What language did adam and eve speak islam? What About Abraham?

What language did adam and eve speak islam? What About Abraham?

What language did Adam and Eve speak islam? What About Abraham? 

Prophet Adam in Islam was known for being the first human being to be created in the universe. His spouse Hawa (EVE), was his spouse. They are known as the father and mother of all the universe in Islamic Academics. 

In this article, we will discuss the Language that Adam and Eve speak in Islam? We will also discuss Abraham. 

The Language of Islam

The Holy Book of the Last Prophet, the Quran, was written in Arabic. Because Arabic is known as the Muslim Mankind first language, they should learn it. It is fair to believe that the Quran was written and revealed in Arabic because the Prophet Muhammad was of Arabic ancestry.

As said before, The Quran, Islam’s sacred book, is written in Arabic, which is the religious and native Language of Arabs and the Holy Language of all Muslims. As a result of this fact, Muslims everywhere have a cultural bond based on a desire to read the Qur’an in its original Language.

What Language did Prophet Adam speak about Islam?

As Arabic is the Language of the Quran and the Language said by our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad. While in Paradise, Hazrat Adam did speak and communicate in Arabic before being sent to Earth. Islam was spread all around the world in Arabic. Moreover, Quran was first till last revelations were in the Arabic Language, 

Were all the Prophets of Allah were native Arabic Speakers?

No, the majority of them were not Arabs. According to the Quran, messengers are sent to every nation. Only four people, including the Prophet Mohammad, were Arabs: Hud, Saleh, and Shoaib.

Ishmael, Abraham’s son, grew up in Makkah, learned Arabic, married an Arab and had an Arab family, but he was not an Arab.

Prophets were sent to all of humanity to deliver Allah’s message in their own languages, with Jesus Christ (Isa) being the last Prophet before Mohammad. Jesus was born to a Jewish mother, spoke Arabic, and sent with an Ancient Hebrew book, the Gospel (Injil).

It’s normal and logical to believe that all Prophets of the same One and Only God believe in the same ideologies. For example, prophet Mohammad said in his farewell speech at the last pilgrimage:

“Your Lord is but one, and your Father (Adam) is but one, you are all from Adam, and Adam is from soil, the most honored of you with the Lord is the most pious, there is no preference (and virtue) for an Arab over a non Arab except with piety!”

Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) Life

In Islam, Prophet Ibrahim, also known as Prophet Abraham in the Bible, is considered Allah’s Prophet and messenger (God). In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Abraham is recognized as an essential faith factor. According to Muslim belief, Abraham followed all of God’s instructions. He went through all of the trials that he encountered throughout his life. God promised Abraham to be a leader over all the world’s nations due to his everlasting faith in Allah. Abraham is lauded in the Quran as a role model, an exemplar, and obedient Prophet of Allah. 

Muslims believe that Abraham became the upright leader of his day. Through him, people from the Arab World (particularly the Adnanites) and Israel arrived. In Islam’s perspective, Abraham helped cleanse the world of idolatry at the time. Abraham destroyed idolatry in both Arabia and Canaan.

“Primordial man in universal devotion to the Holy Truth before its division into religions separated by differences in form,” as Abraham has been described.

Muslims believe Abraham’s father was Aazar (Arabic, romanized: zar), a name derived from the Syriac Athar, known in the Hebrew Bible as Terah. Ishmael and Isaac, Abraham’s two sons, were prophets later in life. 

The messenger Lut (Lot), one of the other people who migrated out of their community with Abraham, is said to have been Abraham’s nephew. Through his son Shem, Abraham is said to be Nuh’s descendant.

What Language did Prophet Abraham Speak?

The Prophet Ibrahim was a Muslim who spoke Hebrew. He didn’t quite understand Arabic. Yemeni people were the first to speak Arabic.

When the Prophet Ismail and his mother Hajira settled near the Zamzam spring, a Yemeni tribe known as the Banu Jurhum managed to pass by and saw water in such an unpopulated desert. So they asked for permission to settle near the spring. After that, Prophet Ismail married in Banu Durham. In this way, he learned Arabic.

Yemenis were the first to learn Arabic in this way. Hazrat Ismail was the first to speak Arabic among Prophet Muhammad’s ancestors. Adam, on the other hand, was taught the Language by Allah. Prophet Ibraheem’s son Ismail was the first to say it at the age of ten.

Bottom Line

This article discussed the Language that Adam and Eve spoke according to Islam Guidelines. We also discussed Prophet Abraham and his life from childhood till spreading Islam around the world. 

Not all the messengers of Islam were indeed Arab speakers, as their mother language was chosen where they were born. Still, the message was the same among all the Prophets to date. 

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