What Does XX Mean in Texting?

What Does XX Mean in Texting?

What Does XX Mean in Texting?

If you’ve ever wondered, “what does xx mean in texting?” you’ve come to the right place. This symbol conveys empathy, but it also conveys faith and honesty. Here are some examples. Also, read on to discover how you can use the symbol to show your emotions in a text message. Now, you’re ready to send your following message. But first, learn what X means in texting.

X is a symbol

An x is a universal symbol used in romantic and friendship relationships and professional settings. It conveys interest, affection, and a general spirit of togetherness. The ubiquitous x has become the equivalent of nonverbal body language. But there are several ambiguous uses of this symbol. If misused, the message may be misinterpreted. For example, if texting your friend, “I’ll talk to you later x”. The “x” here symbolizes care and love for your friend.

The X is used in many different contexts, from sign-off to kiss-off. Besides being a common symbol, it can also be a smiley face. In texting, it has developed into an excellent, multifaceted symbol that can be used to convey a range of emotions. It also saves time when communicating with others. Here are a few of the most common uses for the X symbol in texting.

The X was often used as a kiss sign in history because it sounded like a kiss. It later became a symbol of faith, fidelity, and love. In the Middle Ages, few people could write. So, people would seal envelopes with the letter X to symbolize faith and honesty. In general, the X represents the Christian cross, but it might also stand for the name of Jesus Christ.

XOXO is another common texting symbol. 

It represents a hug or kiss. The X and the O are designed to look like two sets of arms. However, this symbol is not necessarily meant to represent undying love. It’s also used as an email sign-off or as an anniversary greeting. In some cases, the message may be a sarcastic, or even flirtatious message.

Using “xx” in your texts 

Using xx in texting shows that you are honest. The symbol XX is most commonly associated with the Christian cross during the Middle Ages. 

It was used to show one’s faith and to show their sincerity. The X was reportedly derived from the Greek word for Christ. Some people do not use it as it has an offensive connotation. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to see text messages containing this symbol.