What’s the best way for you to enjoy Twitch without adverts?

    What’s the best way for you to enjoy Twitch without adverts?

    What’s the best way for you to enjoy Twitch without adverts?

    Interruptions, interruptions, interruptions, interruptions… 

    This is the way it appears to watch video streaming on Twitch lately. There are many suggestions on disabling Twitch adverts properly, but you should take it with a grain of salt. 

    Twitch is an ever-popular live-streaming platform where viewers can interact with and watch their favorite streamers. Unfortunately, users of Twitch often complain of advertisements interrupting the experience. However, several methods are available to them for enjoying Twitch without adverts.

    Twitch Prime is a premium membership from Twitch that provides various advantages, such as ad-free viewing, free games, in-game content downloads, and a monthly subscription to any channel you choose. Amazon Prime members can link their accounts and enjoy an ad-free Twitch experience immediately!

    Since the majority of free add-ons for browsers and third-party mirror sites are untrustworthy, and some even acquire user data, it is suggested that you opt for a full-fledged ad-blocking service membership,


    An excellent all-purpose Twitch adblock for ios. Incredible stand-alone ad-blocker that can keep you safe from infections, annoying marketing, and fraudulent websites.

    AdLock is a fantastic independent ad-blocking software featuring a variety of tracking and statistics tools for the interested, as well as all the standard ad-blocking features. Although it is not an entirely free offering, and there are plenty of reliable free alternatives, I believe AdLock is worthwhile the cost of admission.

    Use a VPN

    Twitch stands out in that it does not display advertisements in all regions. Consequently, using a VPN to appear in another part of the globe is one of the easiest ways to hide adverts on Twitch. Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Colombia, and Costa Rica are believed to have no (or fewer) advertisements.

    This is undoubtedly liable to modification since Twitch might start serving adverts in these spots at any time. For the time being, the nations listed above (and possibly others) are ad-free. As a result, a VPN is an ideal option to hide adverts on Twitch while still protecting your browser sessions and personal information.

    Alternate Platforms

    Another way to enjoy Twitch without ads is by watching streams on alternate platforms like YouTube or Facebook Gaming, which tend to feature fewer advertisements than Twitch. Furthermore, many Twitch streamers also stream on these other platforms – meaning you could still watch your favorites without ads!

    Watch Twitch on a third-side platform

    Enjoy the Twitch videos on a third-party site (such as Multistre.am). not just will you have the chance to watch them ad-free, but you will additionally be able to view multiple Twitch channels at the same time.

    You must go to the website and type in the channel name you wish to view (you must know when they go live).

    Make use of an Ad Block Extension

    One way to enjoy Twitch without ads is by installing an ad blocker – these browser extensions block ads from being shown on web pages and can include popular choices like AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin, and Ghostery. But be warned – Twitch has been known to ban users who utilize ad blockers, so using one may not be the best option if your account security is a top priority.

    The simplest and fastest approach to block on-page advertising on Twitch is to use an ad-blocking browser plugin. It’s free, secure, and easy to establish in moments.

    On the other hand, ad blockers are frequently blocked by Twitch and do not stop pre- or mid-roll video adverts.

    Try an ad-blocking browser

    You can consider using an ad-blocking browser to prevent on-page Twitch advertisements. Some web browsers by default, block all third-party adverts and tracking, allowing you to surf to Twitch without interruption.

    This approach, nevertheless, is unable to prevent integrated pre-roll and mid-roll advertising.

    Ad-block browsers work similarly to ad-block extensions, except the software operates at the browser level. As a side effect of this, pages can open slowly and occasionally collapse.

    Third-Party Twitch Apps

    SSeveral third-party Twitch apps offer ad-free viewing, including Twitchy. These applications work by scraping Twitch servers directly and playing back streams without ads – but please be aware that using third-party applications against Twitch’s Terms of Service constitutes illegal use – use at your own risk!

    Subscribe to The Twitch Channel

    You may join if you simply enjoy a handful of Twitch channels and wish to skip adverts entirely. Twitch subs will not only aid the streamer financially but you will also be allowed to enjoy the channel’s emotes and other privileges.

    To sum up

    Overall, there are various options to enjoy Twitch without ads, such as Twitch Prime, ad blockers, third-party Twitch apps, and alternative platforms. When considering each option, it’s essential to carefully evaluate their benefits and risks to decide the most suitable choice based on personal preferences and priorities.

    Twitch is infamous for displaying a large number of advertisements. Throughout unusually lengthy ad breaks, certain audiences may be offered up to nine advertisements in sequence. Evidently, fans of Twitch think this is far from acceptable. In particular areas, the same advertisement will even run at scheduled periods during a broadcast.

    Make your time in front of the screen more enjoyable by finding the perfect way for you to block these ads. I hope we have given you a hand to save you from the annoying advertisement.