What He Means When He Says “I Really Like You”


    What He Means When He Says “I Really Like You”

    If a guy is truly into you, he may commend your character or intelligence, saying things like, “You’re so kind/sweet/caring/smart.” If he observes and complements the positive aspects of you, he is most likely expressing romantic interest in you.

    When a guy uses the term “truly” to describe his feelings for you, it means he wants to develop a relationship with you and devote his attention to you. While he is aware that many other men are vying for your attention, he hopes you will give him the attention he desires.

    He Loves Everything About you.

    He doesn’t necessarily mean he loves everything about you. Men tend to love the simple things in life. They want to be close to their partners and spend time with them. They also like being with other women. These little things may not seem important, but they mean everything to a man.What He Means When He Says “I Really Like You”

    Men notice a lot about a woman and even the little things that make her unique. They’re also very caring. They ask you about your day and want to know how you feel. They’ll even ask about your friends and family. They’ll be curious about your interests and hobbies. These traits are often signs that a man is in love with you.

    A man in love is excited to discuss the future with his partner. They are excited to talk about their future together and have exciting plans. If your man avoids these discussions, he’s probably lying about his feelings. So, don’t take it personally.

    If you want to keep your man, he needs to know that you are reliable. He needs to know that you are not dependent on him and can be independent. Then, if he loves you, he’ll be able to support you and make you feel dependable.

    He is Envisioning a Long-Term Relationship with you.

    If a man says “I like you” to you, he is thinking about a relationship with you. If he uses this word to describe how he feels about you, he wants to get your full attention and build a future with you. He probably knows that other guys are competing for your attention and wants to be your priority.What He Means When He Says “I Really Like You”

    If you are the only person in his life with no boyfriend or significant other, then he wants to be your focus. However, if he is interested in a long-term relationship, he may want to give it a chance, despite his doubts and concerns. This may be the reason he has not yet told you his true feelings about you.

    Besides making an effort to make you feel special, he will also spend money on you. He will also make you a priority in his life and include you in family events and important decisions. Moreover, he will ensure he spends time with you and doesn’t bother other women.

    If a guy tells you, “I really like you,” and says it to you often, it means he is thinking about a future with you. He may even talk about having kids and getting married. During these conversations, he may talk about religious differences, politics, etc. Most importantly, though, it feels right.

    He is Afraid of Rejection.

    A man who says he likes you may be afraid of rejection. He may be afraid that he might get rejected if he asks you out. A shy man has high levels of norepinephrine, a hormone that can cause them to freak out in social situations.

    Men who are afraid of rejection tend to hide their feelings. So, they’ll make a joke about liking you. They’ll look at you a lot. And they’ll act differently around women because they’re afraid of rejection.

    A man who is afraid of rejection will have ups and downs. He may be staring at you lovingly one minute and suddenly become distant. He may also start making comments about another guy. If you mention that you’re dating someone else, the man will be scared of rejection.

    If a man keeps bumping into you, it’s not a coincidence. He may be on his way to something, or he might be interested in you. Then you’re left with a dilemma: do you want to continue signaling interest to him or move on and find someone else ready to commit?

    A man afraid of rejection will likely avoid relationships with women who are afraid of rejection. Men also hate feeling irrelevant. And they’ll leave a relationship if they feel that way. So, if a man is afraid of rejection, moving on is best.

    Rejection fears are common and expected. They are rooted in the ancient parts of our brains and register rejection as life-threatening. But, while common, these fears can become a real problem if they negatively affect your life and limit your opportunities.

    Besides being afraid of rejection, men often like to compliment women and compliment their looks. This is because they like to feel appreciated. In this way, they express their love for women through small things like appearance and personality. Men also like to praise other women’s performances.

    Rejection fears can have a significant effect on a relationship. They can cause a person to put their own needs on the back burner or refuse to share their opinions with others. They may also struggle with setting boundaries and saying no. These fears can cause people to stay in unhealthy relationships for too long.