How To Write GPA On Resume?

How To Write GPA On Resume?

How To Write GPA On Resume?

In most cases, write your GPA in the following format: GPA 3.5. If you list your major GPA rather than your overall GPA, label it clearly. It is possible to list your major and overall GPA when they’re both exceptional. If you’re listing your GPA alongside honors, put it inside the brackets.

How To Calculate An Average GPA?

Every grade you earn, whether numerical, the letter grade system, or a percentage system, is an individual quality point. Quality points are nearly always on the 4.0 scale ranging from 0 to 4 (or more than 4). The highest score you can receive (A 10, 5 100%, ten, etc.) is the top number on the scale.

For instance, in the US, an A is the most prestigious grade you could receive in your class. It is based on your school; an A can be equal to 4 or equal to the multiple of 4 (e.g., 8 or 16). When you complete one or two classes, the points are added together and then divided by the total number of credits from all the classes you have taken. The number you receive is your grade point average.

Let’s look at a student’s example to clarify the pointr. Let’s say you are taking three classes: Biology (2 credits), Mathematical (2 credits), and English (3 credits). Your marks are:

  • Biology C (C is 2.0 on the GPA scale)
  • Mathematics A (B B is 3.0 according to the GPA scale)
  • English (A) (A A is 4.0 on the GPA scale)

If we divide the grade you received by the number of credits required for each class, we can see that you earned four grade points for Biology 6, 6 for Mathematics, in addition to 12-grade points, for English. In total, 22-grade points. To calculate your GPA average, we will divide the grade point total by the total credit hours of the courses you attended (2+2+3=7). Your GPA is 3.14.

Should I Put My GPA On My Resume?

The First Thing To Note:

Make sure to include the GPA on your resume is not required. In most cases, it is at a minimum.

This being said,

Add Your GPA To The Resume:

  • If the employer wants it.
  • If it’s 3.5 or greater If it was 3.5 or higher,
  • You’re seeking your first position. You’re applying for your first job
  • You completed your degree within the last two years.


The first one is fairly self-explanatory. If your employer asks to provide the details of your GPAs (or transcripts or test results and so on.), they must be provided.

If your grade is 3.5 or greater (on a scale of 4 points), you should include it on your resume.

If your work experience is lacking, some employers may consider your GPA a performance indicator.

Some might have a question: Do I need to put a 3.44 GPA in my CV? Can you also add the GPA on the resume?


We do not suggest rounding your GPA on your resume. It’s not up or down.

Instead, put your GPA on your resume in the same way as it was.


If the hiring manager notices an inconsistency between your academic and resume, you must explain why.

This might not be comfy.


If, for any reason, your GPA contains three decimal numbers, you can simply reduce the third one. It’s the safest option.

Here’s How It Is Done:

If you have a 3.443 GPA on your transcript, make it 3.44.


Rounding up can be a problem. In the end, why not just round from 3.7 up to 4.0? Do you see the point?

Truth is revealed:

You only need to flip the variables in the previous section to get the solution.


Don’t List A GPA On A Resume:

  • If the employer isn’t requesting it, it will be denied.
  • If it was less than 3.5 or 3.5
  • You’re not looking for your first job or
  • You graduated between 2 and 3 years back.

We’ll break this down quickly.

Announcing the GPA on your resume isn’t required. Likewise, if an employer does not request it, you’re not obligated to list it.

If the GPA of your student is less than 3.5, It’s not something to boast about. Sorry.

If You Have Previously Worked Experience, It Is Much More Than Your Academics.


In the above paragraph, If your professional background isn’t impressive, the GPA can be an extra performance indicator.

Yet at the same employers are aware of the effects of inflation on grades and pay more attention to factors other than your grades.

Here’s How It Works:

You can include the GPA of your chosen major.

You may use your primary GPA instead if it’s greater than your overall GPA.

If your total GPA and your major GPA are comparable, consider adding both. Make sure to label them in the same way, however.

You can also include your GPA right into your résu

GPA On A Resume–Examples


2009 MA in English Literature

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

GPA 3.8

2009 MA in English Literature

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Overall GPA 3.74 | Major GPA 4.0

It can be included in a dedicated section for achievements and awards.

This method of placing the GPA on your resume is good if you have other accomplishments.

Me education section.

This is the best option if you’re GPA represents the most important academic accomplishment you’d like to showcase in your CV.


What is a GPA?

A student’s academic performance is represented numerically by their GPA, which stands for Grade Point Average. Most of the time, it is calculated on a scale from 0 to 4, with higher numbers indicating higher grades.

Should I put my grade point average on my resume?

If you are a recent graduate with little work experience or have a high GPA that is relevant to the position you are applying for, including it on your resume can be helpful. However, it might be preferable to skip it if you have a low grade point average or a lot of work experience.

Where do I put my grade point average on my resume?

If you want to include your grade point average on your resume, you can put it under your degree or on a separate line in the education section. If necessary, you can also include it in your summary or objective statement.

How should my GPA be formatted on my resume?

Include both your overall GPA and your major GPA (if applicable) when formatting your GPA on your resume. It can be written “GPA: 3.5/4.0 (Highest GPA: 3.8/4.0)” or “Total GPA: Depending on your preference, 3.5″ or 4.0”

What if my grade point average is not 4.0?

Using a conversion chart or an online GPA calculator, you can change your grade point average to a 4.0 if it is not already on a 4.0 scale. Alternately, you can include both your actual grade point average and the 4.0 scale grade point average.

Should my GPA be rounded up on my resume?

On average, it’s not a good idea to round up your GPA on your resume because doing so could be seen as dishonest. Include your actual grade point average instead, even if it is slightly lower than the whole number.