I’m Not a Bad Slime – What Does This Mean?

    I'm Not a Bad Slime - What Does This Mean?

    I’m Not a Bad Slime – What Does This Mean?

    If you have heard the saying, “I’m not a bad slime,” you may wonder what it means. Well, in this article, you will find out. Its meaning is quite positive. It means that you are not an evil slime but a good one.

    Most people think of slime when they hear the word “slime” – a sticky, gooey substance with tiny little plant roots and other organic material inside it. Slime is usually found in damp places and collects in shapes like spheres or ribbons. It’s not technically alive but can move on its own.

    So Why did this Post Start with those Words?  

    Well… maybe I’m not a horrible slime! There may be different types of slimes out there that you haven’t heard of before! So we may be more alike than you think.

    So who am I? Well, most people know me as Squish. I started as a bit of slime over here but eventually grew into a giant blob next to my sim family. They thought I was part of the wall, so they didn’t notice how much I’d grown. Eventually, I drifted to my house and ended up in their bathroom! (Ran out of toilet paper…) That’s when things got crazy…

    So what is “I’m Not a Bad Slime” all About? 

    “I’m Not A Bad Slime… What Does This Mean?” is an attempt at showing that we’re all different slimes in our way. It’s just a bit of fun. I didn’t think I was an evil slime when Squish started, but I’m not one now.

    What do our names mean? They’re both literal translations of the French word “Slime.” “Slime” is a cute way to describe slime. It sounds like something that’s pretty and doesn’t move around much. In French, it sounds more like “glue de merde,” which means something that smells like cow poop or dog dung (but translates to “stinky shit”!) That’s why my name translated into English is “Stinky Slime.” It’s not an overly severe name by any means…;)

    So why did I write this anyway? I thought about it for a long time before I started. Over the past two years, I’ve encountered many slimes across the Sims 3 Community. So many slimes have been created or have existed and been given names by people. And even in this community, there are tons of slimes for everyone! It is an exciting place. But that’s not why I wrote this…

    I thought about all of these slimes as a way of exploring what makes them different and how they want to be remembered…even “bad” slime like me.

    I’m not an Evil Slime

    The phrase “I’m not a bad slime” comes from a famous Japanese RPG. The slimes were the first enemies in the game, and luckily, they didn’t have a bad reputation that some other monsters have. In the series, they were also found as NPCs and could be talked to. As the saying goes, it’s important not to judge a book by its cover.

    I’m an Excellent Slime

    In the popular Japanese RPG series Dragon Quest, slime was one of the first monsters players encountered. Despite their lack of power, slimes are adorable, making them a mascot for the series. Their lovable form has also inspired several products and merchandise.