I Hate it When Jesus Rides Dinosaurs in My House.

    I hate it when Jesus rides dinosaurs in my house.

    I Hate it When Jesus Rides Dinosaurs in My House.

    Jesus didn’t ride dinosaurs! By then, they were extinct. The Old Testament’s ancient books refer to the last dinosaurs known to have existed as sea animals. The New Testament of the Bible does not mention dinosaurs or sea monsters.

    ‘I hate it when Jesus rides dinosaurs in my house’ typically started as a meme on a social networking platform Facebook.

    Did Jesus ride on a dinosaur?

    No, Jesus never took a ride on a dinosaur. Some sources over the internet say that Jesus had a terrible fear of dinosaurs as a child. He made every effort to conceal this, which was His biggest insecurity. In Jesus’ life, there was one dinosaur that He was terrified of but also really admired. He referred to this dino as “the Lord.”

    He eventually had the confidence to confront the Lord, who was revealed to be a Microraptor. He would never be able to properly sit and ride on it because of “the Lord’s” size. Even if they couldn’t ride correctly, at least He could spread the word about the friendly character of dinosaurs like the Lord so that others wouldn’t be afraid.


    There are a few different viewpoints on this. However, all they are is ideas. Simply because we weren’t there, no one will ever be able to know the truth about how dinosaurs’ are in Earth’s history. But here are two well-liked theories regarding how dinosaurs might relate to the biblical narrative.

    1. Some people believe the large “sea animals” stated in the Bible are what is now known as dinosaurs. The “behemoth,” a giant with a tree-like tail, is supposed to be the strongest of all God’s creatures. Nothing similar exists today (that we are aware of!). However, it does have a diplodocus or brachiosaurus-like sound to it. According to this theory, one interpretation of the Bible’s chronology suggests that the Earth is only a few thousand years old and not a million years old. In light of that timeline, it is possible that dinosaurs and humans coexisted briefly.
    2. As determined by scientific data, the idea that the world is millions of years old is the alternative perspective on dinosaurs. We learn that God created the Earth in six days in the book of Genesis. However, these six days may not be what we would consider “days” because the word used initially could have meant “ages” or “eras.” God created the Earth over a very long period to prepare it for the best part of his creation—humans—on the last day. Each of these periods may have lasted millions of years. On “day” five, sea creatures were created, and land animals were created on “day” six.

    Perhaps during these periods, dinosaurs existed and died on the planet as part of their preparation for the end of “day” six, when God created humans. God wanted us to understand that he takes his time and that his timing is perfect by taking such a long time to create the Earth. God is not a “finger-clicking” genie. He is the God who desires to have an ongoing, evolving relationship with us. He takes the time to do things right with us, works with us, and builds us into the people we’ve always wanted to be, treating us as he treated creation.

    Dinosaur history.

    Dinosaur fossil remains have been discovered all over the world. Most of these discoveries are only bone pieces, but some fully complete skeletons have also been discovered. Based on distinct features like the design of the head and limbs, scientists have been able to classify a wide variety of dinosaur species.

    How Did Dinosaurs Appear?

    In general, a dinosaur’s entire body is not discovered by scientists. Even if they discovered every bone, they wouldn’t have more than 40% of the animal to rebuild its original appearance. Even while certain skin imprint fossils have been discovered, suggesting the texture of the animal’s skin, the bones cannot, for instance, provide the animal’s color. Dinosaurs’ colors, skin textures, and other characteristics may have differed widely from one another, much as there is some color variation among modern reptiles.

    Dinosaurs Mystery

    Many people believe that the dinosaurs’ existence and ultimate extinction are hidden in such mystery that the details of their creation, life, and death may never be known. If you believe dinosaurs evolved, then the mystery surrounding them is only partially solved.

    If you follow the Bible’s theory, there will be no confusion left. In the Bible, it is said that the dinosaurs were indeed created about 600 million years ago on day 6 of the creation of the Earth. According to the Bible, Adam and Eve were also created on day 6, so they coexisted with humans.

    Why Such Different Opinions on Dinosaurs?

    The proof for dinosaurs is the same whether one believes in evolution or the historical narrative found in the Bible; this is why there are so many different theories about dinosaurs. The same universe, same globe, same fossils, same living things, and similar facts are available to all scientists.

    What did Jesus Ride on?

    Jesus rode on a donkey when he entered Jerusalem for the last time. He was welcomed there by happy crowds.

    Jesus had visited Jerusalem countless times to observe the festivals, but his last trip into the city had a special meaning. He was making a glorious entrance as a modest King of peace. In the past, riding a donkey into a city rather than a winning king riding in on a horse meant entry in peace.

    Although a donkey is smaller than a horse and somewhat lazy and dull overall, it resembles a horse in several ways. It is a substantial fine animal that people use for riding in various countries, such as those where the Bible was written.


    In terms of a history that goes back millions of years, people have made some theories about Jesus riding on a dinosaur and the idea of the existence of dinosaurs in the Bible. 

    There are other theories for how dinosaurs appear in the Bible’s narrative. But none of us can ever claim to be entirely correct, regardless of which idea we believe makes the most sense. We must just put our faith in God, knowing that no matter how he did it, he created everything, even dinosaurs, and humans.