Is Homestuck the Longest Piece of English Literature

Is Homestuck the Longest Piece of English Literature

Is Homestuck the Longest Piece of English Literature | How many words does it have?

Homestuck is one of the longest words in the English language. Reading it for the first time can be difficult due to the medium in which it was created. However, as it was lengthy, book readers still loved it. 

In this article, we will discuss Homestuck, written by Andrew Hussie, known as the most vast literature in English. But, first, let’s discuss its details and what it is about.

Is Homestuck a good book?

Homestuck is a surprisingly excellent and addictive story. This is coming from someone certain it would be bad. Homestuck isn’t everyone’s comic book, but if you’re considering reading it, you should. You may have a good time.

What is the outline of Homestuck?

It’s about four kids locked inside by their various parental units and decide to play a multiplayer online game. At this time, all hell breaks loose, and they find themselves in a different world. 

For the most part, that’s a rough approximation of the main plot. Still, it’s hardly exploring the possibilities of the universe they were in. Instead, it’s a tale in which internet trolls become real trolls.

Despite being known as the longest literature (which it is not), Cosplayers of Homestuck have a reputation for being insensitive, arrogant, elitist, and occasionally stupid. In addition, many cosplayers take their “in-character” roles too seriously or exaggerate them: Homestuck’s characters, mainly the trolls, may be rather harsh.

Is Homestuck the most extended Piece of literature?

Unfortunately, it is not one of the longest pieces of literature that exists right now. One Piece, written by Eiichiro Oda, has been a hallmark of shonen manga since 1997, entertaining audiences with pirate action-comedy. For your information, it had more than 100 words per page and an average of 15 pages per chapter with 1000 chapters. 

For decades, both the manga and the anime versions have remained extremely popular. On the other hand, One Piece is a massive series with approximately 1000 chapters. 

Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck, on the other hand, is a much younger work, having debuted in 2009 and completed its main story in 2016. Despite this, it has a devoted following of admirers drawn to it by its unconventional tale, eclectic cast of characters, and distinctive structure. Unfortunately, Homestuck, like One Piece, is extremely long.

The storyline of Homestuck vs Onepiece

One Piece is recognized as a classic: beneath the wild adventure fantasy, it is a story of a group of friends going on a journey to combat evil, similar to other shonen manga that came before and after it.

Every character has their own goals that they wish to achieve independently. Yet, the story always returns to the liberation of good and the defeat of evil. It’s understandable if this all seems cheesy.

That’s not to say it’s cliched: far from it, One Piece contains many uplifting and heroic moments throughout each arc. When characters visit new islands, they discover that each one has its own unique features that Luffy and his crew can enjoy and new issues to solve. One-Piece is a huge, imaginative universe full of surprises for readers and characters.

Homestuck approaches storytelling from a unique perspective. While it takes inspiration from text-based adventure games and RPGs, how characters interact and their surroundings and the locations themselves are wholly unique to any story or genre. 

Homestuck is an example of unrestricted creative freedom, as it creates a game-based universe from the ground up (literally and figuratively) and includes numerous parallels to real-world events. One of the most significant mechanics of the comic, which began with viewer input and evolved through author inserts and the deconstruction — and subsequent restoration — of the webcomic’s literary reality, is breaching the fourth wall. 

Homestuck is unexpectedly magnificent for a story about kids playing a game. Take a stab at it if you enjoy innovative world-building and extensive character dialogue with plenty of room for analysis.


In this article, we discussed the longest Piece of literature and the longest Piece of English literature. We discussed its story outline, and we learned that it is not the longest literature in the English language. Still, One Piece is an anime comic series that is even lengthier than the Homestuck English literature.

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