians and songwriters can also help bring new ideas and perspectives to the creative process.