Why is my English getting worse ? best websites to improve vocabulary

Why is my English getting worse ? best websites to improve vocabulary

Why is my English getting worse ? best websites to improve vocabulary

As we all know, English is a native language, but recently, we have got you covered if you have been having some trouble with it. We will recommend to you the best websites to improve your vocabulary.

Why is my English getting Worse? What to do?

The main reason your English is getting worse with more practice lies within the techniques you have been practicing. You will never become fluent if you keep doing the practice in a very wrong way. It’s called “language attrition” and only can happen as you are about to learn the second language, especially if you are abroad.

Now what to do about this is the question that will arise in everybody’s head. You can start by adding one more learning to your routine, maybe something that will be able to target a different English skill. For example, if your only activity is reading, you can add listening or speaking practice to your routine. 

Best Websites That Will Help You To Improve Your Vocabulary 

If you want to do some extra vocabulary practice outside of your class time? Are you always ready to take on the challenges and games? Thank you are in the right place Here are some apps that will help you improve your English vocabulary that will help your English language learner.


Memrise.com is all about repetition, repetition, repetition. You can enter a course and work your way through various levels by learning five words or phrases at a single time. In addition, Memrise will keep bringing you back words you previously learned to help them stick in your memory. 

Motivate yourself by setting a daily goal and earning points; here are some of the Memrise courses that I will recommend: 25 everyday English savings, 100 most common words in English, and an English visual dictionary.

Crossword Quiz App 

This free app will be able to put a fun twist on the classic crossword puzzle. You can pick the puzzles from fashion, sports, pop culture, or video games. Then uses the. Unlock some new levels and categories by completing the crossword puzzles. This word game will have you learn some new English vocabulary in no time.

FreeRice.com and BeanBeanBean.com 

Here is an excellent English word that you might not know: Philanthropist. A philanthropist likes to help other people by donating to a good cause. You can be a Philanthropist on FreeRice.com and BeanBeanBean.com by simply answering English vocabulary types questions. 

The money which is generated by the advertisements on the website to donate to very good causes like the United Nation Food Programme and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Help yourself and help others simultaneously by practicing English on these websites.

Quizlet.com and App 

Quizlet.com is a very great way to make vocabulary flashcards that you can easily practice on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. It is straightforward to make your study set with the words you want to practice. 

Pictures are automatically suggested for you, which is very significant if you are a visual learner just like an auditory learner or me; the website and the app can even read the words aloud to you. But wait, there is more. Quizlet will offer you other features like vocabulary quizzes, games, and a shareable vocabulary “study set” made by the other Quizlet users. 

Merriam-Webster Online 

Merriam-Webster Online is a vast online resource that can be used for learning and improving your English. It will provide a thesaurus and a dictionary that includes Spanish-English and medical dictionaries. 

You can also quickly look up words and listen to their pronunciation. Further, it will provide some other resources like word games and crosswords. It also has a visual dictionary that will combine the words with images.

Word Sift 

This website is another potent tool that will help you visualize and sift passages of the text constructively. From creating the word clouds based on the word frequency to then unpicking the keywords and connecting them, this website has a lot of exciting applications for vocabulary learning.


Dictionary.com is probably one of the most common and most comprehensive of all the dictionary tools available out there. Apart from giving the word meanings and the pronunciation, it will provide you with various tools, RSS feeds, which will help improve vocabulary, and the word explorer podcasts. 

LinGo Play – The Best For Basics 

Ahh. There is nothing quite as satisfying as a simple picture flashcard. That’s why a beginner learner of English might enjoy the app LinGo Play. You will be able to find a range of basic vocabulary on the topics such as vegetables and Fruits, Clothing and Furniture.

First, you have to learn the word with the flashcard and listen to the pronunciation. Then, you can test yourself on what you have learned in one of the In-Built, spelling, or listening activities. Finally, when you feel confident, go at the game against a genuine opponent.

Alphabear 2 

This might be the cutest word app which is on the planet. Players have to spell out the words by selecting the letters from the grid. When they are about to spell a word correctly, bears appear. The longer the word, the bigger the bear will be.

There is also a dictionary available, making it very great for language learners. Kids will love it too. Get them to create their bear character, follow the story and navigate the map on their missions to build new words.


If you are looking for a reliable, good dictionary app? Look no further. This classroom favorite comes highly by the students and teachers alike. So what makes it stand out from the crowd? 

WordReference will offer you multiple accurate translations of a word and gives you an example sentence for each in both languages. It is also a very excellent tool for learning colloquial words, synonyms, slang, and collection.

Final words 

This article explains why your English is getting worse and what you can do to improve it. We have also explained the best websites that you can use to get your vocabulary on track. We recommend you do some research to get the best results.