When One Door Closes Another One Opens

    When One Door Closes Another One Opens

    When One Door Closes Another One Opens

    There are many examples of this adage coming true in the form of closed doors and opportunities that come as a result. A perfect example is when one door closes, it may be because another door has opened on the other side.

    This might not always be immediately obvious or easy to see, but there are plenty of ways to discover new opportunities that might be available for you. For example, you can talk to friends who have found their way into new careers, keep an eye on newspapers looking for relevant jobs, or think about alternative routes like going back to study at university or starting up your own business.

    One of the best and most surprising places to look when trying to find new opportunities in your social networks. Social networks are a great place to find your next job, be it on your own or with someone else in the company that you currently work for. In addition, your social networks could contain people in pre-employment interviews with companies you’d love to work for or who share connections with people looking for a job.

    It could be that these connections haven’t been made yet and are waiting for the right person or organization to appear through your social network, or they may have never clicked with someone even though they have some standard connections.

    Another great way to find out about new opportunities is by keeping an eye on job boards or even through the lists on your social networks.When One Door Closes Another One Opens

    One of the great things about many social networks is that they’re free to use and are very easy to get into, whether at the office or even with a small group of friends talking about what they like to do in their spare time.

    The best thing about social networking is its unlimited potential for career growth and opportunity. So even if you’re not looking for a career change, it doesn’t hurt to be open to different opportunities because that door may be opening soon enough.

    The perfect time to build your social network is when you start looking for jobs using the options presented above, whether through friends or social networks.

    English Idiom

    The English idiom when one door closes means that the end of one situation will often lead to another. Sometimes it may mean that a person loses their job, but that will open the door for a new situation. This idiom encourages people to stay optimistic after a challenging experience.When One Door Closes Another One Opens

    An idiom is a common phrase used to describe an action or idea. It can also mean something entirely different from what is usually done. Although it can be intimidating to do something new, it can also be gratifying. For example, a person who has started their own business can feel more motivated than those who have been in the same situation for years.


    ‘When one door closes, another one opens is a common expression of spiritual significance. The saying reflects the natural tendency of things in life to return to a state of equilibrium. A door closing creates space for new opportunities, and the principle behind this universal human response is based on entropy – the measure of disorder in a system.


    The origin of the phrase “when one door closes, another opens” is uncertain. It is commonly credited to Alexander Graham Bell, but an anonymous Spanish author’s first written mention of the phrase was in a 1554 novella. The phrase is now widely used as a metaphor for human nature and is used in many forms, from song to advertising.