Secret iPhone Tricks Veteran users Didn’t know About

    Secret iPhone Tricks Veteran users Didn't know About

    Secret iPhone Tricks Veteran users Didn’t know About

    Do you call yourself an iPhone veteran? Go through the list of iPhone tricks and see how many of them you were using. It is possible you missed out on some.

    Dark Mode

    The dark mode feature allows you to use your phone in bed without straining your eyes. Go to settings > tap display & brightness > choose dark. You can also go to the control center to turn this on or off this feature.

    Screen Recording

    If you want to record your screen, you can customize the control center and add the screen recording function. Then, all you need to do is bring up the control center and tap the record button.

    Your phone will record your screen without audio. You can tap the record button when finished. Then, find the video saved with your photos.

    However, the screen recording function will not record audio from your phone. Instead, you can use your phone’s microphone to record the audio.

    Live Photo from Video

    It is impossible to take low-quality videos using the iPhone. These smartphones are known for their image processing capabilities and excellent camera superpowers. You can capture a video and bring them into still photos or live photos.

    If you wonder how to make video a live photo, install the intoLive application > open the app and choose the video > apply basic editing if required > in the upper-right corner, click make > mention the number of repeats the live photo should include. Finally, save the live photo.

    Convert the Keyboard to a Trackpad

    Your iPhone’s keyboard can double as a trackpad. By enabling this feature, you can accurately move the cursor to different text bits. You don’t need to tap your screen. You can use this feature if your phone has 3D touch capabilities. This function is also available with iPads.

    Press and hold anywhere on your phone on the keyboard, and the trackpad function will be activated. The keyboard will go blank, and you can use it as a trackpad. You can move the cursor through the text by dragging your finger.

    Know How to Delete when using the Calculator

    Everyone knows how to use the calculator on their iPhones. But do you know how to delete if you have entered an additional digit? Unfortunately, there’s no delete button, and that’s why many users are often confused.

    You can delete your mistakes on the calculator by swiping left or right on display. This will delete the last digit. If you want to clear the display, tap C on the calculator app.

    Add Notes and More on Email Attachments

    It is possible to add text, notes, and more to your email attachments using your iPhone. First, open the PDF document in the Mail application and tap on the pencil icon. Then, tap the plus symbol to add a signature, text or use the magnification tool.

    Organize your Notifications

    Do you want to organize your notifications? First, choose Notifications on the main settings screen. Typically, notifications are grouped by applications, but you can change that. For instance, you can choose to have your messages show up individually instead of in groups.

    Organize your notifications by going to notifications > selecting an application > choosing how you wish to organize the notifications.

    Shake your Hand to Erase Text

    If you wish to quickly erase the text you have typed in Notes or Messages, you can give your phone a good shake. Then, tap undo in the box that pops up.

    If you want your text back, shake your phone again and choose Redo to make the text reappear. Alternatively, you can swipe left using three fingers to erase text and swipe right with three fingers to put back the text.

    Hide Private Photos

    Everyone has some photos that they would prefer to keep hidden. For example, if you have a collection of sensitive photos and don’t want your friends or family to see them, you can hide them from view.

    Go to the photos app, choose one or more images > tap the share button > and select hide. You must confirm your selection, and the photos will be hidden. You can find these photos in the hidden folder located in your albums.

    Take a Photo Even When Storage is Full

    So your storage is full, but you want to click pictures? No need to worry about losing a moment because your phone’s storage is full. You can snap a photo through your Twitter or Facebook application and bypass the storage full notification. The pictures will be saved in the camera roll.

    Final Thoughts

    These are some excellent iPhone tricks that will make you a pro in no time. Some of these are even unknown to iPhone veterans because most users focus on using their phones for messaging, attending calls, and sending/receiving emails.