In the Big Bang Theory, what does Sheldon mean by “Ponfo Miran” in the Vulcan language?

In the Big Bang Theory, what does Sheldon mean by

In the Big Bang Theory, what does Sheldon mean by “Ponfo Miran” in the Vulcan language?

How can I control my feelings like a Vulcan?

Vulcans meditate daily, frequently before bedtime. Contemplation helps them manage their feelings and stay in good health. Refuse to make unhealthy choices.

  • Vulcans tend to avoid alcohol.
  • Slash sugars and trans fats in your diet today.
  • Avoid medicines.
  • Follow any advice from your croaker.

Is there a Vulcan lingo?

The Vulcan language is mythical in the Star Trek macrocosm. Since the morning, Star Trek suckers have been stimulating to produce their own Vulcan language, primarily since they spoke many Vulcan words or names in the original series.

How do you say thank you in Vulcan?

ITALIAN. The most common Vulcan word correlated with the FSE conception of “thanks” is the verb ITAREN, the beach on the stem ITAR. The original meaning is near to the conception of “admit” or “fete” than it’s to “show appreciativeness.”

Is Klingon delicate to learn?

Fictional languages like Klingon are designed not to be easy and familiar but delicate and veritably different. It also makes Klingon, still a growing language, somewhat fragile to master, much less induce confirmed native speakers.

What does Sheldon say in Vulcan?

Sheldon Cooper Well, there is no point dwelling on it. As the Vulcans say, Kup- fun- escarpment ha’kiv na’ish du stau? (Vulcan expression. It means, “Can you return life to what you kill?”)

What does Sheldon say in Klingon?

As the Vulcans sayKup- fun- escarpment ha’kiv na’ish du stau? (“Can you go back to life to kill?) He also said “No” and latterly, “Go to Hell.”

What’s Amy’s secret language?

‘Ubbi Dubbi is a law language, kind of like Pig Latin. Penny and Amy use it to talk without Leonard and Sheldon understanding. To speak Ubbi Dubbi, you add “ub” before each vowel sound in a word. Rather than “hello,” you’d say “mecca- annex-ub-o.” Rather than “thanks,” you’d say “the banks.”

What does Nirsh mean?

Leonard Nirsh (Vulcan assertion. It denotes “No”)  Sheldon Well, this is ridiculous. Being worried about Amy all the time is not negotiating anything.

What does Pocono Miran mean?

Ponfo miran Go to hell. (ENT” Broken Bow”)

What languages does Sheldon Cooper speak?

Sheldon knows numerous languages, including Finnish, Spanish, Mandarin, Persian, and Arabic (and Klingon). Although Sheldon doesn’t enjoy the sport, he has a strong understanding of American football, thanks to his late father.

Does Sheldon Cooper have autism?

Sheldon Cooper does not have autism, or the Big Bang Theory pens have always claimed. Sheldon himself denies being autistic, stating, “My mama had me tested.” And yet Compulsive actions.

What happens to Sheldon’s meemaw?

She was widowed in 1985 when her hubby, Sheldon’s forefather “Pop-Pop,” passed away. She had only been mentioned and hadn’t appeared in the series until “The Meemaw Materialization,” during which she made her first advent in February 2016.

What does Sheldon’s meemaw call him?

Sheldon is veritably fond of his motherly grandmother, whom he calls “Meemaw” and who calls him “Moon Pie.” He called his forefather, who failed when Sheldon was five, “Pop Pop.”

How old is Amy Potts?

68 years old (Octo)

Does Wolowitz get his Ph.D.?

Unlike Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj, Howard lacks aPh.D., rather than having a Master’s degree from MIT (he first studied in the medical academy but dropped out since he was a victim of blood).

Are Bernadette and Howard married on Google Earth?

THE APARTMENT BUILDING’S ROOF one more spot that took some online collaboration to find was the roof used for Bernadette and Howard’s marriage — where they go to get wedded because they know Google Earth satellite is going to be directly above.

How old is Jean Smart?

69 years old (Septem)

Is Dixie Carter still alive?

Departed (1939 – 2010)

How old is Dixie Carter?

70 times (1939 – 2010)