The most suitable places to purchase real estate in Dubai by the sea

    The most suitable places to purchase real estate in Dubai by the sea

    The most suitable places to purchase real estate in Dubai by the sea

    Chic cafes, beautiful sights of the bay or rivers, and numerous parks and attractions: you will stay energized in Dubai. Therefore, a considerable number of tourists visit this city. You can buy apartments by the sea in Dubai because the sale of real estate in Dubai is strengthening its position. The number of people desiring to buy property in the UAE is growing by 2-3% yearly.

    Characteristics of real estate in Dubai

    Getting a flat in Dubai is much easier than five years ago. The authorities pursue an active policy to attract foreigners, thanks to which:

    1. The cost of housing in Dubai has decreased.
    2. No property, resale, or rental tax exists.
    3. A resident permit is provided when getting a home.

    The investor obtains it for five or more years when buying real estate for more than AED 1 million (approximately USD 273,000). You evolve “one of your own” among the locals.

    Dubai is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle, vibrant economy, and vast real estate developments. As a result, the city’s real estate market is most vibrant and diverse in the world, offering properties to suit every taste, budget, and preference. In this article, we’ll look at what makes real estate in Dubai unique and what sets it apart from other markets.

    Diverse Range of Properties

    Dubai’s real estate market offers many properties, from luxurious villas and penthouses to affordable apartments and studio flats. Due to the city’s rapid development over recent decades, developers have constructed an impressive array of residential, commercial, and mixed-use structures to cater to an expanding population. As a result, buyers and investors can select from various neighborhoods, each with its unique character and amenities.

    High-end Luxury Properties

    Dubai’s real estate market is renowned for its high-end luxury properties that provide unsurpassed comfort, opulence, and exclusivity. Popular options include villas, penthouses, and mansions with world-class amenities like private swimming pools, gardens, gyms, and entertainment rooms – all situated in some of Dubai’s prestigious neighborhoods, such as Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, or Downtown Dubai.

    Dubai 2

    Affordable Properties

    Dubai is renowned for its high-end luxury properties. Still, the city also provides more budget-friendly options that cater to first-time buyers or those on a tight budget. These include studio flats, one-bedroom apartments, and townhouses that provide a reasonably priced living. To meet these needs, developers have built affordable housing communities in different parts of Dubai, such as Dubai South, International City, and Dubailand.

    Innovative Designs and Architecture

    Dubai’s real estate market is renowned for its daring designs and architecture pushing creativity and engineering limits. Developers in the city are known for their ambitious projects with iconic aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. Examples include Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building – and Palm Jumeirah – an artificial island.

    Dubai’s Real Estate Market: Growing Investment Opportunities

    Dubai’s real estate market provides excellent investment prospects for local and international investors. Its strategic location, business-friendly environment, and stable political climate make it desirable to invest in real estate. Investors can use high rental yields, capital appreciation, and tax-free investment returns. Furthermore, Dubai boasts an efficient regulatory framework that guarantees fair play and protects the interests of buyers/sellers alike.

    Dubai’s Robust Rental Market

    Dubai’s real estate market features a strong rental sector that provides an array of properties for short and long-term rentals. This vibrant rental market is driven by Dubai’s diverse population of ex-pats and locals who need affordable and comfortable accommodations. Investors in these properties stand to gain from high rental yields and steady rental income streams from their investments.

    Dubai Real Estate Market Offers Properties in Iconic Locations

    Dubai’s real estate market boasts some of the world’s most iconic locations. Dubai is home to iconic landmarks such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah, and more, these properties provide breathtaking views, access to world-class amenities, and luxurious lifestyles for visitors every year.

    Sustainable Developments

    Dubai’s real estate market is dedicated to sustainable development and eco-friendly practices. As a result, developers in the city are incorporating green features into their projects to reduce energy consumption, encourage recycling, and minimize their carbon footprint. Sustainable developments in Dubai include Sustainable City, Al Barari, and City Walk – which offer eco-friendly homes and amenities.

    The most appropriate zones to buy real estate in Dubai by the sea

    Real estate on the 1st line of the sea in Dubai is suggested in such neighborhoods:

    • Palm Jumeirah;
    • the prestigious site of Dubai Marina;
    • The Palm Jebel Ali;
    • Dubai Waterfront.

    Every neighborhood is a freehold area, so foreigners can freely get a property here. All houses in Dubai by the sea have unhindered entry to the coasts.

    Widespread establishments

    Dubai Marina

    Apartments represent seaside real estate in Dubai Marina in prestigious residential complexes and extravagant resorts with entry to remote coasts. Dubai Marina is one of the most Europeanized establishments in Dubai. It is very prevalent with visitors and expats.

    Here you may discover housing in the following residential complexes:

    • Marina Diamond;
    • Emaar Beachfront;
    • JBR;
    • Park Island.

    The flats vary from USD 2,500 to USD 7,000.

    Palm Jumeirah

    It is a sign of Dubai’s improvement and ambition. You can buy mansions and apartments in Dubai with the most suitable views and relaxing beachfront.

    The most famous projects in Palm Jumeirah are:

    • Tiara – has 15 structures, each with entry to its private shore;
    • The residences – a complex of 3 constructions (2 of them – luxury flats for living, the 3d – a 5-star hotel);
    • Oceana – exceptional flats and townhouses;
    • Signature Villa is a neighborhood of luxury villas with private beaches and pools.
    • The cost of flats on the coast is from USD 4,700 to USD 9,500 (AED 29,950 – AED 60,537) per 1 m2.

    Reasons to buy real estate in the UAE

    Dozens of people from all over the world dream of becoming owners of residential or commercial belongings in the UAE. Getting a house in this country for investing has many advantages:

    • Resident visa. It is enough to spend more than USD 205,000, and the investor obtains long-term access with the possibility of multiple extensions. At the same time, expats have almost all the same rights as UAE citizens, including access to medicine and work permits.
    • Preferential tax control. There is no real estate or rental income tax in the UAE. This speeds up the payback period of objects.
    • Safety. The UAE is pursuing a balanced approach to attract investment to the country. Foreigners are welcome here, so they provide comfortable working conditions and protect their interests. This can be seen at all levels – from patrols on the streets to the inspection of all transactions of real estate in Dubai by the State Department. In the rankings of the most securest countries in the world, the UAE is consistently in the top 20.
    • High return on investment. Stable real estate market growth and high interest in the UAE provide up to 10% ROI. Experts believe that the profitability of objects in the Emirates will only increase in the coming years.
    • In Dubai and other cities of the UAE, you may get accommodation of any class – from budget apartments in areas remote from the center to luxurious penthouses overlooking the Burj Khalifa. 

    Assistance with purchasing property in Dubai

    Do you desire to have a villa by the sea? Emirates.Estate brings properties in the most scenic neighborhoods in Dubai concurrently. Experts will select real estate for your order and help you during a deal and investment transaction if required.