I Hate it When You Walk Outside and Someone Randomly Throws a Fridge at You.

    I Hate it When You Walk Outside and Someone Randomly Throws a Fridge at You.

    I Hate it When You Walk Outside and Someone Randomly Throws a Fridge at You.

    We have lived in a period where our most private and strange thoughts and ideas can be typed into a search engine and answered or explained instantly since Google was established as a domain name in 1997. In the year 2014, there were an average of 5,740,000,000 Google searches daily, so it makes sense that some of those billions of queries will be a little weird. 

    While there is no shame in wanting to learn what to do when you walk outside and someone randomly throws a fridge at you, some Google users have taken their interest to a new level. 

    You can read more about possible reasons for adult tantrums and meltdowns below. You can also get advice on how to deal with your stress or support a loved one and when it would be best to seek professional help.

    When someone randomly throws a fridge at you.

    We believe that the phrase “randomly” was not required when describing having a refrigerator thrown at you. Never will that be anything other than random. This phrase is usually taken as a meme or a funny slogan; it was included in a funny google search suggestion from where it got viral.

    Why are the results of my Google search strange?

    It might just be a malicious browser extension, or it might be something more serious. Examine the installed programs and browser extensions you have for any questionable content. Simply resetting the Google Chrome browser might solve the issue. Try running a malware check on your system if the problem continues.

    There is a track of every Google search you have ever done, going back to the first one, and nothing is deleted from your browser history. You can also view or download your complete search history to know if it is due to your search patterns that you’re receiving strange google suggestions.

    Why does Google offer bizarre suggestions?

    Bizarre or strange suggestions on search boxes result from Google’s algorithmic inspections of the entire world of online information and its evaluation of what exactly people are looking for when they conduct a general keyword search. They provide ideas based on what other people have searched.

    How can I remove unwanted Google search results?

    • Viewing and changing the privacy settings on your websites and social media profiles will help you eliminate unwanted Google search results.
    • Use opt-out policies for websites that show or gather your data.
    • Updating sensitive data in Google’s Graph Database for you (or your company).

    Can I request that Google delete a suggestion?

    You can now request Google to delete a search suggestion from the search box if you don’t want people to see it. Google being the internet’s largest search engine, has developed an online form that you may use to request links to personal information or postings that you want to be taken out of its search results.

    Can someone throw things at you?

    Although we don’t think it is possible for someone to throw a fridge at you because of its vast size and weight, it might be possible for someone to throw other things at you in their rage or anger. 

    Similar to tantrums in some ways, adult meltdowns and anger episodes usually occur when a person is unable to handle stress or painful emotions.

    Coping with another person’s temper outburst.

    You might be concerned about how to effectively provide help or calm a situation when someone you care about has a tantrum or breakdown.

    Try to remain calm first. This might be challenging if they appear to be trying to provoke you. You can start to feel hurt and irritated if they speak ill of you.

    Adult temper tantrums don’t usually include kicking, screaming, or throwing items at someone; they could instead emerge as silent treatment.

    Even if it can irritate you, avoid the urge to snap at them. Instead, before you try to answer, take a few deep breaths or perhaps a short break.

    Ensure your safety

    A person experiencing a rage episode or breakdown could physically release their fury and frustration. Even if they don’t typically punch, kick, or throw items, someone angry may act differently than usual.

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    Not everyone who punches holes in walls flips over furniture, or throws dangerous objects is abusive. Nevertheless, you should avoid placing yourself in danger.

    It’s recommended to leave the room and allow them some space to collect themselves if you have any worries that they might become physically aggressive or violent.

    Offer empathy to them.

    Tantrums, anger outbursts, and meltdowns are frequently related to stressful situations or trouble managing emotions.

    Ask your friend or loved one if you are unsure what upset them. When they do, listen to them. They could not react until they were more at ease. Exploring answers can be made simpler if you know someone is concerned.

    Consider your choice of words and demonstrate empathy and understanding to help support their feelings. It may make sense to refer to the outburst as a “tantrum,” but doing so is also somewhat insulting and can upset them further.

    For many people, managing angry outbursts or meltdowns is challenging enough without worrying about what other people may think. In any case, outbursts brought on by neurological or mental health issues aren’t usually categorized as tantrums.

    Set your boundaries

    Putting up with a friend’s or partner’s regular tantrums or outbursts can be draining. While still providing support, setting and maintaining clear limits will help you safeguard your emotional well-being.


    When a lot of people search, Google knows it is popular. Google looks at the list of commonly searched keywords and fills in your search as you begin to type it. These are suggestions that many people make, which is why strange results are displayed.

    Everyone experiences anger sometimes. When you’re under a lot of stress or are being pushed to your breaking point, it’s normal to lose your temper and react with angry outbursts.

    However, uncontrolled rage can negatively impact your well-being, meaningful relations, and daily activities.

    It may be beneficial to seek professional assistance in determining the causes of your upsetting meltdowns and exploring effective coping mechanisms if you notice that they are occurring more frequently.