How To Write In White On Snapchat?

How To Write In White On Snapchat?

How To Write In White On Snapchat?

Select the pencil symbol at the upper right-hand corner. Keep your finger in the palette and move your finger toward the top of the display. The color will change to completely white.


  • Launch the Snapchat app on your phone and snap a picture or video on which you want to include text.
  • Tap the “T” icon to open the text tool. You can then type the text you wish to include.
  • There will be an image of a color palette in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on the palette to choose the color of your text.
  • After selecting one color, click the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner to start drawing.
  • Then, press the tool for the color palette on the upper right-hand side of the window. This will show the color slider, which you can utilize to choose the appropriate color for your text.
  • As long as you’re holding the button on the tool for the color palette, Drag your finger until the top of your screen. You’ll notice the color change to white.
  • Ensure your finger is firmly pressed against the screen to preserve the white color. Then use the other finger to click the text tool again and write the text you wish to type in white.
  • After completing your writing, take your fingers away from the screen to add the color white to your words.

What Is White Ink On Snapchat?

Snapchat lets its users show their creativity in a variety of ways. Making original masterpieces (or it, as they call the process, Snapsterpieces) will enable you to add your design to every snap.

For creating these Snapsterpieces, the app provides a vast color palette. From these colors, white ink is among the essential colors.

White ink permits you to create the white background of your work. Therefore, ink with white ink could be the most important color in the palette.

Adding Text

When you’ve captured an image, tapping anywhere on display will open the text box on your display and your keyboard. It’s as easy as that—just enter your text as you normally would in a text message, note, email, or anything else on your device. Then, when you’ve completed your message, hit the ‘Done’ icon on your keyboard, typically found in the lower right-hand corner of the display. This will center your small-but-legible text, along with a transparent-black background allowing the white text to be read on any image.

Changing Text Size

However, this only scratches an outline of the text. There are two more options for how you display your captions. Once you’ve typed your message (with the editor for text open), Tap the ‘T’ in the upper-right corner of your display. This will alter the style of your text from small with a transparent window to large, bold, and background-free, an enormous style change. This will also remove the center of your text and make it appear to flush left. As far as size is concerned, this feature can be comparable to increasing your font size on the PC from 12, 36, or 48. This is a huge increase in accessibility and screen real estate. Also, we must not forget that if you tap “T” even though you’re not in text editing mode, this will launch an editor for you. Tap the ‘T’ for the bold, large flush-left font.

Modifying Text Size And Position

Let’s begin with the easiest solution: That text is flush left. However, there’s a third alternative to change the font’s orientation. It’s as easy as pressing that capital “T” one more. It will shift the text to flush left and centered while conserving the bold, large text we prefer for snaps we’ve previously mentioned. If you’d like to return to one of the three settings described (small with backing flush-left bold, centered bold), You can move between these options by pressing the ‘T’ symbol.

Now that we have our text aligned and centered, we can begin to address the most difficult issue we mentioned above: font size. Although the bold, big font can be great for captions with two or three words, it’s not ideal for longer captions of seven to ten words. There are options to alter the font size in a large format (flush-left or center mode). They’re both important to know for different kinds of captions.

  • The easiest method to alter the size of your text on Snapchat is as simple as using pinch-to-zoom. After completing your caption and putting the text in bold, click the Done icon on your keyboard. Use two fingers to zoom the text however you like, as if it was a separate image. It is possible to make the text larger or small by this method while still adjusting the font as you like. Rotate sizes-in, size-out, and turn it upside down; anything is possible.
  • The more intricate method for changing the size of your text in Snapchat utilizes the same pinch-to-zoom method. However, it allows greater flexibility in how your content appears within the photo. Fill in your caption in the text box and put the text on the screen in bold font. Centered and flush-left work well to achieve this. When your caption appears too wordy, but you’d like to make it appear strong, you can change the size and shape of the caption. When the text editor is still open, use two fingers and then pinch-to-zoom your text to make it stand out. Your text will shrink and then resize inside the text editor instead of within the image within the image itself. This feature can make your caption more visible on your photo but still keep the bold text we all love reading when we read Snapchat captions.

In the case of the second method, once you’ve resized your text in the editor, you’ll be able to move and change the size of your text as we did in the previous method. This could result in innovative ideas and techniques for making your caption based on your photo. For example, you could put your text in flush-left format, then resize your text inside the editor to make sure you only have one word per line (i.e., you can make your text size large), Then exit the editor and trim your text to the normal size, resulting in an individual style for your caption that can be aligned with parts of your photo.

It’s pretty cool to understand how text is used in Snapchat. Adding emojis and other characters to your captions is possible, and they’ll perform like captions for text work.

Steps To Get White Ink On Snapchat

Follow the steps below to print the white color on Snapchat:

  1. Install your Snapchat application on your smartphone.
  2. Snap the photo to view an editing option.
  3. Select the pencil symbol at the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Press down on the color palette, and move your finger toward the top of the display. The color will change to white.
  5. Draw your images on them to obtain white ink.

How To Type With White Ink Using Snapchat?

Alongside drawing with white ink, you can also type using white ink for adding captions or funny quotes to your photos. Use these instructions to write with white ink:

  1. Start your Snapchat app from your smartphone.
  2. Snap a photo.
  3. Select any area on the screen to launch the keyboard.
  4. You’ll see a horizontal color palette on the right side of your keyboard.
  5. Press down and swipe toward the leftmost point on this palette to obtain the white ink.

How To Change Brush Size?

Using different sizes of brushes for more details in Snapchat drawings is also possible. Snapchat drawings. Here’s how to alter the size of your brush on Snapchat:

  1. Open your Snapchat application on your smartphone.
  2. Snap a photo.
  3. The pencil icon is in the upper right corner.
  4. Utilize two fingers to press anywhere on your screen to either decrease or increase the brush size.

Modifying your brush size in Snapchat is like zooming in or zooming out on any image.


Why would you want to write on Snapchat in white?

If you want to hide your text against a white background, such as on a picture or video, writing in white on Snapchat can be helpful.

On Snapchat, how can you write in white?

To write in white on Snapchat, first select the message device and type out your message. Then, to access the color options, select the text and highlight it with your finger. To select the white color, swipe to the far right of the color palette.

Can you write on a white background with colors other than white?

When writing on a white background, you can use other light colors, such as pastels or light gray. However, it’s possible that these colors won’t be as obvious as white.

How can you make your white text stand out more against a background that is colored?

Add a border or shadow to your white text to make it stand out more against a colored background. Your white text will stand out more because of the darker outline that will be created by this.

When writing in white on Snapchat, can the font style be changed?

When writing in white on Snapchat, you cannot change the style of the font. However, you can personalize your message with emojis or other symbols and alter the font size.

Is it possible to write in white on Snapchat for iOS and Android devices?

Yes, both Android and iOS devices can write in white on Snapchat.