What is the Meaning of “I used the Stones to Destroy the Stones”?

What is the Meaning of

What is the Meaning of “I used the Stones to Destroy the Stones”?

This means that Thanos in Marvel Movies has destroyed the Stones in the present timeline, and they are unrecoverable. What exactly did Thanos do with the Stones in this case? How did he achieve it when the initial snap already weakened him?

Did he snap once more? Did he lose his left ear as a result of this?

When Thanos got  all six stones, he could do “anything” he wished. I placed “anything” in quotes since it isn’t clear what limitations may exist, though we do know something Banner wanted to with his snap, but he couldn’t.

Thanos is believed to have “used the stones to destroy the stones” in the film. This implies he snapped again. This is evidenced by the fact that the energy signature followed in the initial snap was the same or highly comparative to what occurred 21 days later.

That’s the energy fingerprint emitted when Thanos snaps with all stones in his hand, allowing him to achieve whatever he wanted with the stones. In the first example, he expected half of any living critter to perish. In the second situation, his wish was to dissolve the stones into atoms.

Even though the initial snap weakened Thanos, the stones still retained the power to offer the possessor everything they desired. He claims that the second time he used the stones “nearly killed him”; this might be because he was already weakened from the first snap, or maybe it’s because the stones being destroyed released a rush of energy that wounded him; we do not even know for sure which it is. However, it is strongly hinted that doing so caused half of his face to be injured.

So, how do the directors explain the story hole with the Infinity Stones?

According to a crowd member at a private fan event with the Russos, they said: “Thanos could only reduce the stones to atomic size. The stones can still be found throughout the universe.”

So, he shattered them to smithereens but did not destroy them. They stay a part of existence and the world but no longer in a singular form. This is a rather convincing rationale, as it eliminates the stones from future Marvel Phases, allowing for new dangers and solutions to emerge.

Unless, of course, someone travels back in time & uses one or more of the stones to The filmmakers and authors have already gone through enough complications and frenzied grimaces attempting to address all of the time travel complications the first go around.

The ultimate fate of the Infinity Stones was the focus of the second game. Thanos claims early in the film that he “used the stones to destroy the stones,” seeing his task as finished and the Stones as much too tempting. On the other hand, The Ancient One tells Marvel Heroes that the multiverse requires Infinity Stones to function correctly. She wouldn’t immediately hand over the Time Stone to him. So, if Thanos shattered the Stones in 2018, how come reality didn’t collapse?

Perhaps a better explanation would be that Thanos did not destroy their energy but only the configuration that holds it.

Does this suggest that someone will be able to reproduce the Infinity Stones in the future? While we doubt Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios would return to that well anytime soon, the option stays. Nothing is truly dead in graphic novel storytelling until there is a body, and even then, it is not entirely dead. This reason appears to apply to Infinity Stones, too, though.

Several other questions were answered by the Russos, including several about the plot’s time-travel mechanics, which has left supporters with a lot of unanswered questions. They capitulate that Cap was reconciling her with Peggy in the past and brought up a lot of plot possibilities, which we genuinely hope will be explored in the future.

Space Stone

The Space Stone (blue), once contained in the Tesseract, initially appears in Thor’s mid-credits sequence, with Nick Fury revealing the device to Erik Selvig, unaware that Loki was also attending. The Red Skull takes the Tesseract from a chapel and uses it to fuel Hydra’s armaments during World War II in Captain America: The First Avenger. During Steve Rogers’ last battle with the Red Skull, the Tesseract took him to another place (later revealed to become the planet Vormir in Avengers: Infinite War) until crashing into the Arctic Ocean and being rescued by Howard Stark and sent to a hidden facility.

In Captain Marvel, it is revealed that in 1989, Dr. Wendy Lawson endeavored to use the Tesseract to unlock light-speed travel to assist the Skrulls in finding a new home but was unsuccessful, even though her experiments granted Carol Danvers super strength, flight, as well as the ability to generate energy blasts. 

The Infinity Stones

The first Infinity Stone you see is also the one that occurs the most repeatedly: The Space Stone, which was formerly held in a device known as the Tesseract, plays an integral part in The First Avenger, Wonder Woman, and The Avengers, as well as making cameo appearances in a few other films. It even contributes to Tony Stark’s creation of a new element in Iron Man 2. 

Thanos will use the Space Stone as another tool to assist him in learning the next stone once he fetches it. The Space Stone can open portals around the cosmos, and it dramatically improves Thanos’ commute time throughout the film among other things. However, before Infinity War, the Space Stone was continually one of the essential parts of MCU films. And the first stone we come across must depict space; it’s a clear manifestation that there are other species in the Marvel world besides Earth.

Final Verdict

The last time we see the Infinity Stones before Infinity War is when Loki steals them right before Asgard is destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok. Thanos murders what seems to be the last of the Asgardian people, except Thor, in the opening scene of Infinity War, then smashes the Tesseract like a pistachio shell to extract the stone.