Tendered to Returns Agent Meaning

Tendered to Returns Agent Meaning

Tendered to Returns Agent Meaning

The “Tendered to Returns Agent” is a tracking update, which indicates that the parcel has been returned to the shipper and that the carrier in charge (named as Returns Agent) currently has the parcel within its delivery system.

When is the Tendered to Returns Agent triggered?

The Tendered to Returns Agent update is most commonly triggered when a receiver returns an online store package to the sender. Although the company may have delivered the product to the purchaser’s location, another provider will have handled most of the transportation. When a package is returned, the company is often still responsible for recovering it from the receiver (or the customer can drop off the item at their office).

However, the company will not handle the total return to the shipper. Instead, the item will be handed over to the “Returns Agent” by the company. At this point, the “Tendered to Returns Agent” setting is activated, and the provider in issue is responsible.

The “Tendered to Returns Agent” option is activated at this point, and the shipper is liable to ensure the item is returned to the origin location.

Possible Cases of Tendered to Returns Agent

  1. I am the recipient, and I didn’t ask for a refund!?

You are understandably frustrated and puzzled if you received the “Tendered to Returns Agent” update but did not initiate a return.

There are three potential reasons for this:

  • First, the sender remembered the product and requested a shipping return.
  • An improper scan at the venue or by the company driver while the parcel is on its way to the location’s address.
  • Because the Delivery company could not locate the destination address, the item has been returned.

In either case, your first point of contact should be the sender. You should begin your investigation here if they have ordered the product to be returned to them for any reason.

If the sender is as puzzled as you are, it is time to contact the company or the primary shipper in charge of transit (it is most likely that the sender will want to contact them too).

If the package was brought back to the shipper by mistake, or if there were problems with delivery to the destination address, you must contact the company’s Customer Service.

  1. I’m the sender, and the tracking status is “Tendered to Returns Agent.”

If the tracking becomes stuck on “Tendered to Returns Agent,” you must contact the provider. Because the product is no longer under the company’s control, the shipper is to blame for the delay.

The cause of the delay could vary from technical challenges, transportation, and logistical difficulties, to the package becoming stuck within a unit. Only by attempting to contact the provider will you be able to fix this and resume the return.

When Are You Seeing the Tendered to Returns Agent Message?Pexels Artem Podrez 5025635

As the recipient, this is the most common condition where you’ll see this message when returning a delivered item. In general, you will encounter this message twice as a buyer. First, you’re attempting to obtain a refund, exchange, or replacement. It could be associated with a repair, which is less common.

The refund is straightforward. You place an order. It will arrive. Something is wrong with the product, so you request a refund. The shipping labels are provided by the company from which you originally ordered. You use those labels to return the item for a refund. When the item arrives at the control center, the returns agent handles it, and you receive this update. Because you’re the sender, in this case, you can access the messages.

A similar scenario could occur if you get a faulty product. For example, assume you purchased a can-opener from the Online store. You get it, and it is incapable of opening cans. So you contact the online store. You may want your money back, but we already discussed that you prefer to have the product exchanged or replaced. In that case, the store will likely want the can-opener back, so use their refund labels, and the same goes for returns agents.

The final option is to repair, which is less common. If you currently have an Apple device that needs to be repaired, you may see this. (This is only one example. Numerous other companies could fit this description). A returns agent does not typically process a repair as it is not a return. It’s an entirely different story. However, because Apple operates its repair centers, some of which are linked to delivery centers, this message may occasionally appear. Essentially, you receive a computer that does not work and return it for immediate repair. Rather than creating a new shipment, Apple uses the standard order’s existing return labels. Those labels are highly effective as they transport the computer to Apple for repair, and everything passes through a returns agent. Again, it’s unusual, but it’s possible.


1. What Happens Following the Update?

If delivery processes go as planned, the parcel will be returned to the sender at the same service speed that was utilized to deliver the product. However, the nature of the requested process determines whether the return’s later stages are completed by the sender’s local postal service or the original carrier.

2. How does the Tendered to Returns Agent tracking function?

The “Tendered to Returns Agent” tracking update from the company informs parties that the parcel has been passed over to a returns agent who will deliver the goods back to the sender. Requests for information will have to be made if the return was introduced in error or if the tracking becomes stuck. Or else, the product should be returned to the sender within a reasonable time frame based on the initial service speed.

3. What to do if You notice Tendered To Returns Agent update?

There’s still literally nothing you can do after being notified, as there isn’t anything you can do. It would be best if you used the Postal Service tracking tool because it is your best option. Then, using the tracking number, locate your package in the exact location it is now in.

4. What does tendered to returns agent mean at post office?

We would like to let you know that the phrase “Tendered to Returns Agent” means that your returned item is available for pick-up by a return logic agent at one of the post offices or processing facilities identified as a parcel return service location.

5. What does available for returns agent mean?

When customers return items to stores like Macy’s, Land’s End, etc. with a return label issued, USPS scans the package as “Available for return agent”; the return agent picks up the package around three times per week.