What Language do they speak in Iran, Iraq and Afganistan? Persian vs Parsi vs Arabic

What Language do they speak in Iran, Iraq and Afganistan? Persian vs Parsi vs Arabic

What Language do they speak in Iran, Iraq and Afganistan? Persian vs Parsi vs Arabic

This article will discuss what language is being spoken in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan? Persian. We will also be comparing Persian vs. Farsi vs. Arabic. 

Suppose you grew up in a very different part of the world. In that case, you might be just labouring under a couple of misconceptions about what the language is spoken in Iran. One that all Middle Eastern countries do primarily speak a variant of Arabic. 

Two that it’s Persian or Farsi. You know that it’s one of those because they both sound familiar, but you are just not sure which. To start, Persian is the official language of Iran. Still, it’s not just even the same language family as Arabic. 

Persian is an Indo-European tongue, and Arabic does belong to the Afro-Asiatic family. Second, Persian and Farsi are the two names for the same language. Third, Farsi is just the endonym for what the rest of the world will call Persian-a.k.a. Which native speakers will call it. 

What Language Is Spoken In Iran? 

Persian is just the official language of Iran, and it’s known locally as Farsi. Technically though, Persian is a very macrolanguage that includes the Dari, also known as the Afghan Persian, and Tajik, the spoken language of Tajikistan. And also there are Dari speakers in Iran as well. 

In fact, “Persian” can be much better thought of as the written academic standard with the very slight linguistic difference in the different regions, Dari, with Farsi and Tajik representing the spoken version. 

Iranian Persian can also be just broken down into regional dialects such as the Abadan, Tehrani, Ketabi, Qazvini, Esfahani, Araki, Sedehu, brasserie, and Bandari. 

Other Language Being Spoken In Iran

If you group them all, Turkic languages and dialects are spoken by 18 percent of Iran’s population. One of the most common is the Azerbaijani, which is related to the Turkish and Crimean Tatar. 

It has about 23 million speakers in Iran. Most of them still live in the northwestern region known as Iranian Azerbaijan. In addition, several Turkish speakers are living in Tehran.

Additionally, there is a very significant population of Kurds in the west who do speak Kurdish, with many more than 5.5 million total speakers in the country. 

What Language Is Spoken in Iraq?

Iraq’s constitutions do give Arabic and Kurdish official status. As a result, standard Arabic is used for official purposes in the nation. However, most of the inhabitants of Iraq use the Mesopotamian Arabic Variant. 

Mesopotamian Arabic is being spoken in the two primary dialects, namely Gelet Mesopotamian Arabic and the Qeltu Mesopotamian Arabic. The Arabic variant which is used in Iraq has been heavily influenced by the Turkish, Persian, Aramaic, and Akkadian.

Iraq made history in 2004 when it will became the only nation to recognize Kurdish officially. Kurds make up the approximately 10 to 15% of Iraq’s total population. Kurdish is being spoken in three significant dialects. 

Northern Kurdish is being recognized as one of the most significant variants. It is mainly used in the north of Iraq. On the other hand, Southern Kurdish is widely used in the Khanaqin district, situated in the country’s eastern region. 

Regional Languages Of Iraq

Two regional languages are being recognized in Iraq. Syriac-Aramaic is being used by the Syrian Christians living in northern Iraq, and it’s a variant of the Middle Aromatic. The history of the Syriac-Aramaic does goes back to the 1st century AD. However, it grew into a literary language primarily across the Middle East between the 4th and 8th centuries.

Syriac just became the medium for Syriac Christianity and culture. Some churches are still using it as the liturgical language, including the Syriac Orthodox Church. 

What Language Do They Speak In Afghanistan?

As we all know, Afghanistan is a landlocked country that shares its borders with Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Pakistan. It has an estimated population of around 32.5 million. Known for its own ethnic, linguistic diversity, and religion, the population of Afghanistan, has been influenced by its locations and its role in historic trade routes. 

Unlike in all other countries, the native language of a person here does are not necessarily indicate that their ethnic identity. Afghanistan has two official languages, five regional languages, and the several minority languages. Many of its residents are multilingual and bilingual. 

Dari, The official Language Of Afghanistan

One of the official languages of the Afghanistan is the Dari, also known as Farsi or Afghan Persian. It is also considered a modern dialect of the Persian language. Of the two official languages, it is much more dominant and considered the country’s lingua franca or trade language. 

It is also used by the government, its administration, and mass media outlets. As a pervasive language, it can be heard mainly in the country’s central, western, and northern regions. Approximately 49% of the population to speak the Dari as a first language and an additional 37% as the second language. 

Pashto, The Second Official Language Of Afghanistan

In addition to the country’s official languages, the government of Afghanistan has also been recognized for the five other languages for their regional importance: Uzbek, Hazaragi, Pashayi, and Turkmen.

Hazaragi is a very native language of the Hazara people and is still considered a dialect of the Dari. It has around 2.2 million speakers worldwide, mainly in the Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. 

Uzbek is being spoken as the first language by 9% of the population; an additional 6% speak it as just a second language. Turkmen is the very native language of 2% of the people, the second language of 2% of the people, and the second language of 3%. Bloch makes up around 2% of the population of Afghanistan. The Panchayati language has around 400,000 native speakers. 

Final Words

This article has discussed what language they speak in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. We have also discussed the other languages which are being spoken there also. We recommend you do some research to get the best results.