Which are you Today?

    Which are you today?

    Which are you Today?

    “Which are you today” is a meme collection in which usually different photos of people or characters are shown, asking which character you can relate to today.

    Memes are captions that are spread primarily online and are used all over the world to make fun of particular human behavior.

    What is “Which are you today?” Meme

    There is always a meme for everyone to which they can relate or find similarities. Today is a type of personality quiz in which people are shown several different photos of characters or people, asking to which they can relate the most. The characters shown typically belong to a meme.

    There are many different personality quizzes available online on which you answer some questions, and then you can find which person or meme character you are similar with. The answers are, of course, not actual and are just for fun purposes.

    What is a Meme?

    A meme is a picture that circulates online, has text added to it, and usually contains comments on society’s standards, cultural icons, or current events. Usually a picture or a video, but occasionally a paragraph of text, a meme is.

    A meme is spread when it is popular with many people via social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and messaging. The cultural impact of a meme increases with its spreading.

    How a Meme is Made

    Global social phenomena, memes,  will spread more and more widely the more it connects with people. Memes are typically humorous, but usually, the humor contains sharp political or social commentary.

    Sometimes memes act as entertainment or a way to convey information. Sometimes, a single image or brief video might inspire countless funny ideas. A meme may frequently be enjoyed only by a small group of people, or almost everyone may occasionally love it.

    Meme Culture

    Meme culture is the changing culture that memes produce. Memes were the first something people would occasionally come across on the internet, find amusing, and pass to someone else to enjoy. On the other hand, memes are now so widespread in people’s social media lives that they are frequently referenced in conversations that take place off the internet.

    Public Opinion On Memes

    Some cite the rise of “meme pages” on social media, where users submit memes on a dedicated meme account, as evidence that people generally respond favorably to memes. Due to their vast popularity and success, some of these pages even serve as the primary or secondary source of income for their admins’ thanks to the money they get through promotions and adverts. 

    However, many memes can be classified as “black humor” and are frequently quite offensive to specific audiences, which is why memes are occasionally criticized.

    Why Marketers use Memes

    The average internet user uses social media for 100 minutes every day. Today, jokes and allusions posted online influence most of our talks. Memes are changing how people speak online, whether through a brand’s video or a social media influencer’s image. Brands must therefore learn to adapt their advertising for this new environment.

    Because memes are designed for social media, audiences respond to them more favorably. Memes are a terrific approach to increase engagement since people instinctively share them as part of their online experience.

    How to make effective memes?

    If a company’s products appeal to the youth market and memes are spread together with other brand content, businesses have a new chance to take part in making memes that fit their brand and the Internet culture.

    You can use the following ingredients to make effective memes for your brand.

    Make funny memes at all time

    Although the primary intention of memes is to be funny and entertaining, they also have clever depths that have political, interpersonal, and general mainstream media references. Your meme’s subject matter doesn’t have to be serious, but connecting it to a broad subject with brilliant commentary will make it more shareable as it applies to your brand.

    A few Internet memes making fun of the standard press release procedure, for instance, helped an online marketing software startup raise 18 million in Series B funding and generate more publicity than they would have otherwise. No matter how severe or absurd the subject matter, maintaining a sense of humor in your memes is essential to success.

    Create memes based on current trends and successes

    Playoff current popular trends online and give them your unique spin, just like how companies copied the Harlem Shake video. This practice is called memejacking.

    Your brand must be recognized in the meme

    According to a Facebook study, sharing content about topics linked to your company is the most excellent method to increase relevant social media engagement.

    This information is arguably accurate for most marketing channels because your audience connects your content to your industry knowledge. Always link a meme to your brand, no matter what it is.

    Study the experts with all things meme

    Look through the week’s most popular memes to see what connects with today’s internet culture so that your company might achieve the same success with its memes. For some of the newest memes that are popular globally, visit 4Chan, Reddit, Imgur, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

    Memes’ Benefits for Brands

    Memes are common in the consumer world, but they also have a lot of potential for businesses. Businesses use memes 

    • for the following advantages: 
    • Your brand will become more approachable if you show some personality.
    • Present complex ideas, such as corporate culture, in a distinctive way.
    • Get their audience to engage with them more.


    There are many memes that we come across when scrolling social media. Internet memes can make the ordinary a hilarious joke that goes viral on social media. They may be ironic, derogatory, or just stupid. There are many quizzes present over the internet which you can take to find out which meme you are today or which meme you can relate to the most. 

    Including memes into your marketing approach might occasionally be harmful. But it can also be a fun and economical way to build your brand on social media while getting your message in front of a broad audience.