How To Write An Authorization Letter?

How To Write An Authorization Letter

How To Write An Authorization Letter

Authorization is the act of delegating authority. An authorization letter is generally issued to prove that the individual is authorized to do something on behalf of another. In this article, we’ll discuss the format of authorization letters and look over several examples of authorization letters to provide a reference.

What Is An Authorization Letter?

An authorization letter, also called an authorization letter, is a formal and legally binding document that allows an uninvolved third person to perform a task on behalf of the person who wrote the letter. Simply put, you give someone legal authority to perform in your name. When you authorize this, you are accountable directly for the actions that take place, which is why you should always authorize an individual you are confident in.

An authorization letter is essential in educational, business, and banking scenarios. For example, suppose an individual cannot pay his fees or essential documents because they are absent or sick at present or absent. In that case, he could authorize someone in his trust to submit to him.

Guidelines To Write An Authorization Letter?

  • The authority letters are official documents that should be properly signed and typed rather than written in handwriting to be more persuasive and provide evidence.
  • The letter must be composed in a professional tone. Keep it professional and friendly when creating a business-related letter.
  • Start by creating your name and address on the left-hand edge of your page. This is then written the date on which the letter was sent.
  • Instead of being insistent and threatening, your tone should be authoritative. For instance, instead of declaring, “Jack will execute my duties,” you state, “I at this moment give authorization to Jack to perform XYZ duty on my behalf.”
  • The body of your letter should be concise and straight to the point. Do not go on and discuss the reasons for your absence. Make your case concise, not more than 3-4 lines. Don’t get too personal.
  • Make sure to mention a call to action. If something does go incorrectly, be sure to include your contact details in the note. Be aware that you remain responsible even after you have distributed the responsibility.

Format For An Authorization LetterPexels Karolina Grabowska 5387258

The format and method for writing an authorization note are identical to any other letter. Additionally, the authorization letter should contain precise details regarding the person who has to be authorized, along with instructions for mailing the required documents to the right person.


Recipient’s Full Name

Recipient’s Address



The body of the letter: Define the reason for the authorization and to whom the authorization is granted. Include specifics that will reassure readers that you write this letter. To make it clearer, include numbers and numbers. Also, specify the tasks the person is taking on your behalf. This will prevent agents from losing their power or performing more or less than they can.

Complimentary Closing

Sender’s Full Name


Sample 1 – Authorization Letter For Bank Account Access


The Manager

Bank Name



Dear Sir/Madam,

(your name) at this moment declare that (your name) I at this moment confirm that (name of the individual who is authorized), my brother, has been authorized to handle the account for me for the duration of my stay living in the United States for office work.

I appreciate the bank’s help collaborating with my family to resolve the issue. The (account number.) associated with (account the holder’s name) is currently containing (Amount). (Account no.) is a savings bank account that I opened three years ago.

All required documentation and ID proofs will be enclosed along with the letter. You are welcome to contact me at my telephone number (mobile number) for clarification.

Yours Sincerely,

Your name is


Sample 2 – Authorization Letter To Collect Documents






Dear Sir/Madam,

(Name of the Authorizer) (Name of Authorizer) I am writing to authorize (Name of the Authorized) to take my car Registration in my name since I cannot collect it due to hospitalization and illness. My driver’s license is number _______, and the identification card’s number (Name of the Authorized) is _______.

I thank you for your consideration in this respect. The letter will be in effect until I notify you of the contrary. You are invited to contact me should you require additional clarification.

Yours Sincerely,

Your name is


Sample 3 – Authorization Letter to Collect Certificates


The Manager

MGM College

Navi Mumbai

10th July 2022

Subject: Authorization to Collect Certificates

Jimmy D’Souza, Jimmy D’Souza, authorize Sam to be my representative and take my Class 10 and Class 12 marks sheets as well as my UG Degree Certificate along with the transfer certificate on my behalf since I’m out of town and won’t be able to personally attend to the collection of these documents by the time of the due date. The attached documents will assist in identifying the person who is authorized who is coming to take the certificates.

This letter is in effect till further notification is issued.

Your assistance and cooperation are greatly appreciated. I can be reached via telephone or email if you need any clarification.

Phone – 9573XXXXXX

Email –

Yours loyally,

Jimmy D’Souza



What is a letter of authorization?

A letter of authorization is a legal document that gives someone else permission to act on your behalf in a particular situation. This includes giving someone permission to receive medical care, signing legal documents, or accessing your personal information or property.

Who can write a letter of authorization?

Anybody can compose an approval letter, for however long they are legitimately approved to do as such. This typically includes the authorized individual or entity, such as a physician or legal representative.

What information should an authorization letter contain?

The action or decision that is being authorized, as well as any pertinent dates or deadlines, should be clearly stated in an authorization letter. The authorization holder’s name and contact information should also be included in the letter, as should the authorization’s duration and any restrictions or conditions.

Is notarization required for authorization letters?

An authorization letter does not always need to be notarized; however, depending on the specifics of the authorization, this may be necessary. Notarization may be required, for instance, if the letter grants authorization for a financial or legal matter.

Can an authorization letter be revoked?

By sending written notice to the authorized party, you are able to revoke an authorization letter at any time. In the revocation notice, be sure to include the date and any pertinent information about the initial authorization.

How should an authorization letter be formatted?

A professional and respectful tone should be used when writing an authorization letter. It should also include a clear and concise statement of the authorization and any necessary information, like dates and contact information. Before sending the letter, carefully proofread it.